Slowly back into the swing of things

It’s been a pretty good week so far.  Eating well, although I was munching quite a bit on Monday (it’s under control now) and I’ve made it to crossfit twice with plans of making it to class tomorrow right after work (sssh..  I may sneak out of work early to go to an earlier class)
On Tuesday when I couldn’t make it to crossfit, I did an Insanity Max cardio workout at home.
On Monday we worked on snatches and although I felt like I was starting at the beginning, they felt good and I managed to work up to 65lbs.  Still working on power snatches and not getting into a full squat,  but we have been working on our snatch balances to get more confident dropping under the weight.
Next week I’m hoping to make it to 4 classes but I’ll make sure to listen to my body. 
I’ve also joined a 90 day Challenge group.  Basically it’s a group of 18 ladies on Facebook, supporting and motivating each other.  There’s no specific workouts or meal plan, just the goal of being active for at least 30 minutes each day and making healthier food choices. 90 days sounds like a long time, but as last year proved,  I’m sure the days will fly by.

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