It snowed again.. BOO! and blogger awards.. YAY!

Can you believe it?  April 30th, May is just around the corner and it snowed today.  And it was windy so definitely not a nice day to be outside.  And it was just so dark and gloomy outside, definitely made it difficult to be energized and motivated today.  It was the perfect stay-in-bed-under-the-blankets type of day.

First off I want to thank my everyone for being very supportive and helping me feel better about my decision to not run the full marathon.  It really puts my mind at ease to know that others understand my situation and that I’m doing the right thing by not stressing the injury by continuing my training.

Second, I want to thank a few individuals who have nominated me for blogger awards.  Thank you!!  There are a couple nominations that were made awhile ago, and I’m only finally getting around to posting it today.  Sorry for the delay.

So thank you to irunfordonuts and barefootmarathonmomma for the blogger award:


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So again Thank you!

Blogger awards are meant to encourage people to continue writing and to help promote other blogs just getting started.  The Rules:  1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site, 2) post the award on your blog, 3) write 7 things about yourself, 4) nominate other blogs.

7 Things About Myself

  1. I skipped the 6th grade.  When I was in grade 5, I was in a grade 5 and 6 split class and found myself doing the grade 6 curriculum.  The teacher decided that it didn’t make sense for me to go to grade 6 the following school  year, so I went straight to grade 7.  This meant that I graduated high school when I was 16 years old, and also meant I couldn’t drink at my own graduation party (legal drinking age in Canada is 18 years old)
  2. 2007 was a really big year for me.  Within a 4 month time frame (April – July) I got married, moved into a new house and had my first child.  It was an extremely hectic time, but I really can’t see myself doing it any other way.
  3. I’ve never had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich or a peanut butter & banana sandwich.  Definitely on my to-do list, just something I’ve never craved or thought about having.
  4. There are foods that I won’t eat simply because I don’t think I’ll like them.  Like olives, never tried one but I don’t think I’d like it and so I never have, probably never will.
  5. I absolutely love musicals:  Cats, Little Shop of Horrors, Les Miserables, Grease/Grease 2.  I love the singing!
  6. Back in 2005, I was really considering taking a management position at lululemon.  Then I realized that financially it wouldn’t work, and so now I’m going on to 14 years at the first company I worked at after college graduation.
  7. I wouldn’t consider my current job my dream job, but if given the choice to do something else, I don’t think I’d know what to do.  I’ve yet to figure out what my dream job is and what my passion in life is.

And now I’d like to nominate the following blogs for the One Lovely Blogger Award:


My favorite cookie


This has got to be my new favorite cookie. Best part is that it’s so simple to make. I started with the basic banana and oatmeal cookie, and added a few more things. Here’s what I used: 2 small super ripe bananas mashed Approx 1 cup of oats A splash of vanilla Tossed in some unsweetened shredded coconut Also add in some dark chocolate chips Mixed it all together Formed flat cookies on a lined baking sheet Cooked at 350 for 25 minutes So delicious!

New goals..

It’s been a few days since I’ve last blogged.  What’s been going on?

Not much.. definitely no running.  I took the entire week off and today I finally made it out for a short 3 mile run.  It felt pretty good, and I didn’t run long enough to know if the pain would have returned.

I’ve accepted the reality that physically I can’t run the full marathon in June.  However, I have a plan.  I will be taking it easy (running-wise) for the next 2 weeks, and will try to build up my mileage and speed with the goal to run a sub-2hr 1/2 marathon in June.  I’m not 100% sure yet if this is a reachable goal, it will depend on if I can heal from this minor injury.  But I’m trying to stay hopeful.  And I’ll take it one run at a time.

Next, a couple more goals to work towards before my birthday in September.

1st goal:  Squat my body weight

2nd goal:  Unassisted pull-up

Those to me are very ambitious goals.  But again, I have a plan.  This week I will be inquiring and hopefully signing up for CrossFit!! woo hoo!!  I’m nervous and very excited.  The monthly membership fee is definitely more than I’m comfortable with ($150/month) but it just means less lunches out, and really watching those small expenses.  I really want to make this happen and I really want to get strong! oh yeah!! 

Hopefully sometime this week, I’ll be able to report that I have joined and have completed my first few classes.  I do want to make the most of my membership so I will have to (nicely) ask my parents to watch the kiddies a few extra nights each week.

So I’m still bummed about not being able to run the full marathon, but I’m looking forward to the new goals and can’t wait for the challenge.

And the verdict is…

possibly a stress fracture 😦

Spent 5 hours at the Minor Injury Sports Clinic this morning.  I was frustrated at the fact that I had to even go to the clinic, but even more frustrated yesterday when I couldn’t go yesterday due to my work load.  So I went this morning.  And it was a painful wait.

