Starting to feel frumpy… It’s time to take action

I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in my clothes and it’s not a feeling I enjoy at all. I’ve enjoyed the holidays but it’s time to get serious. I want to make progress but that won’t happen if I keep on this same road. Time to make a change. Time to set my goals and work toward them.
Today I had to get some work pants hemmed. I put them on to get measured, haven’t worn them in awhile and they all fit snug ūüė¶

Tomorrow is the start of my new year. 2 years ago I made a drastic lifestyle change to reach my first serious goal of reaching my pre-pregnancy weight and I succeeded so I know that I can do this again.

I’ve signed up for the 6:30am classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. That’s step 1. Overnight oats are in the fridge ready for tomorrow’s breakfast, spaghetti lunch is packed, along with a couple snacks. Food prep for tomorrow is done. That’s step 2. Final step is to stick to my plan. First day is always the hardest. Once it becomes routine I won’t even have to think about it.

I start the rehab and strengthening exercises for my shoulder. I can’t wait til I can start doing all the exercises and lifts again. It will probably be another 4 weeks and it’s definitely frustrating but I’m trying to stay patient.

I still haven’t though through my goals for 2014. Right now I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes again.

My year in review… Looking forward to 2014

Check it out!

This year has been an amazing year which started with my best friends wedding in Mexico. It was 7 days sans kids which meant a lot of rest and relaxation… Oh and drinking… Hehe

Highlights of the year:
– running the Manitoba 1/2 marathon and beating my best time. I did my best training for the full marathon and although I was unable to run the full I’m glad I went through the training program and did my best.
– reaching my fitness goals of doing a strict unassisted pull up and squatting my body weight. Those were 2 things I never thought I’d be able to do.
– being promoted to a senior role. This was a great work surprise and reinforced the thought that hard work really does pay off

I definitely have a lot to focus and work on for 2014 and I haven’t decided yet what my goals are but as soon as I do I’ll update you all.

Now that the holidays are over I’m looking forward to having a more regular schedule. Actually looking forward to meal planning and cooking. We ate out so much over the holidays. I need to eat better!

Happy new year everyone!

Five Things Friday… Crossfit Edition

** I started this post first thing yesterday, but never managed to finish it, so I’m posting it a day late **

It’s been a few weeks since I did a Five Things Friday. ¬†Today I want to do a Five Things Friday post related to Crossfit.

  1. I’ve now been doing Crossfit for 4 months. ¬†The past few weeks I have only been making it to 3 classes/week, but I’m really hoping to make it back to 4-5 classes/week. ¬†I no longer feel the anxiety and nervousness I used to feel before each class. ¬†I do get a little nervous when I see back squats listed in the WOD but I’m sure that will ease in time.
  2. I can now do 6 pull/chin ups in a row. ¬†Ultimate goal would be 10 in a row, so I’m half way there. ¬†I do have a muscle-up goal, but we’re not allowed to go on the rings until we meet the pre-requisite of doing 20 perfect form push ups.
  3. The past couple months, I had my coworker join me at Sublime crossfit. ¬†Unfortunately she had to cancel her membership ūüė¶ ¬†It was so great to go to classes with her and to be able to talk to her about crossfit every now and then at work. ¬†We’ve been coworkers/friends for a long time now so it was nice to have her there with me. ¬†Every now and then our coach Kyle would try to get us to compete against each other, but I’m not big into competing with others, I’m always focused on competing against myself.
  4. The next couple weeks will involve fitness testing as part of our WODs. ¬†The coaches want to check how individuals have progressed since joining, how strong we’ve all gotten. I’m nervous! ¬†I don’t think I will hit any new PRs, but I’ll definitely give it a try. ¬†I am excited to see how strong I’ve gotten overall.
  5. Then following the 2 weeks of fitness testing, that’s where I have to make a big decision. ¬†Remain in foundation or move into building.. where I will start learning Olympic lifting. ¬†EEK! I really want to do olympic lifting but I know there’s so much technique involved, it makes me nervous. ¬†Although the coaches have been so good at reassuring me that I’ll be starting with the very basics and there’s no expectation that I would be doing heavy olympic lifts from the start.

