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I’m a 33 year old wife and mother of 2 children – 5 year old T and 3 year old J.

My journey to be in the best shape of my life started on January 2, 2012.  I wanted to start this online journal to document my progress, my successes and my struggles.  I wanted to share my experience for others who may have similar goals.  I’d like to also share any knowledge that I have gained throughout this journey and to share interesting articles, websites and blogs.

My exercise routine and diet were put together with help from the husband and from online research.  My goal is to keep my approach simple and it seems to be the approach that’s working for me.

My menu planning is simple and I will prepare the same meals and snacks almost every week.  I know that there is always the option of making a dish/dessert healthier by substituting out the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ingredients and every now and then I’ll give it a try.  But for the most part, I just try and stay away from the dishes.  I’m not creative with my meals and snacks and to increase my protein intake, I’m having protein shakes and eating alot of cottage cheese.

** UPDATE OCT 2, 2012 **

I’m still on the journey and I definitely haven’t reached that point where I feel like I’ve reached success.  Throughout the year I found that I gave in too easily to indulgences and distractions which led to less focus and motivation.  That being said, I’m still struggling to define what success means to me and to define what my goals are and finding the healthy balance to reach my goals.

When I do indulge, there’s always guilt.  What I can’t understand completely, is why is there guilt?  There’s no drop dead date for me to reach my goal.  There’s no pressure of a competition or a photo shoot, well except for the pressure of attending the destination wedding of my childhood best friend.  But worse case scenario?  I wear a one piece bathing suit or a tank top and shorts.   And yet I find myself thinking that I should want it more, push myself harder, do that second.. or even first cardio session.  Until I really figure out what I want, I will continue to push myself to exercise and to eat healthier.

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