They took an xray and it wasn’t an obvious stress fracture (doctor mentioned that a microscopic stress fracture wouldn’t show clearly in an xray) but he suspected that it is a stress fracture.

His recommendation?  Just take it easy.  If it hurts when I run 5 miles, then just run 4 miles.  He also suggested biking and swimming in the meantime, although I’m not sure how that would help me with my marathon training.

Have I given up?  Nope not yet.  I’m still trying to figure out what I can do to so that I can still run the marathon on June 16th.  Alot of people are telling me to reconsider my goals.  Even my running room clinic instructor sent out an email mentioning “for those individuals who may have missed some runs.. now it the time to reconsider your race goals”     😦 

I’m really bummed right now but I’ll figure something out.

Maybe it’s time to finally start CrossFit!

Okay, I’m done feeling sorry for myself…

It’s time to “suck it up, buttercup!”

There’s not much I can do about this pain when I run.  I’m going to get it checked out tomorrow and I’ll move forward from there.

The past couple weeks have been rough dealing with this injury and I definitely let my healthy eating slip.  I was frustrated so I turned to comfort food.  Work was kicking my butt, so I munched on junk food.  It hasn’t been a great past couple weeks.

But I’m done.. I’m actually more frustrated that I let myself use my frustration and work stress to stuff my face.  It’s time to get back on track.  A few things that I need to keep under control:

  • buying breakfast and lunch at the work cafeteria.  This is never a good idea.  First off, the prices are ridiculous!  For the price of 2 eggs, I can purchase an entire dozen at the grocery store, same goes with toast.  I can get a loaf of bread for the price of 2 slices of toast (well, maybe 4 slices.. unless I’m buying rye bread).  Plus when I buy breakfast at the work cafeteria, it’s very likely that I’ll buy hashbrowns, because they look good.  I know they’re super greasy, and they’ll probably make me feel bloated afterwards, but they’re just there.. and they call out to me.. “eat me!”.. hehe.. definitely can’t do that anymore.
  • Pack better snacks at work.  When I’m in meetings all morning or all afternoon, I find that I want to just munch on something.. and that something usually isn’t good.  It may be a cookie or a donut.  And it will be just one donut or just one cookie, but still it’s something I didn’t even crave.. I just went ahead and ate it, just because.
  • Cook.  Last week was a really bad week and the last thing I wanted to do was cook and that led me to buying lunch almost every day.  Not good on the wallet, not good at all.  So far this week I’m doing really good.  I made cottage cheese pancakes, even substituted half the whole wheat flour with quinoa flour.  They turned out pretty good.  I also made a black bean seafood stirfry w/ shrimp, mussels and orange pepper.  After I work out tonight I’ll have to figure out what to cook.  Back up plan, there’s some shaved turkey breast in the fridge and I can make myself a sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

I think that’s all I want to focus on this week.  No more munching, no more cafeteria breakfast or lunch.  I think my body will thank me.

I can’t control my injury, but I can control what I put in my mouth, so enough is enough.

Defeated :(

There were many factors that kept me from completing my 18 mile run yesterday.  FIrst, I was up later than I had planned, so I wasn’t as well rested as I would have liked.  Second, I definitely did not eat to fuel my body.  It’s definitely difficult for me to “carb up”.  I was never really on a strict eating plan, but I was more aware of what I was eating and I did limit my carbs sometimes.  But thinking about eating more carbs makes me feel like I’m undoing the progress I’ve made.  I know that this is silly to think and I really can’t allow myself to think this way, it’s not healthy and it’s not helpful in meeting my marathon goal.  So definitely I was low on energy.  Third… I woke up to snow.. gusting winds.. and I was not happy.  So I decided to skip the outdoor run and go back to running on the treadmill.  A few Sundays ago, I ran 14 miles on a treadmill, so 18 miles should be do-able.. right?

Ahh.. but then there’s the pain.. which yet again returned, this time around the 5 mile mark. It’s extremely frustrating to have to deal with this.  It’s frustrating because I have no control over this injury, and it really just sucks.  My hubby is telling me to really reconsider my plans for running this marathon because my body just isn’t cooperating.

For some reason, this pain doesn’t seem like an excuse to not run.  I feel like I should just “suck it up buttercup”, because “what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger” right?  I know I commented that not completing the 18 mile run this past Sunday would prompt me to re-consider my marathon goal, but I just can’t get myself even think about not running.

Hubby said I could focus on running a sub-2 hour 1/2 marathon.. and I think that is an awesome goal and definitely something I want to aim for.  But if my body right now can’t even get pat 8 miles, how am I going to get to 13.1 miles?

