So good… so not worth it

Meal prep only works if I eat the food I bring to work. This didn’t happen yesterday though.  I brought an awesome lunch but realized as soon as I got to work that I’d be in an all day session with IBM. AND they also announced they would be bringing in lunch for us.  The I.T department I work in is a huge IBM shop and we spend a ridiculous amount of $$$ in products and support. So when they offer to provide lunch it’s very welcomed.
And lunch was good,  not healthy but delicious.  Pizza was ordered from Santa Lucia which had won awards for their pizza.
And trust me the pizza was good.  I devoured three squares of the bbq chicken pizza (bbq sauce, chicken breast,  bacon and red onions.. topped with a ridiculous amount of cheese)
But my body paid for it.  For the rest of the afternoon I felt extremely bloated and overall gross 😦
It wasn’t a good idea.  I even washed the pizza down with a can of ginger ale.  Not good at all.
Lesson learned.
So not with it.

I did have an awesome without last night so at least burned off some of the pizza.  I was dripping in sweat by the time I was done.  It felt great!


Meal plan Monday and perfect form

Today is my first attempt at meal prep Monday. Here’s this week’s meal plan:

Monday – whole wheat spaghetti with homemade meat sauce and mushrooms

Tuesday – roasted chicken thighs with red and yellow peppers

Wednesday – egg white frittata with asparagus and bacon

Thursday – baked tilapia with sauteed spinach

Friday – chicken Thai curry

All dishes will be eaten with quinoa. Snacks for the week: strawberries,  blueberries,  pistachios and apples

Breakfast will be a protein shake with added fish oil and two slices of rye bread most likely with almond butter or a bit of margarine.

So I’m hoping I can stay organized and stay on top on cooking the meals. All ingredients are in the fridge/freezer so I’m prepared. No excuses.

Onto today’s Crossfit WOD:
Romanian deadlifts – 6-8 reps
Perfect form push ups

3 rounds:
Weighted hip extensions – 8-10 reps
Side plank 45-60 secs each side

3 rounds:
Dumbbell push press – 8 reps
12secs AirDyne all out

Our coaches have started to get us to really focus on our form. And now even before trying ring dips a requirement is to be able to do 20 strict push ups. I was able to do 12 in a row.  I like the idea of having small goals to work on.

2nd rest day?! Should I?

It’s been a long and busy week at work.  Add on top the intense WODs on Tuesday/Wednesday and I am one exhausted cookie!

Kids are sick which isn’t much fun either.  And I think I caught their colds 😦

My throat is extremely sore and I’m feeling drained.

So the question is.. Crossfit? or not?

I’m feeling bad just thinking about missing out on today’s WOD and I’m trying to tell myself that a 2nd day rest is okay.  But with a sore throat, I know that I’m fighting off a cold and I don’t think working out is a good idea.

What I’m thinking is a nice hot bowl of soup would be really good for supper tonight.

and OMG.. my clean eating has gone completely out the window this week.

Potatoes potatoes potatoes.. every day for breakfast.. and alot of cheeseburgers.. I was hit was huge cravings for cheeseburgers.  Where this craving came from, I have no idea.  I mean overall, it wasn’t a horrible week, but it was no where near where I want to be.

So meal prep starts tonight with me writing down the meals and ingredients I need for the week.  I will be successful at this.  Just get’er done!


Enjoyed the lonely WOD

I walked into the box and quickly scanned the room to see who was there.  There were a few individuals mid-WOD.  A few more just completed the WOD and were stretching and rolling out with the foam rollers.  No one warming up on the Air Dyne or rowing machine, no one sitting on the bench waiting for the 7pm class to start.

Hmm.. I was pretty sure I signed up for the last class of the day, which is the 7pm class.  Then that dreadful thought of “OMG.. maybe the last class of the day was 6:30pm and I completely missed it!”

I checked with my coach and it turns out that I was the only person signed up for the 7pm class.  There were a couple others who had signed up but cancelled.

