Eat Clean Day 2: This is where it gets tough for me…

I started the day without my warm cup of coffee (w/ a splash of french vanilla creamer).  I got into work and immediately made myself a cup of tea to help me warm up.  It wasn’t the same, the hot cup of tea just didn’t have that comforting feeling that I get from a warm cup of creamy coffee.  I even found myself down in the cafeteria with my coworker, cup in hand, lined up at the coffee carafe.  Then I had to pause and step back and tell myself that I didn’t need the coffee and the sugar that I usually add to it.  I put the cup back and walked away.  Of course I walked away from the coffee section and couldn’t help but take a peek behind the food counter at the tray of hashbrowns.  They looked really good, and again, I paused, had to really think about how I would feel if I ended up eating hashbrowns, stepped back and walked away.

Last night was rough, thinking about chips and dip (specifically a super delicious artichoke and jalepeno dip) and thinking about potato chips.  I’m not sure what it is, but right now I just want to munch on crunchy and salty snacks.  At this point it’s all in my head.  I’ve had more than enough food for the day and still have fruit and snacks available to me.  I just don’t want them.  I want a coffee because I think it will make my headache go away.  I’m thinking if I have a bag of baked Lay’s it won’t be so bad.  I’m thinking… OMG it’s only 1pm and I’m at work for another 3 hours 😦

I can’t wait to get home though and to cook supper.  I’m roasting some bbq chicken and broccoli.  Can’t wait!  OR can I have sushi for supper? hmm…

I think today is going to be the most challenging day.  If I can get through today I know the rest of the week will get better and will be easy.  I need to stay focused.


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