I’m going to a minor injury sports clinic tomorrow morning, hopefully to get x-rays done and some help/advice on what I can do to get back to running.

Fingers crossed that there’s still hope.

With not having control over this injury, it does make me think about future goals, specifically the goal to push myself towards my best physique.  With that goal, I have control over what I put in my body and how hard I work out.  I like that idea.

Tomorrows 18 mile run…

I know lately all I’ve been writing about is my running and running issues. Tomorrow is a scheduled 18 mile run. I am feeling SO much anxiety over this run. my past 2 Sunday runs were 7 and 8 miles, no where near 18 miles. A part of me is thinking I just can’t do it.
And I don’t even know if I could even run past 8 miles without feeling pain. I took it extremely easy this week and only ran once, so maybe I’ve rested enough.
If I can’t complete the 18 miles tomorrow, I’ll have to think hard about pursuing my marathon goal.
I hate this feeling of having no control over my progress.
My eating has been all over the place too. Feeling blah!
I just want to run.

Running outside that comfort zone…

Despite my frustration with the pain during running, I’m still focused on getting those shorter runs in.  And some exciting news is that during last night’s run I ran outside my comfort level!



i don’t think I’ve ever recorded a 9:09 minute mile.  And when I first set my goal to complete my first marathon, my main goal is to finish, but I always thought that I would train towards running the marathon at a 10 minute mile pace.  So to finish my 3.5 mile run yesterday and see that I ran an average of a 9:09 minute mile was very exciting for me.

The run wasn’t easy, definitely had me breathing a little harder than usual but overall I still felt good.  Usually I don’t feel comfortable in my run until around 45 minutes – 1hour into the run, so I was expecting that this 32 minute run would be a little difficult.

Now I’m starting to ask myself.. could I maintain this pace for a 1/2 marathon?  

When I first started running 7 years ago, my very first goal was to finish a 1/2 marathon in 2hrs and 15 mins.  5 1/2 marathons later, and the closest I’ve gotten to that time goal is 2hrs and 21 mins.  Maybe I can reach that original time goal AND if I can maintain a 9 minute mile, I could possibly run a sub-2hr 1/2 marathon.

OMG.. how amazing would that be?!

I’m hoping to go for a few more runs this week and hopefully can run at the same pace.  Tonight is hill training, and Thursday or Friday is a 5 mile run.  I’ll see how that run goes.. maybe I can sign up for the upcoming 1/2 marathon (in May).. Eek! a mini-goal to work towards.. 

A rough week of recovery and rest…

This whole recovery and rest thing just isn’t working for me… I swear every run missed makes me feel like I’m back at the beginning.  I went for a run yesterday morning and finally it was nice outside and I no longer had to run indoors.  Yesterday’s run was for 12 miles.  My physiotherapist recommended I take it easy and go no longer than 9 miles, I only ran 8 miles.  Just like the week prior, the pain started roughly around mile 6 and persisted and slowly worsened as I continued to run.  Again, I kept thinking maybe this was all in my head and kept telling myself to stop thinking about the pain.  Unfortunately after mile 7, I decided it was time to start the run back home.  

It’s very frustrating.. a week of rest and taking it easy, following the prescribed stretches/exercises and yet there’s no improvement in the pain.  I know I need to be a bit more patient but we’re in the 2nd half of the training program and I really feel like each run is important, especially the long Sunday runs.  Next Sunday is the start of our much longer runs @ 18 and 20 miles.  These are the runs that will truly prep me for the full marathon.  And if I can make these runs, I’m starting to get nervous about my ability to run the marathon.  What if this pain never goes away?

I’ll be back at the physiotherapist today and hopefully the massage therapist as well.  Hopefully there’s something else that I can try to help.


Listening to my body and taking it easy

And that definitely isn’t easy! Hehe I’m focusing hard on recovering, thanks for the advice and encouragement that I needed to hear.
I went for a light treadmill run yesterday and although not as intense, there was still some pain. Today is another rest day and tomorrow I’ll try another short, easy run. I really want to do my long run on Sunday but already suspect it won’t be a good run.
Although I’m afraid to lose my training momentum, I have to admit, I miss running. I miss pushing myself through those runs and the feeling of reaching that mileage and accomplishment.
Never thought I’d hear myself say that! Maybe I am falling in love with running.
This week work has been kicking my butt! And I am so mentally tired. I suspect this craziness will last for another week or so and then hopefully slow down. Can’t wait!
Also still waiting for warmer weather. Forecast is calling for (more) snow this weekend! It’s ridiculous! But I’m ready to break up with the treadmill, I just can’t do it anymore.