First running clinic class…

What did I get myself into?
I sat down in the front row looking around at all the runners around me. They all had their running apparel on and looked like very experienced runners. Sure enough after going through the introductions, it was confirmed that I was the most  inexperienced runner, at least a runner that hasn’t completed a 1/2 or full marathon in the past 3 years. So immediately I was feeling very out of place and intimidated.
One thing I have learned about the Running Room clinics is that no one looks at you as the “newbie” and everyone is super supportive. But I still felt like I shouldn’t have been there tonight.
The clinic instructor is really nice and seems very knowledgeable. No doubt that I will be enjoying his classes. After about 30 minutes of class time, it was time to go for our run.
I was thinking we’d be going for a short 3 or 4km run. Oh no, not the full marathon runners. Tonights run was 8kms. OMG! That totally caught me off guard. I actually thought maybe the run would be canceled due to the icy and uneven sidewalk surfaces. Nope, we run in all conditions.
Anyway 8km wasn’t a bad run for me, but it wasn’t enjoyable either. I was constantly looking down at the,sidewalk, making sure or more like trying hard not to slip or twist my ankle. I felt good but wasn’t running at the same pace as the group run leader. That was a little discouraging. I started thinking about this Sunday’s long steady run for 13kms. I started thinking about the even longed runs, the 2, 3 and even 4 hour runs. And I’m scared.
I’m starting to doubt myself.
I’m even more nervous about fueling my body, thinking that I’m so used to watching my calorie intake and specifically my carb intake that I won’t be fueling my body.
I want to lift weights and go heavy, but my running schedule has me training 5 days a week. I don’t know yet how I’m going to lift weights and try to build muscle at the same time as  building up speed and endurance. I don’t think my body could handle all that training. It would be too much.
So, I’ve got a couple rough days ahead of me.
I need to think positively about marathon training. I need to feel strong and confident.
I need to find a balance with lifting weights and I need to fuel my body.
Any tips or advice to survive are more than welcome
This is definitely the hardest challenge I’ve faced.
Excited and scared.

Must find the strength…

and actually before I get into my post, I’m actually surprised that:

Lent 2013 began on

Wednesday, February 13

and ends on

Saturday, March 30
This is what came back when I did a google search on “Lent 2013”  I originally thought Lent ended 40 days from Ash Wednesday (Feb 13).  So I was thinking I’d be enjoying dark chocolate again on March 25th.  Wrong!  Looks like I’m going an additional 5 days without dark chocolate.. BOO!
So back to my original post…
Shortly before deciding to give up dark chocolate for Lent, I purchased a Groupon (group buying deal) for a box of Camino dark chocolate peanut butter bars.
LOVE this bars!  And when I placed the order, the website indicated a shipping time of 4-6 weeks.  I was thinking “What perfect timing!”  I’ll give up dark chocolate for Lent and once it’s over the Camino bars will arrive and I can start enjoying the Camino bars.  Perfect plan!
Except.. well I got an email from Canada Post this afternoon, notifying me that the Camino bars have already been shipped to the house.
So now, not only do I have an extra 5 days on top of what I originally thought was the period for Lent, but I’ve also got a box of 20 Camino bars at home… calling my name.. “Eat me!”
Oh boy.. now this is a challenge…. hehe.. 
Bring it on!
Oh.. and on a side note.. I think I’ve fallen in love.. with Tim Horton’s Apple Fritter donut.
I’ve had 3 apple fritters since February 15th, so good.  A new weakness for me that I will have to overcome.  AHH!

Still here… Doing my thing…

And what exactly is my “thing”?
It’s trying to eat healthier and exercise daily and about making progress. I haven’t run for almost a week. I did sign up for the full marathon running clinic and that starts in Thursday so I will definitely be getting my 3 weekly runs in. I’m nervous though, the goal of completing my first marathon seems so real and it’s scary! But I’m also excited at the same time to see how hard I can push myself.


I’m also thrilled knowing that I can run 5-6 miles comfortably. I feel confident.
I’m craving alot of chocolate and I know the next 29 days will be tough. My son turned 4 years old today and he picked out chocolate cupcakes, but I couldn’t have one 😦
That’s ok, I probably didn’t need it.
Still working on getting stronger, that will always be a work in progress.
Hoping things will settle down at work and I can catch up on the blogs I follow and write a better post.

She's Losing It!

