1st goal for 2013

The past few days have passed way too quickly. It’s hard to believe that I only have two more days off and then I’m back to work. No idea how I’m going to make it to the office for 8am when I’ve been sleeping in til 9am for the past few days.
On the 28th we had friends over for a post xmas get together and gift exchange.


It was great to see friends and share good food, good wine and good conversation. Even better was seeing our kids playing together. 8 kids between the ages 3-6 running around the house and playing with toys that my own kids have forgotten about. The guys had fun playing a few friendly poker games.and having drinks. Hubby enjoyed going outside in the -20 weather to barbeque some pork skew.


the party ended at 1am and all the kids (except one) stayed awake but every kid also passed out once in the car.
Kids and I are trying to get back to a regular schedule but it’s already almost 10pm and both kiddies are still awake. Goal is to have them asleep by 10pm.
Mexico is also 12 days away and tomorrow my plan is to put together a check list of what we will need for the trip.
AND one last thing that I want to post is my first goal for 2013…
To complete my first full marathon.

It’s a huge goal for nd and something that I’ve always wanted to do.¬† Back in 2005-2006 when I first started running, I completed 5 half marathons and I knew it was time to set my goal to run a full marathon. Then I had my daughter in July 2007 and never got back into running. Then I had my son in February 2009 and in 2011 I tried running again. I continued running in 2012 but never reached my mileage goals.

So 2013 is the year. And I’m nervous because I know my knees will be aching and in pain during each and every run. first thing on my to-do list is to see my doctor and get a referral to a podiatrist so that I can get a new set of custom orthodics. Hopefully I can get that done once I’m back from Mexico.

So I suspect there will be more running-related posts next year. The Manitoba marathon is on Fathers day (June) so only about 5 months to train.

Wish me luck ūüôā

Have you set your goals for 2013?

Post X-Mas… Only 17 more days til Mexico

Wow… The holidays have come and gone and we are now 5 days away from ringing in a new year. The past few days have been filled with family gatherings, lots of laughter and definitely lots of food. My favorite dishes that I completely indulged in? Noodles and spring rolls. Regardless of where I was, I couldn’t turn down the noodles or springrolls. I swear I think I’ve eaten 6-8 a day for the past 4 days! But they’re so delicious! Veggies rolled up and fried in a crispy and light wrapper. We’re having friends over on Friday and I guarantee there will nd more springrolls. Can’t wait!
The kids have been showered with gifts and we are so thankful for everyone’s generosity and thoughtfulness.


This is the time of year to start thinking about goals for 2013. I have a couple big ones in mind but won’t post them until I’m 100% certain that these goals are for ME.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season enjoyed good company and good food.

More holiday indulgence

The last couple days haven’t been the greatest. You would think after setting my 1 year progress shot it would make me more motivated. And it definitely did, but with the work year winding down the celebrations and good food are plentiful.
Yesterday we took our project manager out for lunch, who decided to retire and move to Mexico and wouldn’t be back in the new year. We went to a nearby restaurant and I had the chicken fingers and sweet potato fries basket. And really, it wasn’t good. And yet I ate almost all of it. Ugh! Worse feeling ever!
Anyway, still getting some good workouts in and picked up some chocolate to last me through the holidays.


Almost a year.. progress pictures..

I was looking through pictures on my phone and realized that it’s been almost a year since I started this journey to get back into shape. ¬†It’s truly hard to believe that it’s almost the end of year. ¬†The entire year went by so quickly and when I look back at my posts, it proves how much of an ongoing journey healthy eating and exercise is for me. ¬†I started reading through posts and read the numerous times that I fell off track with my healthy eating and exercise. ¬†Many times that I wrote down goals that I didn’t meet completely, the disappointment and frustration of progress, or more specifically the lack of. ¬†But then at the same, I look back and read the things that I have done and what remains constant is the fact that I kept going. ¬†I missed some goals but I kept going. ¬†I made some bad choices, but I realized them (felt guilty) and kept going.

So now, I’m truly excited to post my progress pictures from when I first started to where I was last month (I haven’t taken a picture yet for this month). ¬†What surprises me the most is where I started, and how for the longest time I felt content with my body. ¬†Actually to be honest, I wasn’t really content, but it was good enough. ¬†Hubby loved me and always made me feel sexy… and I didn’t mind the way I wore my clothes. ¬†But now that see what my body can do, I’m definitely more happy with what I see and I’m looking forward to seeing more progress. ¬†I really don’t know what changed for me in the past week, but I’m more excited than ever to continue with healthy eating and exercise.


