A little yelling…

… Is all I needed from my coach to break through my mental block and PR my power clean at 115#. First attempt was ugly and I had given up even before I finished the pull, so had to drop the bar. Coach Gail gave me a pep talk and I kept coming up with excuses why I couldn’t do the lift. Then he said just do it. So I did. And it felt pretty good.
Next up was work towards a strict press 1RM. Last week I hit 67.5 for my 3RM so I was aiming for 70#. I hit 72.5# so super excited about that although I really had to wiggle that weight up. It’s amazing the difference in power when doing a push press and a strict press. Using your hips to drive up the weight really helps.
The workout ended with tabata pushups and those were SO tough. After the 3rd round I had to use a blue band to help with my reps.

I only made it to one class last week so I’m aiming for at least 3 this week. It’s December so my schedule is so busy but I’m trying to stay focused on my workouts.