A look ahead and a few updates:

  • Do you remember reading about my teammate, Kayln?  9 months ago she couldn’t walk on her own as a result of a rare disease called Chiari Malformation she got after having her son.  After her second brain surgery she got cancer.  But nothing stops this woman.  NOTHING.  Today she’s not only walking, she’s runningmud runs after chemo and training for her first bodybuilding competition as part of her bucket list.  She was given 3 years to live.  She means to live them well.
  • Click here for incredibly inspiring story:  Chiari Warrior

  • Update:  2/25/12 – She is three weeks away from her first competition.  Her story is starting to go viral, local stations ABC-TV and FOX are pitching her story to interview.  It is her dream to make Chiari Malformation a household name.  After her competition she will be posting sign…

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The past week…

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA for the past week.  First a recap of how things went:

– running – FAIL!  I made it to the gym for a run once.. this was the last time I posted about my 5 mile run.  I did make it back again on Saturday morning and ran for 6 miles so although I’m not going as frequent as I’d like, the mileage is consistent with a slight increase.  So that was very exciting.

– water – PASS!  I’m definitely finding drinking more water more natural, and don’t need to try so hard.  I’m definitely still running to the washroom more than I’d like but it’s okay.

– workouts – FAIL!  I don’t remember making it down to the gym much this past week.  

– meals – PASS!  I worked from home last week, so I didn’t have the opportunity to really go out for lunch.  I did take the kids out for sushi one day, so that was the one allowed meal.

Last week was a bit of a blur and definitely there were a couple days were I had some pretty bad cravings, but by Saturday I was back to healthier eating, so I was feeling much better.  Last Thursday I had a bad craving for spring rolls, so I went and made some veggie spring rolls.  I had a couple sweet potatoes sitting in the pantry, so I add them to the recipe.  The spring rolls consisted of matchstick sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, carrots and onions.  So the filling was nice and healthy.  The not-so-healthy part came when I had to fry the spring rolls.  I debated baking the spring rolls but I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out.  In total I made 20 spring rolls.. and on Thursday I ate 8! OMG!!  I had THE WORSE tummy ache ever.  I felt so bloated and I think I had heart burn.  (Never had heart burn before, so I’m not familiar with the feeling) But boy did I over do it! hehe… Then the rest of the spring rolls were still sitting there on Friday, so I had 4 more! haha..  had a small tummy ache again but not as bad.  Lesson learned!!

On a healthier note, this past weekend, I also added quinoa to my meals and I think I found my new favorite carb side dish!  I’ve had a package of quinoa sitting in my pantry for what feels like forever, but I just never got around to cooking any, and I usually made brown rice, so when I ran out of brown rice, I thought I’d give it a try.  I love how the quinoa mixes in so nicely with whatever dish I’m having.

Plans this week are to make a clean apple crisp and more banana oatmeal cookies.  I’m missing my dark chocolate 😦  Only 35 more days.

Same goals for this week.. really I just want to be consistent with the running, working out and eating.  Eventually these will no longer be goals and it will just be part of my lifestyle.



Great post and something I need to keep in mind as I train for my first marathon.


It’s the second week of track practice and it seems like EVERYBODY is complaining of shin splints and other ailments. I’ve had my fair share of shin splints and sore feet, arches, Achilles, knees, IT bands, and all that icky stuff. But now the question is, what do you do about it??? Do you just keep running with the pain? Do you sit out for a while? Is there a way to get rid of them or prevent them?

Now I don’t want to take the place of your doctor, physical therapist, or anyone else like that. I don’t claim any medical expertise, but I have gone through it many times, and I’ve done my research and gotten lots of helpful hints from coaches and other runners.

My very first rule of thumb is to make sure you have the right shoes! I cannot stress enough how incredibly important your…

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Living the GoodLife…

or more specifically, running on a treadmill at GoodLife.

A couple weeks ago I purchased a 14-day pass for GoodLife gyms.  FInally made it last night to check things out.  I’ve had a memberships to big gym chains before (like Shapes Fitness) so it wasn’t anything new to me.  I was actually overwhelmed with the amount of people at the gym though.  I can see how the distraction of people can help an individual through their workout, but I found that it was a little too distracting.  Being surrounded by individuals at the gym with similar goals is definitely motivating, those definitely are the people you want to surround yourself with and you want to feed off their energy as well.  For some reason, I’ve always preferred to workout without all the distractions and all the people around me.  

I am excited to try an RPM (spinning) class for the first time tomorrow.  I’m hoping it will help with my cardio.  I did run for an hour yesterday (woo hoo!) and total mileage was 5 miles.. still at a slower pace and that included a warm up and cool down.

But the important thing is that I was on the treadmill for an hour and it wasn’t that bad.. I made the mistake of having a sip of water during my run, which resulted in my side cramping slightly, but other than that, the run was good.  I wasn’t out of breath and my body wasn’t aching, knees a bit sore but that’s about it.

It was a great feeling to go past 3 miles and I can’t wait to continue to increase my distance.  The weather is getting warmer and the sidewalks aren’t as covered in snow as they were the past couple weeks, so I can’t wait to get outside to run.

