Let’s try this again…

Over the past year, I’ve been pretty much non-existent on my blog and I must admit I miss it.  Decided today would be the day that I start back with my blogging.  I miss typing out my thoughts and then having something to read back on.  So where am I today?

Well the kids have started school and most of their activities and they’re definitely keeping me busy.  Dance, gymnastics, soccer, karate, and more..

My membership at Sublime Crossfit expired earlier this month and honestly in the past few months it was a struggle to make it to the gym.  There really was no excuse, except lack of motivation 😦

Now I’m looking at the kids schedule and my schedule trying to figure out a way to  justify a crossfit membership.  The only way I see it working out, is if I start working out in the mornings (@ 6am), but I’ve never been a morning workout person, so I don’t know if it would work out for me.

I’ve been trying to train for a 1/2 marathon on October 16th.  I’ve got less than 4 weeks and the furthest I’ve gone is 8 miles.  Again, no real excuse just lack of motivation and laziness on my end.  My original goal was to run a sub-2hr 1/2 marathon but as I progressed in my training, I modified my goal to simply running the 1/2 marathon.  DH will be joining me, and it will be very challenging for both of us, but we’ll be doing it together.

I want to use this entry as a reset to get re-focused.  I’ve done it numerous times before and even though I’ve stopped and lost motivation/focus, I’ve always started back up again.

I got this.

Halfway back to my routine..

I think I’ve got the fitness part set. It’s the clean eating that I’m still struggling with.  But I am starting another round of the 21 day fix extreme (beachbody) so I know that will help me with my meal planning.
Last week I was in London Ontario for work and although I did eat more food than usual, I also made it to the hotel gym everyday.  And I actually got back on the treadmill. It’s been so long since I’ve run (indoors or outside) so it was definitely tough at first, but after the first couple runs, I felt comfortable running 2-3 miles.  Felt great! And this week I’ve already been to crossfit 3 times, today will be the 4th class.  So far so good.

I do hope to post my progress.  I really have no excuse not to. 

Yesterday’s WOD :

4 sets –  3 position clean
EMOTM x4: 10 goblet squats
Scap pull ups: 15 reps x 2

20 minutes @75%:
400m row
2 Turkish get ups / side
Farmer walk x2

I wasn’t sure how the cleans were going to go.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done them.  I warmed up @ 65# and managed to work my way up to  90#. The high hang definitely was tough and coach kyle said if I found myself dipping too low,  it was an indication the weight was too heavy.  So 90# was it. Felt great from the hang and floor positions.

The rest of the WOD was uneventful.  35# kettlebell for the squats,  12# for the TGU and 30# for the farmer walks.  The 400m rows felt good and I was able to stay fairly consistent at a 2:20 pace.

Looking forward to today’s WOD and then enjoying a Halloween treat (or two 😜)

21 days..

Actually that should be the “21 day fix extreme”

Work and home life has been quite busy for me for the last couple weeks and my visits to the box have been quite rare 😦

I thought perhaps I could workout in the mornings, and most mornings I had every intention to wake up early and drag myself to the box.. but it just didn’t happen.

So I started thinking that I needed another way to stay active and to keep away the fluff. I swear, my activity level drops a notch and all of a sudden clothes don’t fit.

I decided that I needed to workout at home and decided that I would follow BeachBodys 21 day fix extreme.  At a high-level the 21 day fix extreme is 21 days of portioned meals and extreme 30 minute workouts each day.  Currently I am on day 5.  And it’s been going pretty well.  The workout package comes with a set of containers that you use to measure your veggie/protein/carb portions.  Really, it’s a high protein, high veggie, low carb diet.  And surprisingly I haven’t had any dark chocolate.. and I love my dark chocolate.  I’m drinking more water, and just more aware of what I’m eating.  So that’s definitely a good thing.  Hoping to see some results and shred a bit of weight.  I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s get serious…

The Crossfit Open 2015 is just over a month away and I’m definitely looking forward to it. Last year there were movements I couldn’t do (65# overhead squats, kipping pull ups) which I can now do but even better there is a scaled division which means it’s more likely I can complete all the Open WODs.

