Crossfit Open – 14.1

This was my original post prior to my 7pm class:


I’m feeling so anxious… 14.1 will be revealed in approx 22 minutes.

I’m signed up for the 7pm class and could probably do 14.1 tonight.

I’m nervous that it will have heavy clean and jerks, or toe to bars… neither which I can do very well… or at all even.

I think I’ll play it by ear.. show up and see what happens.

I know a couple of guys will be there doing 14.1, so it’ll be exciting to watch them do the WOD.

I’ll have an update later tonight.



I didn’t do 14.1 tonight.  When I heard the WOD, and the snatches, I chickened out 😦

I did get a chance to (finally – after 2 months) work on my snatches tonight though.  And it was great because I was the only individual in the 7pm timeslot and had the coach watch my technique and provide me tips/advice.  I managed to work up to a 50lb snatch.  It felt much better learning the technique the 2nd time around, so I hope I can continue with my progress.  Shoulders are definitely sore… I worked on clean and jerks, so a lot of shoulder strength needed tonight.  Need to take it easy.

Will I do 14.1?  Definitely will, but not Rx’d.  I suspect I’d be looking at a 45# snatch, maybe even 40#. 

Crossfit Open – 14.1.. almost here…

And I’m definitely not ready.

WIth my should injury and inability to do any exercises involving weight overhead or even doing pull ups, the past couple months have been really tough in terms of improving and getting stronger.  My shoulder is better now, and I’m back doing pull ups, wall balls and clean and jerks, even did some overhead squats but now I’ve been sick for the past week so feeling less than 100% won’t help.

But I got some great advice from a fellow crossfitter last night.  She asked me if I was ready for Thursday and I told her I definitely wasn’t ready, explained my shoulder injury.  She told me “No one’s ready.  No one knows what to expect.”  And I realized that I wasn’t alone in not feeling ready.  She’s been doing Crossfit for a few years now, great physique, strong… and she said they she didn’t feel ready either.  She’s also recovering from a shoulder injury (since July) and told me “It’s important not to dwell on past injuries.  Just think about all the other things that you’re strong and confident about”

That was great to hear, especially from someone who I inspire to be just as strong as.  One thing I absolutely love about Crossfit, is everyone you meet who does (or has done) Crossfit, started in the same place as you.  We all had to learn to same technique, we all experienced the same frustrations when the lifts didn’t come easy or we couldn’t get that PR we aimed for.  We’ve all experienced the frustrations of bruises, sore muscles and injuries.  But we all keep pushing through.  We all pushed through the last minute of an AMRAP, wanting to finish strong as we hear the voices of others encouraging us and pushing us to go hard.

Last night I decided that although I won’t be able to do 100% of the Open WODs, I can give 100% and do what I can do.  And most importantly, enjoy the moments.  

Still not feeling 100%, but I did make it to the WOD last night.  I was debating on whether it would be a wise decision to go workout but I’m glad I did.  

February 24, 2014 – WOD

15 minutes – work to max clean & jerk – I actually comfortably lifted 90lbs.  Was thinking about working up to 100lbs but ran out of time

5 minutes AMRAP – (squat) clean & jerks @ 70% max weight – I used 65lbs and managed to do 16 reps.  I definitely wasn’t going at a fast enough rate but was still focusing on my technique (which I had to adjust a couple times)

10 EMOTM – alternating

5-10 chest 2 bar pull ups – I don’t know how to kip yet and my pull ups aren’t as strong as they used to be, so I only managed 3-4 (most banded) each round

30 sec double unders – made it through one round unbroken.  The other rounds I made it 20-25 secs unbroken


It was a short workout and I was able to scale back the effort a little.

It was a great feeling to clean & jerk 90lbs and feel that I could have gone heavier. Yay!


Out of commission.. Day 5

It started with a sore throat on Tuesday night.
By Wednesday, I had an extremely sore throat and stuffy nose.
Thursday I was in bed with a fever, entire body aching, chills and just a really bad day.
Friday, the fever subsided but still stuffy and super congested.
I worked from home Wednesday – Friday.
Also missed pretty much the entire week of crossfit. I worked out on Tuesday night and that was it. Really frustrated that I couldn’t work out but I just wasn’t in any condition to exercise. I even signed up for a Saturday morning WOD but cancelled late Friday night when I realized I wasn’t going to be well enough.
I’m still coughing and have a stuffy nose but I’m aiming to workout tomorrow (as well as make it into the office).
Another downside to being sick…. I’ve lost all sense of taste. I can’t taste a single thing and it’s so frustrating.
Hoping to be back to 100% in the next day or two.

I ate.. and I ate… and I ate…

until I could eat no more… hehe

that’s how I felt this past weekend.. long weekend here in Manitoba.

Truth is I didn’t eat absolutely terribly.

On Saturday we went out for Dim Sum and I enjoyed vietnamese spring rolls, fried noodles and bean curd rolls.  Definitely didn’t eat a huge amount or stuffed myself silly.