There will also be a discussion next Saturday to see how many individuals at our box are serious about competing. ¬†I’m definitely interested, don’t think I’m close to being in a position to compete, but I’ll be joining the discussion to find out more details. ¬†Can’t wait!!

I’ve also found that in terms of goals, they’ve changed quite a bit. ¬†Overall goals are to get stronger and remain healthy, but I haven’t had any thoughts lately of needing to lose weight or of the way my body looks. ¬†Lately it’s all been about getting stronger, goals of exceeding my last PR, adding more weight, getting faster. ¬†I love how my focus is feeling strong and healthy. ¬†I still want to eat cleaner, but I’m not as stressed about it right now.

Here’s a pic I took last week. ¬†Can definitely see the growth in my legs ūüôā


Woo hoo!! AWESOME Friday

Last night I signed up for today’s 6am crossfit class.¬† I’ll be running around like a mad lady after work,¬† due to my procrastination to get things ready for my daughter’s 6th birthday tomorrow morning. Anyway that’s not the awesome part.
The awesome part is that I dragged my butt out of bed and made it to class.
And even more awesome??

200lb deadlift PR!!

No better time than now..

To write this post.
Since I’m currently locked out of the house.
I completely forgot my parents had a doctors appointment this afternoon. So I left work early and realize that no one is at the house and the storm door in the front is also locked so I can’t even use my keys to get in. And so here I am waiting patiently for my parents and the kids to return. I’m glad that weather wise the sun is shining and there’s not a single rain cloud the sky thank goodness because I wouldn’t be very happy if I had to sit on the doorstep in the rain getting wet.
So how did my day go? After deciding on my next goal last night I really wanted to stay focused today and it definitely wasn’t easy. As soon as I got to work I already started thinking about picking up breakfast at the cafeteria. I was already thinking that it would be okay if I just started tomorrow. Why not enjoy one last plate of hash browns or a couple more cookies. But then I realized that if I were to have hash browns and cookies then my goal would be harder to reach only because I was already finding excuses to indulge. So I had my breakfast eggs with spinach and I still had my coffee with French Vanilla creamer but there were no hash browns and there were no cookies. And as I mentioned in my last post I also took a picture of myself this morning. And I have to admit that I’m not really impressed with what I saw. But I should have expected what I saw only because I know that I haven’t been watching what I’ve been eating ever since I started CrossFit. Again its not that I was eating a lot of junk food but I definitely wasn’t eating as clean as I should have. And really that’s okay it’s not the end of the world it’s just time for me to get focused now and really think about what I’m putting in my mouth. So here is the picture and what I will be comparing my progress to for the next couple of months:


So what is my plan of attack? Here are a few things that I want to focus on right now:
1. Cut out the hashbrowns and cookies
2. Start snacking on cottage cheese w fruit (realized I hadn’t bought cottage cheese in over a month!)
3. Start running again.
4. More meal prep and eating a packed lunch.

I think that’s about it for now. I don’t want to take on too much too soon although I know that these minor changes should be fairly easy to make. So we’ll see how things go and I’ll make sure to report on my progress and take regular pictures. Oh and one other thing that I want to focus on is just cutting back on my sugar intake in general. I still don’t think I’m having a lot of sugar but I’m sure the little sugary snacks I have been enjoying add up the end of the day.

Thinking about my next goal

For the past few days I’ve started thinking about my next goal. And one thing comes to mind is really working hard towards defining my abs and maybe even sport a 6-pack. And I know that this will take more focus and determination with keeping my meals clean. This just seems like TOO big of a goal, perhaps even bigger than my pull up goal. I know I have a good foundation and starting point with my clean eating, I just need to be consistent. Wish me luck.
I’ll start off by taking a picture of my starting point tomorrow.

Goal date: September 7th – the day I turn 34!

