Has it really been over 2 months…

Since I last posted!?
Feels like not much is going on. At least nothing me. Work is still kicking my butt.  Crossfit has been going well. They introduced a new program “being” which is more geared towards individuals who want to compete. So the past 6 weeks in the building program focused on Olympic lifting techniques, which I really needed,  especially with my snatches.

I’m excited to report that my power snatches have improved and I’ve hit 70lbs. This week is testing week at my box so we’ll see if I can hit a new PR.

Today’s testing consisted of:
– power clean 1RM
– strict press 3 RM
– 2000m row

How did I do?
– power clean: 110lbs. I went for 115lbs but mentally I was already feeling defeated. I couldn’t get myself psyched up. The weight in my mind was too much. I’m sure I can hit 115lb. Even with prior attempts I wasn’t dropping much under the bar. So if I just dropped a bit maybe I could pull more weight.

– strict press: 67.5lbs. I find these so hard because I don’t have the power from the dip (like in a push press). My last recorded press is 70lbs so I’m happy with the progress.

– 2000m row: 9:19 definitely not a great time. If I were able to maintain a 2:05 pace (500m) I’d finish in under 9:00.  Honestly I haven’t been spending any time on the rower so I’m happy with this time.

Can’t believe Christmas is a month away. I’m so unprepared. Hoping to finalize my shopping list this weekend and make some good purchases on black Friday.