Why can’t all lifts feel effortless?

Today’s WOD:

Every 2 minutes x 8

2 power snatches (65#)

Rest 4 minutes

Every 2 minutes x 15

1 power clean & jerk (90#)

50 burpees for time (2:30 timecap)

The snatches felt good and I tried to drop lower under the bar.  Can’t wait til we start practicing full squat snatches.

Power clean & jerks felt prety good.. my poor collar bone though, definitely bruised and tender.  Oh and for 1 rep, just 1 rep… the weight felt almost non-existent!  The weight came up so effortlessly during the clean that I bumped the bar into my chin.  The coach caught the lift and told me that it looked perfect and my form was spot on.

Now why can’t I have that happen each and every time?

The 15 reps was very tiring and my shoulders are burning!

But then, we finished off with 50 burpees in 2:30 minutes.  I fell short of the 50 burpees though.  I made it through 42! and I’m pretty happy with that considering that my shoulders were done with the lifting.

Really looking forward to the WODs now, still nervous about going heavier, but really enjoying the WODs.  Now if I could just get consistent with my clean eating.

I’ll get there 🙂

Let’s get serious…

The Crossfit Open 2015 is just over a month away and I’m definitely looking forward to it. Last year there were movements I couldn’t do (65# overhead squats, kipping pull ups) which I can now do but even better there is a scaled division which means it’s more likely I can complete all the Open WODs.

This means I need to get more serious with my training. And I think I have been. I’ve definitely been pushing myself more with the WODs and trying to lift heavier on all my Olympic lifts.

Snatches are still my hardest lift. I can comfortably lift 70# for a power snatch but need to practice dropping more underneath the bar.
And last week I actually confidently clean&jerked 110#! Felt great! I actually felt that I could have gone up a bit more with the jerk but it was my clean that I struggled with. Again I need to drop under the bar more so that I can go heavier.

Looking forward to the next month of training. Can only get stronger right?!

And new PR for me: 6 unassisted strict pull ups 🙂


Back… must get wider!


Every now and then a post-WOD selfie is needed.