Today we had a pizza day at lunch and I had a slice, and then I took the kids out for sushi and had a bit too.  Do I feel stuffed?  You bet I do!  Was it good?! You better believe it!  And I’m okay with the indulgence.  I’m starting to accept the reality that I will have moments where sushi and pizza will be eaten and that’s okay.  I’ve come such a long way since I first started my journey to eat healthier and to get into shape.  Making healthier food choices comes natural now and I don’t feel forced to eat that way.  Definitely one day I am going to challenge myself and see how hard I can push myself and to see what my body is capable of doing and the physique I can achieve.  But there’s no deadline for me and I truly want it to be part of my lifestyle, so I’ll take my time getting there.  And most importantly, I just want to enjoy the journey.

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.  And for 40 days, I have decided to give up.. dark chocolate!  OOh.. I love my dark chocolate, it really is the one treat that I indulge in.  Anyway last week I order a box.. yes.. A BOX (of 20 bars) of Camino chocolate bars.



I order the dark chocolate w/ peanut butter.. so delicious!  And shipping will take 6-8 weeks, so I’m thinking, I’ll go with dark chocolate for 40 days.. and then when the camino bars finally arrive, it’ll be time to indulge!  Can’t wait.

How hard can I push myself… And other random thoughts

So to start off, I wanted to recap my goals last week and how I did:
– run 3 times – SUCCESS (but only if I extend my week to Saturday at 10am) I didn’t make it to the fun on Friday morning for my 3rd run of the week but made it out on Saturday morning. It finally warmed up to go for a short run outside.


– work out 5 times – FAIL with the running I think I only made it down to the gym 4 times last week. Workouts weren’t a intense as I had planned.
– drink more water SUCCESS I definitely drank more water thus week and it’s getting easier.
– prep meals 6 days of the week. SUCCESS. I did go out for lunch once but brought lunch for a majority of the week.

Today was (what I would consider) a cheat meal for me. I had a double cheeseburger from McDonalds and a few fries, a handful of Pringles, a bunch of dark chocolate candy and 2 empanadas. Note to self: after a day of not-so-clean eating, don’t check yourself out in the mirror because you will not like what you see. And yet what else could you expect?
I’ve been thinking alot lately again of what my real goals are. Aside from running a full marathon this year, I’m not sure what else I’m pushing myself for. Don’t get me wrong, I love this healthier lifestyle that I’m living note. I love eating healthier and not feeling the need to eat donuts, desserts and other goodies. I do like to see the progress and changes in my body. a part of me wants to try pushing myself a little harder, eat a little stricter but then I ask… For what exactly? I love my coffee creamer and my dark chocolate. Could I really cut them out? Do I need to?
I do think I need a little mini challenge, maybe to excel my progress. And maybe just to see what I can really do with my body.
I think I’ll sleep on it tonight and think about what I really want.

Another rough morning…

I snoozed my 4:50am alarm and finally woke up at 5:05am.  I was awake, but stayed in bed… laying there having the inner battle of whether or not I should get up and go for a run.  I had a huge list of reasons why I should skip my run and just stay in bed and only one reason to go and run.  After a 15 minute battle in my head, I rolled out of bed.  What was the reason that got me out of bed?  Because my goal was to go for 3 runs this week.  I said I would … so I had to.

It wasn’t easy and I was cursing to myself as I packed my gym bag and my lunch bag, my laptop bag and my purse.  I got to the gym a little later than I had wanted but still made it for a 2 mile run.  Original plan was to run for at least 3 miles but every time I looked at the time, I felt more strapped for time and knew if I ran for 3 miles, I’d be rushing to get ready and into the office before 7:30am.  I had already cursed on my way to the gym, I was hoping to get ready for work at a more relaxed pace.  I made it into work on time, booted up my laptop and headed down to the cafeteria to pick up breakfast.  

Looking back at my morning, I really should have tried harder to be in a happier mood because I think it really affected my run.  It just wasn’t fun and I wasn’t feeling motivated, focused or strong.  Lugging a few bags of workout gear, work-related stuff and lunch may turn out to be a regular occurrence for me.  And I need to just suck it up buttercup!  It is what it is and I should choose to not think negatively about it.

What’s even worse, after the cursing and the lugging.. I really should have run at least 3 miles.  The effort of getting there should have motivated me to make it to my run goal.  Lesson learned.

Not sure if I should believe it…

“it” being the numbers on the scale. My sister have me her scale that displayed body fat so I was very excited to step on it tonight. The weight was pretty accurate, 110.8 lbs. Then it started to calculate my body fat… A few seconds poised and then the number was displayed… 14.8%.

I’m not sure how to feel about this number, even more important, I don’t know of I believe in this number. Three last time I had my body fat measured was last year, maybe in April. I think I was at 18%. I should really double check.
Any way, is it possible that I lost over 3% body fat? My mid section makes me think that my body fat % is higher than what the scale displayed. I really want too believe the numbers though.