First 3 miles… CHECK!

My alarm went off at 4:45am and I immediately hit the Snooze.  Just 5 more minutes I told myself.  The next time I woke up I reached for my cellphone and saw that it was already 5:15am.  I debated getting out of bed or sleeping for just another “5 more minutes”  I briefly thought about postponing my first 3 mile run til tomorrow, I tried to justify that decision by asking telling myself “I can make up the runs next time, I have plenty of time to train”  But then I quickly realized that those were the exact thoughts that I had to remove from my head.  Starting “tomorrow” is not an option, I already postponed my first run once, I couldn’t do it again.  And so I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the gym.
The first 5 minutes on the treadmill already had me thinking “what did I get myself into?” I reminded myself that the start of a run in always tough a your body warms up. I didn’t want to go too fast too soon and risk burning out. So I ran at a comfortable pace.
Then it happened… A lady stepped onto the treadmill next to me and she ran FAST. I could hear the pounding of her feet and the rhythm of her stride. It was a natural reaction to speed up my pace to match hers, hut I had to remind myself that I wasn’t at that level yet and to be careful.
At 1.5 miles I felt like stopping, but I didn’t. At 2 miles I thought maybe that was a good enough start, but I kept going. 40 minutes later I finished my goal of 3 miles. It definitely took longer than I had hoped and I’m trying hard to not feel discouraged. A slower first run is to be expected right? Tomorrow is another day and I’m going for another run in the morning.
I suspect the run will be even slower due to the soreness I will be feeling when I wake up tomorrow.
Tonight I attended my first Crossfit class. It was fun and quite intense. I think I did good but was definitely breathing hard by the time we finished out circuit workout: burpees, thrusters, box step ups, rowing and prowlers. 18 minutes of intense cardio. Will I go back? I’d love to, but I do have questions in how to incorporate Crossfit with my marathon training and usual weight lifting. And I’m not really sure if I can afford $150/month for an entire year. I’d have to discuss that with the hubby.
So I’m hoping to talk to one of the instructors and decide what to do from there.
My body is aching, a good ache. Won’t be fun tomorrow but I still can’t wait for the next run and the next workout.

Just a minor set back

It’s 6am and here I am… At home.
The original plan was to go to the gym this morning for my 3 mile run. Unfortunately I’ve got an extremely sick daughter and a very tired husband (just got home at 1am).
Both my daughter and I have been up throughout the night trying to get some sleep.
And a much as I’d like, I simply can’t leave the house yet. My run will have to be postponed. I’m bummed and a bit nervous about the setback, but that’s okay.
I’ll push my runs out by one day and will have to stay on top of the schedule.
Maybe I’ll try to get a bit more sleep. 😉

Lack of S.M.A.R.T goals

Following a weekend filled with parties and Chinese/Filipino food, it feels good to be back to clean eating. I can’t believe that February will be here at the end of the week and I still haven’t  done ANY running! After we came back from Mexico I just struggled with getting back on track and working towards my goal of running my first full marathon. A small part that’s missing is those specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals. About 5 years ago I purchased the book, The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer. And this will be the first time I’ll be reading the book. Before signing up foot the running clinic I’ll be using this book to set goals and to track my progress. Week 1 consists of 4 runs, starting with 3 miles and ending with 5 miles. The one thing that will be difficult for me well be running indoors on a treadmill. It won’t be ready but I’ll give it my best shot.
Tomorrow morning I’ll hit the work gym and we’ll see how things go.

I also signed up for a trial Crossfit class on Wednesday. So excited!

Must get back on track..

This week back from Mexico has been tough.  Not only did we come back to extremely cold weather, I can’t seem to shake my cravings for desserts.  While on vacation, I didn’t have alot of desserts but would have 1 or 2 small pieces.  And these pieces were no bigger than the palm of my hand, so quite harmless.. right 😉

Anyway, on Tuesday I snacked on a triple chocolate brownie and then on Wednesday I had a chocolate chip cookie from Starbucks.. 380 calories! seriously?!  OUCH!  That chocolate chip craving is out of my system now, thank goodness!

One big drawback to this cold weather, is the delay of my outdoor running.  Next week I’ll have no choice but to start running at work gym on the treadmill.  I’m not a fan of treadmill running at all but for the next couple weeks I think this is the only option I have.  The original goal is to run 5-6 miles comfortably before joining the marathon clinic at the Running Room (at the end of February).