Amazing run…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been really dreading the 1/2 marathon that took place today. I didn’t do any serious training the past 6 weeks and wasn’t sure if my injury would cause pain during my run.
Last night I was feeling alot of anxiety and was dreading the expected rain. Luckily the morning turned out to be nice and sunny and perfect running weather.
Although I’ve run in the Manitoba marathon back in 2005 and a few other races, I was completely overwhelmed by the number of people participating in todays race. I loved seeing everyone there for the same goal: to run. Seeing all the people confirmed that when it comes to running, anyone can do it. Young, old, super fit, not as fit, all types of people.
As the first wave of full marathoners started, I couldn’t help but feel a huge wave of emotion, I swear I could’ve started crying.
I knew that the first 3 miles were going to be the hardest, trying to find my pace and get into my groove.
Miles 4-7: hubby and I were running a good pace and enjoyed watching all the people running around us. He even managed to take this picture of me just before reaching mile 7.


Mile 7-10: these miles were a little harder, and my legs started to feel heavy. But I knew we were already on or way to the finish line, so I knew I had to just keep putting one for in front of the other.

Mile 10: this is where I got my second wind. I realized I only had 3 miles left and I was feeling strong. My breathing was steady and I felt great.

This is where things got tough for the hubby, this is where he hit his wall. His legs were tired and mentally he struggled to focus on the finish line. He said that he felt like it just wasn’t coming.
And so this is where I had to make the decision. Slow down and walk with him or keep going.
I decided to walk a bit with him, but I really wanted to push hard and speed up. He insisted that I continue without him, and I ran without him for a bit. But as I approached the stadium and last turn to the finish line, I realized that I couldn’t cross the finish line without him. And so I waited.
I’m sure fellow runners and spectators were wondering what I was doing and why I wasn’t dashing to the finish line.
It was a tough run, but we finished strong and we crossed the finish line together.
Time: 2 hours and 21 minutes

I felt great after the run, even felt like I could keep on running. My body was a little tired but I felt strong.
Another bonus, I beat my best time from 2005!


Already looking forward to the next race!

Still here… Doing my thing…

And what exactly is my “thing”?
It’s trying to eat healthier and exercise daily and about making progress. I haven’t run for almost a week. I did sign up for the full marathon running clinic and that starts in Thursday so I will definitely be getting my 3 weekly runs in. I’m nervous though, the goal of completing my first marathon seems so real and it’s scary! But I’m also excited at the same time to see how hard I can push myself.


I’m also thrilled knowing that I can run 5-6 miles comfortably. I feel confident.
I’m craving alot of chocolate and I know the next 29 days will be tough. My son turned 4 years old today and he picked out chocolate cupcakes, but I couldn’t have one ūüė¶
That’s ok, I probably didn’t need it.
Still working on getting stronger, that will always be a work in progress.
Hoping things will settle down at work and I can catch up on the blogs I follow and write a better post.

How hard can I push myself… And other random thoughts

So to start off, I wanted to recap my goals last week and how I did:
– run 3 times – SUCCESS (but only if I extend my week to Saturday at 10am) I didn’t make it to the fun on Friday morning for my 3rd run of the week but made it out on Saturday morning. It finally warmed up to go for a short run outside.


– work out 5 times – FAIL with the running I think I only made it down to the gym 4 times last week. Workouts weren’t a intense as I had planned.
– drink more water SUCCESS I definitely drank more water thus week and it’s getting easier.
– prep meals 6 days of the week. SUCCESS. I did go out for lunch once but brought lunch for a majority of the week.

Today was (what I would consider) a cheat meal for me. I had a double cheeseburger from McDonalds and a few fries, a handful of Pringles, a bunch of dark chocolate candy and 2 empanadas. Note to self: after a day of not-so-clean eating, don’t check yourself out in the mirror because you will not like what you see. And yet what else could you expect?
I’ve been thinking alot lately again of what my real goals are. Aside from running a full marathon this year, I’m not sure what else I’m pushing myself for. Don’t get me wrong, I love this healthier lifestyle that I’m living note. I love eating healthier and not feeling the need to eat donuts, desserts and other goodies. I do like to see the progress and changes in my body. a part of me wants to try pushing myself a little harder, eat a little stricter but then I ask… For what exactly? I love my coffee creamer and my dark chocolate. Could I really cut them out? Do I need to?
I do think I need a little mini challenge, maybe to excel my progress. And maybe just to see what I can really do with my body.
I think I’ll sleep on it tonight and think about what I really want.