Again, there’s still room for improvement but I know now with a doubt that I will get there.

And I’m excited to continue with my blogging and sharing this journey with you!

Cajun shrimp with peppers and spinach


This is definitely one of my favorite go to recipes.¬† I’m sure I’ve posted it before but I can’t get over the simplicity of the dish.
It literally takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish.
Shrimp (peeled), peppers (I used yellow and orange), garlic, spinach (added last) and olive oil. All tossed and sauteed in cajun seasoning.

Making progress…

with exercise AND Christmas shopping!

I managed to get in 3 Insanity workouts last week on top of lifting weights so that was definitely great progress on my end. ¬†And surprisingly I’m looking forward to tonight’s Insanity workout. ¬†I think this is the first time that I’m really looking forward to doing my cardio session.

Last night I had a great chest workout, bench pressed 75lbs which again was great progress on my end. ¬†I just need to make sure I’m feeding my body so that I can continue with the heavier lifting.

Christmas shopping went really well on Saturday and we got a good chunk of gifts purchased and wrapped. ¬†Finally, there are gifts under the tree. ¬†Just a few more to go, and I’m sure we’ll finish this week. hehe.. then again we HAVE to finish this week considering Christmas is a week away!

Grocery shopping went well this weekend and the food and pantry are stocked with healthy ingredients for some healthy and super delicious meals! ¬†Again, I’m surprised that I’m actually looking forward to the meals I have planned for the week.

And another amazing thing? ¬†I don’t have that craving for fast food anymore… I can easily go through the McDonalds drive thru, and not have a single craving. ¬†This happened on the weekend when the kids were requesting grilled cheese sandwiches, hubby asked if I wanted anything.. and I really didn’t but for some reason I felt like I should get something to eat. ¬†So I asked for chicken nuggets. ¬†Ate 2 and just couldn’t get through the rest of them, and even the 2 that I did eat really didn’t taste the same as it used to. ¬†So it’s pretty bad of me to NOT crave the food but still order it. ¬†Lesson learned, just don’t do it. ¬†It’s just not worth it.


Celebrate when required…

Is there really a good time to indulge and stray off the path of clean eating?

You bet there is! ¬†When you’ve been working your butt off the entire year and your manager is taking the team out for a holiday lunch, that’s the perfect time to go out and indulge.. and celebrate all the successes and the lessons learned throughout the year. ¬†And so I did.. and do I feel stuffed? ¬†I do but I’m prepared to workout extra hard tonight to balance things out. ¬†The meal was worth it.. wait.. actually the steak I had was worth it, I probably could have gone without the fries.. but there they were on the plate and I found myself nibbling on them. ¬†I even had a bit of dessert. ¬†It was described as a dark chocolate cake on the dessert menu, but it was more like a super dense brownie, so I really didn’t have much at all.

Thanks to those who commented on my last post about vitamins/supplements. ¬†I’m definitely going to spend some time researching the products out there and decide what meets my needs.

Today marks exactly one month until Mexico and I really want to improve my physique before then. ¬†I know the key lies in clean eating and consistent exercise. ¬†I know I can do this. ¬†I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but both my best friend and her¬†fianc√©e¬†have competed in body building competitions and both maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and both will, without a doubt, have the six pack abs with them on the beach. The hubby too has competed in numerous body building¬†competitions and maintains a pretty impressive physique (for one who really doesn’t need to watch what he’s eating… he got the good genes), and he too will be sporting a six pack on the beach. ¬†So what does that mean? ¬†well, that just means I gotta try my best to improve my physique. ¬†I think a six pack is a little harder for me to maintain, but I just want to be trim and toned.


Time to go hard and lift heavy!

Really need to eat… MORE!

Yup, you read that right, I definitely need to eat more. ¬†With the craziness of last week, I’m definitely still working on getting back into a routine of healthy eating and exercise. ¬†What I’m finding is I’m simply not eating enough food. ¬†At the end of the day when I look back at what I ate, it really isn’t much and I know this lack of food is definitely hurting any progress I’d like to make. ¬†Especially with protein, I definitely need in increase my intake if I want to build muscle. ¬†It’s a little scary thinking that at one point I was eating very little and still feeling guilty about it. ¬†That’s definitely a fine line that I don’t want to cross.

I’m glad to report that work is definitely at a much enjoyable pace, still alot of things to do, but less pressure. ¬†Phew!