And I think hubby is actually going to run the marathon with me.  I swear he makes it sound so easy.  “Marathon?  Sure I’ll run!!” hehe.. no thinking about it, no worries about the time or distance.  This is why I love him so much.  He knows that this is an important goal for me, and without thinking about how difficult it may be, he’s there to support me and run by my side.  I’m 100% positive that I will be in tears (of happiness) when I cross that finish line.

One last thing before I actually start working…

Back in 2010, I was on vacation in the Philippines and I bought this skirt that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.  I didn’t try it on thinking it looked like it would fit.  Nope!  It didn’t fit. And that was okay, because the skirt then because my “goal skirt”.  The skirt I would aim to fit into.  Over 2 years later and I’m finally wearing the skirt.



Unfortunately.. I don’t love the skirt 😦

It’s a high-waisted skirt and it just doesn’t sit right on me.  Which is why I’ve got the top portion of the skirt covered with my jacket.  I am aware that more important than whether or not I love the skirt, is the fact that it fits!  

I actually have a pair of “goal pants” that I’m working towards.  I need to get back on track!

I’m back!!

And I must say it absolutely sucks going from +28, sunny hot weather, to -40 bone-chilling cold.  40 BELOW ZERO!  Good news is that the forecast says the deep freeze is going to end by the weekend.

Highlights of my one-week in the Mayan Riviera:

Sitting on the beach, reading a book and enjoying the beautiful scenery



My best friends wedding



Scootering around Cozumel



And enjoying every moment with my husband



Although we did alot of walking and even went to the gym, I really over indulged in the food, specifically… french fries!  Prior to our trip, I had no cravings whatsoever for french fries but by the 4th day in Mexico, I was pretty much having french fries at every meal!  They were SO DELICIOUS!!

Now it’s back to the grind and getting back on track with daily exercise, clean eating and start my training for the full marathon.  

Vacation update!

Day 4 in Mayan Riviera
Alot of this…


But also going to the gym…


Everything is so wonderful here. The wedding was on Tuesday and absolutely amazing!


The food is pretty spectacular. I don’t feel like I’m over indulging, but once I get back I’ll need to go on a French fries detox… Hehe I’m not sure what it is about me vacationing in tropical places eating French fries.

And here is the bathing suit shot.. Not exactly where I wanted to be physique-wise but it’s giving me the motivation to go harder when we get back home.



Step 1.. COMPLETE!

So I had finally set the goal of running my first marathon this year.  And I’m excited to announce that I am officially registered!  I joined a coworker and some of her friends for lunch yesterday and her friends had mentioned that for that day only there was a 35% off special on registration fees for the marathon!  So as soon as I got back to my desk, I went to their website and registered.



I posted this picture on my personal Instagram account and what’s even more exciting is that I may have motivated some friends to come out and run too!  I absolutely love hearing about family and friends getting active and setting goals.  And it’s a great feeling to know that I may have inspired them to just go for it.

Now it really feels “real” and I am starting to feel very nervous about my body’s capabilities to run for 5+ hours.  

My short term goals for the month are:

– run 6 miles at a comfortable pace – complete by January 31st

– register for the Running Room Full Marathon training clinic – complete by Jan 21st (once I’m back from Mexico)

And another mini-goal I’m thinking about.. running a 1/2 marathon in May.  This 1/2 marathon is actually the very first one I ran 7 years ago, so I’m thinking it would be a great experience for me to run again 7 years later.  I’ll have to see how the event fits into my training schedule.

Also some other short-term fitness goals:

– attend a free Crossfit class – complete by January 31st – a new Crossfit gym opened near home and although I shouldn’t be using distance/location as an excuse for not trying Crossfit any sooner but the fact that the gym is much closer to home definitely makes it easier to fit into my schedule

I’m hoping the free Crossfit class meets my expectations and I fall in love.  Then I can sign up for a monthly membership!  Again, I’m not sure how Crossfit would fit with my marathon training schedule.  I’m not sure if my body could handle it all.  We’ll see.

Anyway, I finally had a good workout today after 4 days of being sick and recovering.  I really disliked the feeling of being sick and tired and I even attempted to work out the other day but I simply had no energy 😦

Now time to pack and figure out what I need to do before I leave on Sunday!

Hard work always pays off…

Not only in the gym, but at the office too.  And I’m excited to share the news that I (finally) got the promotion I’ve been working so hard for!