This means I need to get more serious with my training. And I think I have been. I’ve definitely been pushing myself more with the WODs and trying to lift heavier on all my Olympic lifts.

Snatches are still my hardest lift. I can comfortably lift 70# for a power snatch but need to practice dropping more underneath the bar.
And last week I actually confidently clean&jerked 110#! Felt great! I actually felt that I could have gone up a bit more with the jerk but it was my clean that I struggled with. Again I need to drop under the bar more so that I can go heavier.

Looking forward to the next month of training. Can only get stronger right?!

And new PR for me: 6 unassisted strict pull ups 🙂


Back… must get wider!


Every now and then a post-WOD selfie is needed.

I’m back… feels like day 1

I finally decided to renew my Crossfit membership at Sublime.

I was trying to stay on top of my PiYo (beachbody) workouts and I do enjoy them but I just couldn’t stay motivated.  And working out at home was tough because I struggled with the standard bar and the lack of plates.

It was tough to pay the entire year up front but I’m sure once I start going regularly, I’ll know it was the right decision.

But I’m nervous… I’m hoping to make it to tonight’s 7pm class.  And I feel like it’s my first class all over again.  I’m debating whether I should just pick up where I left off and continue with the Building program (Olympic lifting) or if I should move to the Foundation program first.  We’ll see what the coaches recommend.

I feel like I’ve lost all progress I’ve made, because I simply didn’t keep up with my workouts the past few weeks.

Life/work just got busy.  And I had to tell myself that it was important to step back from the workouts just so that I could have a bit of down time.  I feel guilty about pushing my workouts to the side and I know it’s not an excuse (period), so I’m here to try again.  

I am going to have to remind myself that I won’t be as strong as I used to be, and I won’t have the technique perfected, it’s like I’m starting over and just need to be patient with myself.

Now I just need to let my husband know that I went ahead and renewed my membership.  He’s always been very supportive of what I want to do, I just don’t think he’ll be a huge fan of the price tag.  hehe..

I’ll just tell him it’s an early birthday present to myself 🙂

Working on my snatch balance… and other things

It’s been a week of trying but not succeeding.

Specifically when it comes to my meal prep and clean eating.  Although I was successful in bringing lunch to work Monday – Thursday and actually eating it! That’s actually a big win!  I also had one too many excuses to skip my work out.  After being away for a couple weeks, I tried to start up my Crossfit workout plan but struggled with the snatches.  

I started up again yesterday and managed to snatch balance 60lbs.  Felt a bit wobbly but I know that I’m making progress.  Back squat and front squat @ 110lbs – 2reps 5 sets.  Feeling pretty good with the squats and looking forward to the next couple weeks when I start working towards a new PR.  Today for clean & jerk, I got up to 90lbs, which I think is a new PR.  Focused on hitting 100lbs, although I don’t think that will happen until I return to Sublime.  I’m still struggling with my grip on a 45lb bar and without bumper plates, I’m very nervous about dropping the weights on the floor.

I’m actually hoping to sign up again at Sublime by mid-August.  I’ve been thinking lately that I just miss the box, the community and all the support I got when I was there.  I’m just looking at the budget to make sure I can make the numbers work 🙂

I also completed 3 PiYo workouts.  They’re definitely not easy and I do love the stretching involved.  The workouts are quite short, the longest being 40 minutes.  Today’s Define: Lower Body workout was 25 minutes long and I worked up a sweat and really stretched out my legs.  Felt great!  I’ve also been drinking Beach Body’s Shakeology.  I can’t tell if it’s made a difference in my cravings but I haven’t been giving 100% so I don’t want to say that it’s not working.  I’m going to keep trying to stay on track to truly see if the Beach Body program results in progress.  I don’t want to be sabotaging myself.

Wish me luck!


3 of 3… So far so good

And definitely not easy.
Today I made it to my 3 workout for the week (Monday/Tuesday and today) and it feels great.

