Eat Clean Day 3: There will never be a good time to start…

so you just got to do it.  I was thinking more about starting my 5-day clean eating goal, and I started thinking that this probably wasn’t the best week to get started.  First off, it’s that time of month for me (sorry.. TMI) which makes me feel bloated and always craving something.  Second, it’s Halloween today, which means that there will be a never ending supply of treats floating around the office today.  I will need to stay very focused today because should I slip and indulge in a treat, I can see myself just having “one more”.  

I know that every now and then a treat is a good thing, but I really enjoy my dark chocolate treats, so if I’m indulge, I may as well indulge in something that I will really enjoy.  And last week I discovered a new dark chocolate bar:



It’s not one of the healthiest dark chocolates out there (with the addition of toffee) but the combination of the salted toffee and banana is a great combo!  I probably should have picked up a bar yesterday to help me get through today.  

Yesterday was definitely a tough day for me, but by the time I got home I was feeling much better and the rest of the evening was good.  Today will be another tough day but I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.  I was thinking this morning, that if the 5 days of clean eating goes well, I’ll extend it to November 7th when I’m planning to take my next progress pictures.