So it was just me.  Last night’s WOD:

10 minutes – pull up work, target 24-32 reps 

5 rounds @ 90%

30 sec box jumps, 30 sec rest

30 sec goblet squats, 30 sec rest

30 sec row, 30 sec rest

REST for 10 minutes

5 rounds @ 90%

30 sec reverse dumbell lunges, 30 sec rest

30 sec kettle bell swings, 30 sec rest

30 sec bear crawl, 30 sec rest

With me being the only person there, I had the coach watching my form very closely.  It made me nervous but it was also nice to get feedback on my form and work on correcting my form.  It was also nice because it was like I had my own personal cheerleader.

It was definitely a tough work out and once I finished my last bear crawl, I just collapsed on the ground.. hehe.. It was a very good workout too and I enjoy the shorter periods of different exercises.  In my head I tell myself over and over again, if I can go through child birth and if I can run a half marathon, I can do 30 seconds of box jumps or goblet squats.  I find that I push myself harder because it’s only for 30 seconds and then I’m moving onto the next exercise.

My body is very sore today but I’m looking forward to today’s WOD.

Still struggling to eat clean, enjoying my food more than I should.  But in the end, there’s no competition and no hard date to have that six-pack, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  I just need to start putting more effort with my clean eating.  And I must do more meal prep! AHH!!

a $5 flower bouquet would be so wonderful…

to surprise your significant other with.




(not sure why it’s displayed sideways.. anyway you can still see the beautiful colors)

Every Thursday near work, there’s a mini farmers market set up, fresh produce, homemade goodies and crafts.  I absolutely love stepping away from my desk to check out what’s available.  This week, I saw the above bouquet of flowers and for $5, just had to buy them.  Although not from my husband, I was still very happy to have the flowers at my desk for the rest of the day.

I had 4 coworkers (men) stopped by my desk to comment on the flowers and asked who I received the flowers from.  I told them I had picked up the flowers at the farmers market and then suggested “hey wouldn’t it be a great idea to pick up a small bouquet for [insert wife/significant others name here]?”  I could see the guys toy around with the idea of buying flowers but in the end, the simple answer for 3 out of the 4 guys was “Um.. nah”  With one coworker I even added “wouldn’t your wife who’s about to have your baby any day now, absolutely love to receive flowers?”  And sure enough the answer was “Oh yeah, she would.. but.. nah”

And the answer was pretty consistent with each and every guy I asked at work.  They knew that flowers would be a wonderful surprise, but all but one decided against picking up a small bouquet.  A 5 minute walk to/from the farmers market and $5… that’s all it would cost.  Nope.. still wouldn’t do it.

Here’s in the interesting thing.  For the one guy who did pick up a small bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend, although he was very hesitant, with enough of my persuading he went ahead with the surprise.  Did he get the results he was expecting when he gave his girlfriend the flowers?  Not exactly.  And that actually surprised me.  In my head I think every girl/woman out there would love to receive flowers, especially “just because” flowers, with the exception of those who may be allergic.  So to find out that his girlfriend had more of a “oh.. thanks” reaction, is very surprising to me.  Although he received a disappointing reaction, he can now make a mental note that “just because” flowers aren’t appreciated and if he should ever hear from her “why don’t you buy me flowers?”, he now has a valid answer.


Don’t know why.. but SQUATS make me nervous!!

And today’s WOD will include front squats and working towards a 2 rep max.  I definitely get more nervous about back squats, but for some reason, I’m feeling very nervous about doing front squats today.  Perhaps I’ve pretty much plateaued in terms of my weight and if I recall correctly, my weight was even less the past few weeks.  Although that’s only because the Rx weight was never a max weight.  Then again, even at % of max weight, I still remember struggling.  

I’m 100% sure that this is all in my head, and ever since I’ve started Crossfit, I’ve always struggled with squats, especially back squats.  My mind tells me it’s way too heavy even before I’ve given my body a chance to try.  Not a good place to be really, so we’ll see if I can push through this mental block later today.

