Whole 30 – day 29…. And FINALLY I can do cleans!

One more day on the whole 30! I’m so excited that I made it through the entire challenge. There were numerous days where I thought I’d just stop the challenge. I even carried a small bag of dark chocolate around with me just in case I decided to throw in the towel. But I’m still going pretty strong. I’m pretty sure I won’t be going crazy with food on day 31. I feel too good to not continue eating clean. My workouts are going really well and I’m still sleeping great. And I love how I’m not eating thoughtlessly and eating junk food due to habit.

Today was a great day at the box. Today’s WOD:

15 minutes
Work up to heavy clean

5 minutes EMOTM
3 touch n go cleans – 80% of heavy rep

5 rounds
Every 45 secs
3 push-up
3 HSPU (negative)
6 touch n go deadlifts 125lbs

And I finally got the cleans! No more “more hip!”, “jump the bar” or “long arms” and I’m even landing in the squat rather than riding it down into a squat. I increased my weight slowly and ended with 90lbs. I think I could’ve gone up to 95 lbs or even 100 lbs with sufficient rest in between reps/attempts.

Woo hoo! Feeling great!

No laughing allowed… Registered for the 2014 Crossfit Games Open

Ok this will sound funny and it’s quite unexpected of me. But last night I did something silly… I registered for the 2014 Crossfit games open. Trust me, I’m no where near the skill level I need to be in order to compete. Heck I’m still learning Olympic lifts and my shoulder is on the mend. BUT I also realized that I need a baseline. May will be my one year anniversary since joining crossfit. I’m not yet sure what my goals are or if I think I’ll ever compete (even at a local level) but regardless, it would be nice to record my progress.

and so I’m registered… I watched videos on last years open WODs and they look tough so I have no idea if I’ll even be able to do his years WODs. I guess I’ll find out on February 27th.

Today was a tough day on the whole 30. I didn’t pack enough food with me to work so felt very hungry during the day… And I REALLY wanted a cookie. I had to call my husband for words of encouragement. He kept things simple. He told me “you don’t need a cookie. You’re almost there”

When I got home from work I made raw vegan chocolate and cashew balls rolled in coconut from diaforlife.com.

Super simple and delicious recipe and 1 ball was all I needed.

I can’t wait to do my meal planning and prep this weekend.

Whole 30 – end of day 3

End of the day and I’m feeling pretty good. Yesterday was a tough day but I feel like i recovered well. Yesterday I made brussel sprouts w/ bacon and garlic as well as Cajun Shrimp with zucchini.

I must admit I’m not a fan of brussel sprouts and I’m not sure if they’ll make another appearance in my meals.

Tonight I made baked eggs with smoked bacon, shallots, red peppers and baby kale. Had a piece for dinner along with a simple spinach salad – no dressing – just with grapes and walnuts. I’m actually really enjoying my spinach salads.


Today’s WOD included bench press and pull ups, neither which I can do right now, so I did a lot of shoulder rehab work paired with db walking lunges, db bent over rows and db ext rotation.

Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day, then I’ll be back at the Box on Friday. Next week I’ll be moving back into the building program but will be limited to cleans.

So I’m feeling pretty good today. I’m even drinking my coffee black, which a dash of cinnamon. Not the greatest drink but I’m doing it. I keep thinking of the whole 30 quote:
“It is it hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hard. Drinking you coffee black. Is. Not. Hard…”

What I love the most is he community is support while on the whole 30. If I have a question about a food item, it’s so easy to google it and quickly find an answer.

Bring on day 4!

Kink in my neck…

Woke up this morning and I can barely move my neck. Looking left to right doesn’t hurt, but up and down hurts. I can’t even look down right now because the muscles are so tight and it hurts so much. Massaging the area doesn’t seem to help at all. I just really hope I wake up tomorrow morning and it will be ok, else my 630am WOD could be very uncomfortable.
I didn’t have much time to do meal prep so I’m quite nervous about my first day tomorrow on whole30. I did manage to make these for lunch:
Stuffed red peppers


These were so easy to make I’m surprised I haven’t made them before.
I have a bunch of hard boiled eggs and roasted chicken breast slices that I’ll pair up with spinach. I’ll definitely need to so more prep tomorrow.

Ok bed time.
Wish me luck.

I had to do it….

After grocery shopping I realized that there will be quite the adjustment to my daily meals once I start whole30 on Monday. Gone are the days of instant noodles for those meals where nothing is prepared and I need a quick meal. Definitely no more hash browns in the morning – this has become such a bad habit – so I’m actually very excited to kick this habit. Another big adjustment is no longer drinking protein shakes. I’m used to having a smoothie in the morning with a scoop of protein powder and usually have a shake post workout. I did some reading online about post workout protein shakes and how they are the best option for fast absorbing protein needed after a workout but there are so many comments and pieces of advice that it’s hard to know what would work for me. I’ll do a bit more reading tomorrow but in the end I will cut out the protein shakes.

So tonight I thought I’d go all out and have all you can eat sushi. It always sounds worse than it really is because generally I just really can’t eat a big amount of sushi. In total: 3 hand rolls, 2 regular rolls, a few pieces of salmon sashimi, some chicken katsu, mushroom tempura and a couple BBQ short ribs. Hehe ok that all of a sudden sounds like a lot but honestly I don’t think it is.
I’m also enjoying a coffee with 1/2 hot chocolate (a simple version of a mocha) because coffee with sugar or cream won’t be an option starting Monday. Actually not 100% sure if coffee is allowed… something I’ll need to look into.

Today was also my 5th WOD this week! So happy that I did it! Now I just need to keep it up.
Today’s WOD was a tough one:

3 rounds AFAP (as fast as possible)
10 burpees
100m row
3 min rest

7 min rest

10 rounds @ 90%
30 sec air dyne
30 sec kettlebell swings (35lb)
60 sec rest

The second part was really tough. But it felt great when it was all done.
I visited my chiro/dr and he said my shoulder is recovering nicely and I can go ahead and do cleans!! Great news!

Tomorrow there will be a lot of meal prep. I don’t have a lot of space in our fridge so I’m not sure how much I could have pre-packed but I’ll try my best.