Need to get back on track…

First off Happy Holidays!! I’ve been away for so long but not much has been happening.
Work and the holidays really kept me busy and so a couple weeks ago I decided that I would just take it easy with my workouts and try not to let myself feel guilty for missing out. But another reason I skipped a lot of workouts was due to a shoulder injury. My left shoulder had been bothering me for a few weeks now, mainly feeling tender and sore and I simply thought it was soreness from all the Olympic lifting we were doing in our WODs lately. Then one Sunday afternoon I was working out at home and started feeling a sharp pain in my shoulder when I tried front lateral raises. I went to a highly recommended chiropractor who is very familiar with crossfit and the injuries that can often happen. At first he was concerned that I may have torn a muscle in my shoulder but it looks like the muscle is just “tweaked”
What this meant was that I could still work out but can’t do the following: overhead press, pull-ups, any Olympic lifting ūüė¶
I did a couple modified WODs but then stopped going completely.
On top of that my eating over he holidays hasn’t been great either so I’m definitely feeling fluffy.
Now that the holidays are over I’m determined to get back on track. Signed up for tomorrow’s 8am class. Just need to make sure I don’t sleep in.
Looking forward to writing about my progress and come back.

*** just realized I already wrote about my shoulder injury. Shows just how long I’ve been away.

Missed this place after an entire week off.. but now dealing with a shoulder injury :(


I love coming to Sublime and watching fellow crossfitters going for max PRs.  Even more, I love the attention the coaches and everyone at the box gives when they know someone is aiming for a max PR.  So awesome!

I finally got over my nasty cold, but then was swamped with work and volunteer activities. ¬†If there’s a committee/board to volunteer on, I’m on it. ¬†It’s mostly work committees… fun committee, health & safety committee, fire warden. ¬†So the past week I’ve been extremely busy helping plan the department holiday luncheon (approx 300 attendees) and the company-wide Children’s Christmas party (approx 1200 attendees) ¬†There will be alot of running around tomorrow and Friday and by Sunday I’ll FINALLY be able to focus on getting my Christmas shopping done.

Anyway, prior to yesterday’s WOD, it had been an entire week since I last made it to Crossfit. ¬†And it really sucked! And I really missed it. ¬†But what’s worse, is I’m now dealing with a shoulder injury. ¬†Nothing too serious. ¬†The doctor actually thought I had torn a muscle, based on my description of the pain and my limited mobility but luckily there’s no tear and I just “tweaked” my shoulder.

So what does this mean? ¬†No more Olympic lifting ūüė¶ ¬†I’m pretty bummed about that, especially since I was starting to feel more comfortable with the lifts. ¬†So I’m moving back to the foundation program for the next 4-6 weeks. ¬†However, even in the foundation program, for the next couple weeks I will not be allowed to do: overhead press, bench press, or pull ups.

I’m glad that I went to see a doctor and seeked treatment right away. ¬†A small part of me thought maybe it was just a really sore muscle and that I could push through the discomfort. ¬†But last Sunday I couldn’t even lift a 10lb dumbbell for a lateral raise, ¬†which made me realize that perhaps it was something more serious.

This past Friday, my company had their annual Christmas Dinner & Dance. ¬†I normally wouldn’t go, but I received free tickets for volunteering to help with some company social events (one perk to volunteering). ¬†The hubby and I had a great time and enjoyed great company. ¬†I have to admit I did have a bit too much to drink, but once in awhile is harmless right?!



Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

Can’t believe Christmas is only 14 days away! EEK!

Minimum feedback must mean I’m doing it right… right?

Made it to a WOD today!  Felt great to be back in the box after 5 days away due to being sick.

Today’s WOD:

4 rounds:

2x clean & jerk 

90 sec rest

3 rounds:

6 hang cleans

30 sec row

3:30 min rest

3 rounds:

6 shoulder 2 overhead

30 sec Air Dyne 

3:30 min rest


2 min – muscle ups or hand release push ups

60 sec rest

2 min – hand stand push ups

60 sec rest

2 min – muscle ups or hand release push ups


I feel like I’m making good progress with my clean & jerk. ¬†Got a bit of feedback from the coach today about where the bar is resting after the clean and before the jerk. ¬†No other feedback though. ¬†I did get a “good job” so I’m feeling more confident with my technique. ¬†Last couple rounds I lifted 75lbs. ¬†Definitely not as much as a majority of the girls but I’m real happy with the progress. ¬†My goal to finish off the year was to clean & jerk 85lbs. ¬†Almost there. ¬†Although I should note that for the jerk, I’m simply doing a push press and not a split jerk.

The AMRAP portion of the WOD was tough, I’m no where near muscle ups so it was the hand release push ups for me. ¬†But after the shoulder 2 overhead, my shoulders were killing me! and that made the push ups really hard. ¬†No hand stand push ups for me either, but I practiced some negatives. ¬†Feeling really comfortable getting into a handstand (against the wall). ¬†Now to work on the push up portion.