Current 1 rep max for front squats: 105 lbs

I know I can do 95 lbs almost comfortably, so I’ll aim for at least 95 lbs.

Reverse foot elevated split squats are also in today’s WOD.  I find those really difficult as well.   We don’t do them often but I just find it to be awkward stance and often struggle with keeping my balance.

I’ve got half a day to get pumped up and get energized.  

How do you get pumped up and energized before a workout?


Woo hoo!! AWESOME Friday

Last night I signed up for today’s 6am crossfit class.  I’ll be running around like a mad lady after work,  due to my procrastination to get things ready for my daughter’s 6th birthday tomorrow morning. Anyway that’s not the awesome part.
The awesome part is that I dragged my butt out of bed and made it to class.
And even more awesome??

200lb deadlift PR!!

I totally missed the message…





You know.. the message from last night’s post, where I said I had to focus.  Today started off with 2 eggs and tater tots (and they weren’t even crispy) and I finally got myself to stop munching on these… 



Dark chocolate Acai Bluberry … I find them incredibly sweet.. but somehow, can’t stop myself from eating them.  Again it’s not so much that I’m craving these foods, I find that I eat them.. just because.. why not?  I stayed on track and had my coffee without sugar and I’m drinking quite a bit of water, so that’s a good thing.

Here’s where my physique is at:


I don’t think there’s been any progress in the past few weeks, shouldn’t expect any since my eating habits haven’t changed.  All I can do at this point is keep trying, harder.  My plan to deal with my unhealthy breakfast habit, is to cook my breakfast tonight (spinach omlette).  That way in the morning I’ll have something to eat and I won’t go down to the cafeteria.  If I don’t go down to the cafeteria, then I won’t see the tater tots, and if I don’t see the tater tots, they won’t end up in my tummy 🙂  Out of sight, out of mind.

Wish me luck..  

Finally.. made it to the “beach”

and I’ve got beach in quotation marks (“beach”) because it’s really not a real beach, but more of a man made beach.  But it’s all we’ve got in the middle of a province that’s all prairies, so I’ll take it.  It was a long weekend up here in Canada, so I had an extra long weekend, with Monday off.  It was nice, well not all nice.  I did work 8 hours overtime on Saturday and Sunday, so I was very pleased when I didn’t have to work on Monday and the weather was nice enough to go to the beach.  Although it wasn’t super hot, I think we reached 25 degrees and it was a beautiful sunny day.

The odd thing about being at the beach yesterday?  I felt SO uncomfortable in my bathing suit.  And it actually wasn’t a real two piece bikini but more of a sports bra and bikini bottom combination.  I don’t know why, but in my head I just felt so embarrassed and very self conscious with what I was wearing.  I felt chubby and out of shape.  Which is absolutely crazy!  I know that I lacked confidence and I’m not sure why.  I’m in the best shape of my life, not yet where I want to be but I’ve never felt so strong and I think my body reflects all the hard work I’ve been putting into Crossfit lately.  So I just don’t know why my mind couldn’t see it yesterday.  I kept my tank top and shorts over top my swim wear, except for when I was lying down and trying to tan.  If I can to get up and walk around, the clothes came back on.  Definitely need to give my head a shake.  It’s very frustrating to think this way about myself.    Must think differently, must feel more confident and proud of my body.

Crossfit has been going well, clean eating? still struggling a bit with it.  I’m down to 30 days before my bday.. eek!  And I really should try harder.  I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to cut out sugar from my coffee, super excited about that because I was always one to sweeten my coffee, and I always felt that I couldn’t have coffee without it sweetened but I can! yay!!  Not alot of bad munching just making poorer decision, for example post workout dinner today was a package of instant noodles 😦  Not high in the calories but definitely high in sodium and just overall not the healthiest choice.  UGH!  I drive myself crazy sometimes.. hehe.. Oh well.

Anyway with my birthday being just 30 days away, I do want to try harder.  I have been taking progress pictures, but honestly, there’s not much progress being made.

Must focus..  must feel confident.

Must get to bed… night everyone!