On Sunday, we drove down to Grand Forks for the day and I had pasta for lunch and a fish burger and chicken nuggets for supper.  And I drank Coke Zero.

On Monday, I had a sushi and a white mocha americano.

And I had some dark chocolate.

Surprisingly I had a french fry (that came with my fish burger) but I couldn’t eat more than one.  I had no desire to eat them.

That was my entire long weekend.  And now I’m done with all those foods and I just want to eat like I did during the whole 30.

I’m actually quite surprised that the sushi wasn’t spectacular and I realized that I could go without.  Same goes with the fish burger and chicken nuggets.  I did enjoy the dim sum but actually could have gone without the fried noodles.  I did enjoy the spring rolls and the bean curd rolls though.

Saturday’s WOD, definitely was a tough one.

20 min AMRAP

15 box jumps (20″)

12 push press (I only did the bar – 35lbs, didn’t want to stress my shoulder)

9 toes to bar (or knees to ring for myself)

This was a long 20 minutes and I struggled so much with the knees to rings.  A couple weeks ago, I was able to do toes to rings, stringing up to 5.  Not sure why I struggled so much on Saturday.

Today’s WOD


5 chest 2 bar

10 clean & jerk

10 chest 2 bar

10 clean & jerk

15 chest 2 bar

10 clean & jerk

20 chest 2 bar

10 clean & jerk


and on and on.  I only made it through to the 20 chest 2 bar.  And even after the first 5 chest 2 bar, I had to switch to banded pull ups.  Again very frustrating that I struggled so much.  Of course I haven’t done any push ups in over 6 weeks, so I’m definitely weaker.  For the clean & jerks I stayed at a consistent weight of 65lbs.  However the Rx’d weight increased with each set of 10 clean & jerks.  I find these WODs tough because I struggle with going at a faster pace, while maintaining my form and technique.

I am excited that I can now press weight overhead, still can’t go for any 1RMs but that’s okay.  Hopefully by next week or maybe even this week, I can try snatches.  Doubtful though, I imagine those would be really hard on my shoulder.

Throat is very sore today, which usually means I’m getting sick 😦

Must fight it.  I can’t afford to miss any work or workouts.

A Valentines day “Crossfit” Love Letter <3

Love this letter!!



Happy Valentines day everyone!!! I just saw this on facebook and loved it! I’m sharing it because I KNOW y’all will love it to and can relate! 😉

I didn’t set out to fall in love. It just kind of happened. Sure, I was looking for a little excitement, a change of pace; but I was happy with my life. When my friend introduced us, I took it in stride. Yes, I was a little curious, my interests were piqued, but I barely knew anything about you.

When I got home I Googled you. Yes, I’ll admit it. And that’s when I read what other people have been saying about you – you’re dangerous, people become obsessed with you, you take over their lives. Hmm, I was even more intrigued. I’ve always been a cautious person but after reading that about you, I couldn’t get you out of my mind…

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It didn’t taste as good as I remember

Whole 30 – day 31

What was the first thing I ate that was whole 30 non-compliant? Dark chocolate. And although it was good it wasn’t as great as I remembered it. I managed to have just one piece. Didn’t want more than that.

I had some chicken thighs to cook and it was so tempting to just cook up some shake n bake but I just wasn’t impressed with the coating ingredient list. So I turned to Pinterest. And I came across this recipe.

honey and soy chicken thighs

First time in a month that I’ve cooked with soy sauce and honey.
I haven’t tried it yet but it looks absolutely delicious.


Can’t wait to try it.

For the most part I’ve been eating the same as the past 30 days. Can’t really see myself going back to my old eating habits.

Whole 30 – day 29…. And FINALLY I can do cleans!

One more day on the whole 30! I’m so excited that I made it through the entire challenge. There were numerous days where I thought I’d just stop the challenge. I even carried a small bag of dark chocolate around with me just in case I decided to throw in the towel. But I’m still going pretty strong. I’m pretty sure I won’t be going crazy with food on day 31. I feel too good to not continue eating clean. My workouts are going really well and I’m still sleeping great. And I love how I’m not eating thoughtlessly and eating junk food due to habit.

Today was a great day at the box. Today’s WOD:

15 minutes
Work up to heavy clean

5 minutes EMOTM
3 touch n go cleans – 80% of heavy rep

5 rounds
Every 45 secs
3 push-up
3 HSPU (negative)
6 touch n go deadlifts 125lbs

And I finally got the cleans! No more “more hip!”, “jump the bar” or “long arms” and I’m even landing in the squat rather than riding it down into a squat. I increased my weight slowly and ended with 90lbs. I think I could’ve gone up to 95 lbs or even 100 lbs with sufficient rest in between reps/attempts.

Woo hoo! Feeling great!

Trying to hold on… Cleans finally feeling better!

Day 26.  So close to the finish line! So close!!

I had a moment of weakness yesterday… actually I had 2 moments.

I had a small piece of candy (size of a skittle.. but still sugar) and I had a few peanuts.