Monday we worked on our front squats. My hips are so tight and stiff that squatting doesn’t feel great at all and I feel that I’m not getting good depth. Although I’ve asked coach Kyle and he has assured me that my depth looks good. We also worked on speed dead lifts, 2 reps EMOTM x5.
Tuesday was more of an aerobic workout which started with sled pushes. Which I must add are one exercise I dislike. They’re so deceiving. The first few pushes I’m thinking “this isn’t bad.” But then by the 6th push (out of 10) my lungs are burning and the sled is moving at such a slow pace regardless of how fast I try to move my legs! After the sled pushes we moved onto a 30 minute circuit that consisted of air squats, double unders, kettle bell swings, a 300m row, step ups and .5 mile air dyne. Definitely a great workout!
Tonight consisted of close grip bench press and pull ups, but I can’t due either due to my shoulder injury so instead I worked on the stability and strength exercises for my shoulder prescribed by my doctor. Not fun but at least I’m working on my shoulder.
Tomorrow is a rest day, then I’ll be back at the box on Friday and Saturday.

Tonight’s goal is to get to bed at a decent hour so I can get 7 hours of sleep.

I’ve been thinking of my goals a lot lately and should be posting them before the weekend.

Starting to feel frumpy… It’s time to take action

I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in my clothes and it’s not a feeling I enjoy at all. I’ve enjoyed the holidays but it’s time to get serious. I want to make progress but that won’t happen if I keep on this same road. Time to make a change. Time to set my goals and work toward them.
Today I had to get some work pants hemmed. I put them on to get measured, haven’t worn them in awhile and they all fit snug 😦

Tomorrow is the start of my new year. 2 years ago I made a drastic lifestyle change to reach my first serious goal of reaching my pre-pregnancy weight and I succeeded so I know that I can do this again.

I’ve signed up for the 6:30am classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. That’s step 1. Overnight oats are in the fridge ready for tomorrow’s breakfast, spaghetti lunch is packed, along with a couple snacks. Food prep for tomorrow is done. That’s step 2. Final step is to stick to my plan. First day is always the hardest. Once it becomes routine I won’t even have to think about it.

I start the rehab and strengthening exercises for my shoulder. I can’t wait til I can start doing all the exercises and lifts again. It will probably be another 4 weeks and it’s definitely frustrating but I’m trying to stay patient.

I still haven’t though through my goals for 2014. Right now I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes again.

It’s that time of year

The last three months of the year at work usually means one thing: food food and more food.  It all starts tomorrow with my team’s year end luncheon.  Definitely too early to be considered a true year end luncheon but due to financial due date our lunch had to be scheduled early. 
Then Halloween is just around the corner which means lots of treats at the office.  Then shortly after Christmas holidays which means more year end celebrations and treats at the office.
I’m not too worried about all the treats I definitely have more of a salty tooth rather than a sweet tooth. 
Good news with Crossfit.  The movements and lifts are getting a little easier.  I even added weight to my snatches today.  Huge progress for me.  Yesterday we also did rope climbs. Surprisingly it was quite easy to climb up.  Coming down was definitely harder and I often would just lower myself half way and then jump down.  My right hip is feeling really tight right now. Hopefully this doesn’t hang around for long. 

Definitely a tough day

Today I tried my best to watch what I ate.  And it wasn’t easy.  As soon as I got to work I already started thinking about having hashbrowns for breakfast.  I fought the craving even though I kept telling myself that I would allow myself one indulgence and that would be my hashbrowns.  In the end I had a couple slices of multi grain toast buttered.  Not the greatest but I think better than hashbrowns.
My mid afternoon another craving hit me.  This time onion rings.  I even went to the dairy queen website to find out how many calories in an order of their onion rings.  I was thinking I’d burn off the calories later at Crossfit.  Luckily hubby drove us home right after work so there was no opportunity to buy onion rings. 
Supper was pretty good.  Quinoa with peppers and marinated pork. 
I even made whole wheat cottage cheese pancakes with strawberries and dark chocolate. 


Can’t wait to munch on these tomorrow!
Crossfit was good tonight. 
Here’s what we did;
Reverse foot elevated split squats
Pronated pullups
Reverse barbell curls

One last thing: my starting point pictures.  I don’t know if it was the four days in Vegas or the fact that it’s that time of the month but these pictures don’t look good at all! It was very hard to take them and see them.


Definitely enough to keep me focused.