Five things Friday

I’m jumping on the five things Friday bandwagon.
Here goes:
1. This week is my vacation week at work. Hubby and I decided to take the kids to Minneapolis for a few days. We left early Monday morning and got back Thursday night. We checked out the Minnesota zoo and Nickelodeon Universe. It was definitely tough with two kids, and a challenge to keep them entertained and content. The heat and humidity didn’t make things easier. But it was a nice mini family vacation.
2. I dropped my phone in the car and it must have hit the edge of the cup holder at the wrong angle because the screen cracked and the phone no longer turns on 😦  I really hope I can get it fixed just so that I can pull off all of my photos. Today I bought a new phone (using it right now) and it’s really nice but never fun to reinstall and personalize everything.
3. I was also sick the entire week. Still not 100% which is really frustrating. Trying to take it easy. Hoping to recover soon.
4. Back at Crossfit today after a week and it was a tough one. Especially since I didn’t eat enough today.  Back squats were really hard and the 2nd half of class was brutal,  to the point where I was feeling a little dizzy and almost thought I wouldn’t complete my workout. But I pushed through and finished.
5. This weekend will be full of work 😦 but I don’t mind because I don’t want to be too overwhelmed when I’m back in the office on Monday. 

I’m feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation but with my workload I don’t think that will be happening any time soon.

Hope everyone is having a great July so far filled with sunny weather.

Vacation update!

Day 4 in Mayan Riviera
Alot of this…


But also going to the gym…


Everything is so wonderful here. The wedding was on Tuesday and absolutely amazing!


The food is pretty spectacular. I don’t feel like I’m over indulging, but once I get back I’ll need to go on a French fries detox… Hehe I’m not sure what it is about me vacationing in tropical places eating French fries.

And here is the bathing suit shot.. Not exactly where I wanted to be physique-wise but it’s giving me the motivation to go harder when we get back home.