Yesterday’s Elf 4 Health challenge was to clean out the fridge and pantry for any not-so-healthy foods. ¬†I think I did a great job of clearing out the items that would prove to be tempting to me and harmful to my goals. ¬†The kids still have their cereals and popcorn, but I never have that stuff so it’s all good.

I also tried out a Turbo fire cardio workout last night, instead of an Insanity workout. ¬†And I definitely didn’t have the coordination to follow all the steps/moves in the video. ¬†Even though I couldn’t keep up or follow along to every move/step, I just made sure that I was moving and jumping around and keeping my heart rate up. ¬†Although I think next time I’m going back to Insanity. ¬†Those moves I know and can follow… hehe..

Another thing I need to do is look into vitamins and supplements that may help me with my goals.

What vitamins or supplements to do you take? 

Finally.. a relaxing week to look forward to…

Although the children’s christmas party was over on Saturday I still spent a couple hours today unloading the van and putting boxes and boxes of supplies back into the storage room at work. ¬†Actually there’s still a little bit more work to do with returning gifts that weren’t picked up. ¬†But after that, all done! ¬†This upcoming week is going to be filled with more holiday luncheons/dinners and the work week will end with an afternoon at the spa. ¬†Yay! ¬†Can’t wait!

As part of the Elf 4 Health challenge, today I got assigned a new elf for the next 2 weeks. ¬†And there’s a full week of challenges to take on, starting with a challenge to plan this week’s meals and workouts. ¬†Here’s what I’ve got so far…


Monday РInsanity Plymetric Cardio Circuit & chest

Tuesday – Insanity Carido Power & legs

Wednesday – day off (dad’s dr appt & cousin’s bday party)

Thursday – Insanity Pure Cardio and Abs & back

Friday РInsanity Plymetric Cardio Circuit & shoulders 


Monday: Meatloaf w/ veggies

Tuesday: Basa fillets w/ veggies

Wednesday: Crab cakes w/ veggies

Thursday: Mushroom & potato frittata

Friday: Pasta dish (this is for Friday, and I’m not sure what I’m throwing into the pasta yet)

Breakfast each day will be overnight oats and I’m planning on making whole wheat cottage cheese pancakes and granola bars for snacks.

This week’s Elf For Health Challenges are:

Monday¬†‚Äď Track your water intake ‚Äď try to drink your body weight in oz of water.

Tuesday¬†‚Äď Clean out the fridge and pantry ‚Äď get rid of expired and unhealthy things.¬†

Wednesday¬†‚Äď Eat veggies at every meal.

Thursday¬†‚Äď Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.¬†

Friday¬†‚Äď Workout out with a buddy. (This might be a tough one for me since I workout in my home gym)

Saturday¬†‚Äď Donate to a holiday charity in your area.

Definitely looking forward to the upcoming week, especially since this is the first week where my mind isn’t thinking about all the tasks to do for work parties. I’m really hoping I can get re-focused and back on track with my goal to be beach ready in Mexico.

Second one done… Time to focus on my own Christmas planning

… Finally! In bed after 12 hours on my feet. But I thought I should write about my day before I completely forget some of the details.
I got up at 730 am, showered and quickly got ready so that I could head out. Before leaving I grabbed two slices of toast with natural peanut butter. Drove over to the wholesale club to pick up 22 9lb boxes of Mandarin oranges. Yup… 22 boxes! Once I had those I headed over to the venue. Got there just before 10am. Spent the next couple of hours putting together the final details and helping the volunteers prepare for the busy day ahead of us.
People started arriving just before 12 and things started to get hectic.


I found myself running around checking up on the different stations making sure things were going smoothly (as smooth as possible with over 500 guests) I finally realized around 3pm that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I was starting to feel light headed. Hubby was so great and grabbed me a slice of pizza.
Even though I gave myself a pass today to indulge in my meals,  I still felt bad about the pizza but at the same time knew that I had to eat something.
The party ended at 4pm, and by the time a had every thing cleaned and packed and loaded into the van it was 6pm.
Drove home slowly (it was snowing quite a bit earlier in the day and the roads were super icy) and grabbed a coffee before heading out to a friends kids birthday party.
At the party I had a second coffee and probably 6 or 7 crab and creamcheese wontons for supper. Again not a wise choice and definitely not a filling supper. But I still felt bad about the pizza so that’s all I ate. Not good. I’m thinking my body needs more food than that, I just couldn’t eat anymore.
The party is over and we actually only got half the number of guests than originally expected. Which turned out to be a good thing because I don’t know how we would’ve managed 1000 people.
Still managed to take a family photo.


Now that the parties are done, it’s time for… a little me time.