Even though it’s just the added word “Senior” before my title that single word represents years worth of focus, dedication and hard work in the office.  At times it really felt like I wasn’t making any progress and that I was never going to get there, but I did.

And now I realize that the same goes for eating healthy and working out consistently.  It gets frustrating at times, it feels like I’m not making progress.. so I might as well eat that bag of chips.. but in the end, the hard work WILL pay off.  Patience, determination and motivation.. that’s all I need.

4 more days til Mexico!  Yay!  I’m still sick though but getting better.  I tried to work out yesterday but felt so week, so I’m still resting.  But definitely just trying to watch what I eat.

Sick… 5 days til Mexico

Such bad timing, but I guess it’s better to be sick before and not during the trip.
Had a busy Sunday night cooking and I tried really hard to enjoy the cooking rather than try to rush through it all.
Cajun shrimp, brown rice and whole wheat cottage cheese and blueberry pancakes.


I tried to go to work today. But coworkers saw that I was sick and sent me home. Internet connection at home was flakey so I actually didn’t get much work done. I did have a much needed afternoon nap though.
No workout for me today. Just taking it easy and thinking about what I need to pack.
You know what’s funny? I thought about snacking on some Cheetos or potato chips, cause I am sick and it’s allowed right? 😉 not really but I was prepared to use my cold as an excuse in car I ate an entire bag. But oddly enough, I just don’t want any potato chips. That is so unheard of!
I will be snacking on grapefruit though and drinking lots of water.

Are there any foods that you no longer crave now that you’re eating healthier?

Can’t believe I was actually looking forward to eating my broccoli!

It really caught me off guard this morning when I started getting excited about eating my packed lunch of mini crab cakes and roasted broccoli.  Seriously?  Me?  Excited about broccoli?  Definitely a first.  That’s like me getting excited about cottage cheese.. it’s quite unbelievable because a year ago, I would avoid broccoli and cottage cheese and would refuse to eat them.  It truly is amazing how our taste buds change once we start eating healthier.  French fries?  No more cravings… potato chips?  I think about them every now and then, but can still go without.  



When I finally had my lunch, I couldn’t get over how delicious the food tasted.  Or maybe I was just really hungry?  Either way, I enjoyed my lunch… with broccoli!  And when I was done eating, I still wanted more!

Anyway, on top of being super delicious, this meal was SO EASY to make.  There were a couple steps to the crab cakes but so worth it.  Oh and I don’t know if you could really call them crab cakes since they only had 3 ingredients (red onion, crab meat and eggs) but I’ll call them crab cakes.

Crab cakes

2 cans crab meat

1 small red onion, finely diced

4 egg whites, 1 whole egg

Old bay seasoning (I’ve used salt & pepper in the past and that works too)


So you start off my sauteing the finely diced red onion and crab meat in a tbsp of olive oil.  Add old bay seasoning, I added about 1tsp (you can adjust to your taste).  Saute for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat and allow to cool.  It will probably take about 30-45 minutes for the mixture to cool, just enough time to do a HIIT workout or Insanity/TurboFire workout or any cardio work out 🙂

Once mixture has cooled down, mix in eggs.  Heat up your pan and form mini crab cakes using a tablespoon.  Really, you can make them any size you like.  I used a non-stick pan, so I didn’t add any olive oil to fry the crab cakes but you could add a bit of olive oil if needed.  Each side takes about 3-4 minutes to brown.

Roasted broccoli

Broccoli florets

olive oil


garlic powder


I simply tossed the broccoli florets in a bit of olive oil, salt and garlic powder (again you can add salt/garlic powder based on your own preferences), placed the florets in a foil lined baking sheet and baked at 375 for 20 minutes, or until broccoli tips started to brown.

Ta-da!  That’s it. Loved how easy the meal was to prepare.

I made more roasted broccoli for lunch tomorrow and oven roasted some chicken thighs.  I did add a bit of bbq sauce on top of the chicken thighs, unnecessary sugar but I’ll have to adjust the rest of my meals to make up for it.  Overnight oats are in the refrigerator and I can’t wait to have them in the morning.

My body is still in holiday mode, and I just can’t seem to get to bed at a decent time.  This morning my alarm went off at 6am, I turned off my alarm and  went back to bed for “10 more minutes”  Finally woke up and it was already 8am!  Didn’t make it into the office til after 9am, and I was hoping to get into work at an earlier time tomorrow.  I don’t know if that can happen if it’s already 10:45pm and I’m still up writing this post.

Must get to bed.. good night!