Last night I was thinking maybe 25 days will be it for me.  Let’s just call it the Whole 25.  I was so sure that I’d throw the towel in.

This morning, I’m feeling much better.  Still struggling in terms of meal prep and food boredom but I’ll keep pushing.  The only thing I don’t want to see happen is, I don’t want to be grumpy and miserable.  Looking back at the past 25 days I feel like I’m in a much healthier relationship with food.  I’m definitely making better decisions and not giving into my emotional eating, or eating just because…

If I make it to Day 30, then hurray for me, but if not?  I’m not going to beat myself up.  I know that I’ll definitely be doing the Whole30 again, maybe after a couple of months and with each challenge I do hope to be more compliant, more creative with meals and enjoy the process more.

Yesterday’s WOD consisted of cleans..

Every 2 minutes:

3 touch n go cleans

starting at 50% of your 1RM and increasing each round by 5% until you can no longer complete your reps..


I really enjoyed this one, it gave me the opportunity to build my weight up slowly.  I was getting tired and struggled a bit @ 75lbs, but I think I probably could have gone up to 80lbs.  Coach reminded me once to “jump the bar” but other than that, no other feedback, and I was actually feeling like I was getting it.  Felt really good.

The last portion of the WOD consisted of a 4 minute AMRAP of kettlebell swings, using the 70lb kettlebell! OMG.. that thing is heavy! hehe.. I managed to get 60 swings in the 4 minutes.  So I was pleased with that too.

One week to go!.. and all bruised up…

Sorry for being MIA lately… I’ve been keeping up with my Reader, but just haven’t had the mental energy to write a post.

Work is kicking my butt (as usual) and I’m doing the best to not let it interfere with my personal/home life.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with some really good WODs that have left me bruised all over.  I still haven’t gotten the overhead to do any overhead pressing exercises, so I’m still not doing any snatches, push press, or pull ups 😦

That means I’m doing a lot of cleans, power cleans, hang cleans.  I am able to do ring pull ups, toes 2 rings so that’s been really challenging.  And I’m also doing alot of push ups.. hehe.. 

The cleans are leaving me with bruises on my shoulders and my poor collar bone is so bruised and tender right now.  Last night’s WOD which included deadlifts, left me with a tiny scrape on my shin.  I had to actually put my pants on after I scrapped my shin with the bar.

Still feeling frustration with the cleans though, as I try to perfect the technique.  Still using my arms too much, need “more hip”, and to “jump the bar” and have “long arms”… AHH! so much to remember.  The coaches are trying to remind me to not over analyze things, which I think is one of my big problems.  I think I’m over analyzing every single aspect of the clean.  

Last Saturday’s WOD:

For time:

3 rounds

10/leg overhead plate lunges (35#)

10 hand release burpees onto plate

75 double unders

7 minute rest


Power clean (65#)

Ring dip/push up

Box jump (16)


I finished the “for time” portion in 11:03.  Those double unders were tough.  I was able to string 15-20 at a time, but they were definitely tiring.

Then second portion with the power cleans was tough for me.  I got through the first 12 reps and all of a sudden the bar started to feel very heavy and I was getting sloppy with my technique.  I couldn’t even finish the first 15 reps.  So coach Kyle told me to move on to the push ups while he stripped the weight off my bar.  For the following rounds/reps I completed the power cleans with just the bar.  I think I probably could have done 55#, but that’s okay.  After the WOD coach Kyle told me that he suspected the 65# would be heavy for me, especially with the high number of reps but was proud that I did complete the first 12 reps.

For yesterday’s WOD we spent the first 12 minutes finding a heavy power clean weight.  coach Gail is great because he’s always insisting I add more weight.  And truly believes in pushing yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with.  I started at 65# and increased to 75# and then 85#.  I think I could have gone for 95# but I was very cautious with having the bar land in that front rack position due to my extremely tender collar bone.  I found that I definitely wasn’t getting into that front rack position fast enough, it was like I was trying to slow down the bar so that it would land so hard on my shoulders/collar bone.  

As for the whole30, I’ve got a week (plus today) left.  Unfortunately my meal planning has been lacking and my meals haven’t been very exciting.  I did slip up on Superbowl Sunday.  We were visiting my husband’s aunts and she had done so much work putting together snacks.  I started munching on some macadamia nuts and then also had a bit of popcorn (airpopped, if that makes a difference).  I know I should’ve have insisted I was okay, but she kept insisting as well to enjoy some of the snacks she prepared.  Not an excuse, I’m fully aware that I made a poor decision, but what’s done is done.  It was very tempting to say .. Oh well, I made it to Day 21, not bad.. and then go out for some sushi.. hehe but I’m going to see this through to Day 30, and will most likely continue beyond the 30 days.  

Overall I am feeling better, sleeping much better at night.  Don’t think I’ve experienced the “Tiger Blood”, but I suspect that my meals need a little bit more tweaking (in terms of adding more carbs and healthy fats).  I definitely don’t miss the bloated feeling or the sluggish feeling.