Eat Clean: Day 7 of 55 – Work’s kicking my butt


Before I get into the craziness of the day, I thought I’d post another back picture.  Still not a huge amount of progress but I’m so excited about the progress I’ve made since I started working out at the beginning of the year.

The work day really kicked my butt today.  I didn’t have anything at home to make for breakfast, so I picked up eggs, toast and sausage from the work cafeteria.  I really should have gone without the sausage but oh well.

Actually even before I got into work the day started off with me snoozing my alarm and sleeping in an extra 40 minutes! eek!  I found myself running around the house trying to get ready for work.

The entire day flew by and I didn’t even have 5 minutes to just step away from my computer.  In by 6:30am out at 4:00pm and then off to do some shopping for the upcoming holiday luncheon door prizes.  It’s always fun shopping using someone else’s money.

Hubby and I did manage to squeeze in a quick sushi dinner date.  I know the white rice isn’t the healthiest option, but it was so good.  I didn’t eat a huge amount and after coming home we hit the gym.

Tomorrow is a scheduled vacation day, but I suspect that I’ll be working for a couple hours in the morning before I start running errands.  Tomorrow’s goal: to leave work by 9am.

Eat Clean and Elf 4 Health

Feels like there’s a ton of stuff going on, I’m not even sure which eat clean day I’m at.  I must be at Day 6 and Day 7.  Today is Day 3 of the Elf 4 Health Challenge, and today’s challenge is trying a new workout.  I just need to make sure I make time for this workout after I get home from the board meeting at my son’s nursery school.

Eating clean the past couple days has been okay, not 100% but better.  After last week’s couple days of indulgences, my will power is stronger.  It’s that time of month for me and I am refusing to give in to the cravings.  I already feel bloated and gross, I don’t need the addition of bad food on top of that.


Wow.. so I started the post above first thing this morning, probably around 7am.

It’s now close to 4pm and time to go home.

I’ll continue this post once I get home.


It’s now 8:30pm and shortly after coming home I found myself eating a small bowl of grapes and then rushing out to make it to my son’s prenursery school board meeting.  I got home shortly after 7pm, loaded up the washing machine and did a quick shoulder workout.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a different or new workout, as per the elf 4 health challenge.  But I”m glad that I squeezed in a short workout.  I definitely had to, considering while at the board meeting, I ate 2 slices of pizza 😦

My own fault for not being more prepared and having a quick bite to eat before leaving the house (rather than having a grapes).  I came home from the board meeting feeling so gross!  I should’ve tried to stick to one slice of pizza, and to be honest I was already full after a slice of pizza, but the pizza was there…  not a wise decision on my part.

Tomorrow is another day and I’ve got tomorrow’s lunch in the oven.. roasted chicken with orange peppers and zucchini!

Eat clean: Day 6 of 55 and meatless Monday

Todays elf 4 health challenge was meatless Monday. And it was a success! Toast & peanut butter for breakfast, grapefruit, homemade granola bar, Margarita pizza (tomato, mozzarella and basil), and mushroom egg scramble. Not an ounce of meat. And a fairly clean eating day!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of what I ate. Tomorrow I will be giving a handwritten note to a friend. I love handwritten notes, they always feel more personal.

Busy evening running around so I didn’t get a workout in. legs are sore from yesterday so I’ll consider today my rest day. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Eat Clean: Day 4 and 5 of 55

A couple days ago I had breakfast at McDonald’s and I came up with a plan to get back on track and focus on eating clean for the rest of the day.  I had a plan and I just had to execute it.  Unfortunately I failed the execution part.  Looking back I can’t remember what I even had at lunch time but for supper I did have a spicy chicken wrap (breaded chicken fillet) a couple chicken nuggets and a few nachos with cheese & chili.

I find that when I’m indulging, it’s not a big amount, it’s a little bit here and a little bit there.  It still catches me off guard when I feel the guilt of eating 2 chicken nuggets.  One of the individuals I follow on Instagram posted something I found to be very motivational.  Her message was that there needs to be a balance in life when it came to healthy eating and exercise.  It needs to be a lifestyle can you enjoy and doesn’t feel like “work”.  Why be so strict and hard on yourself?  There are those that are training to be on stage at a contest/competition and if I’m not one of those individuals then I need to learn to give myself a little bit of breathing room.

I do have goals to feel confident when I wear a bikini in January (unless I wear a tank top and shorts) but I know I can get there without the guilt.

So the past couple days still haven’t been great for me, but I did have a great leg workout today and eating has been pretty good.  I enjoyed going out for dim sum with the family, and for the first time ever I stayed away from the usually delicious deep fried dim sum dishes.  I’m always a sucker for the beef curry wontons or calamari or spring rolls.  And I usually always indulge in the fried noodles too, skipped that completely today.  It’s the small victories for me.

The elf 4 health challenge starts tomorrow and I’ve already started exchanging emails with my elf buddy Brianna.  She’ll be my buddy for 2 weeks and we will keep each other motivated and focused on our health-related goals.

As part of the challenge there are also daily challenges to complete.  Here’s the list of Week 1 challenges:


Go meatless today.
Show us what you make! 


Send a card or handwritten note to a friend.



Try a new workout today!
Show us what you did to sweat!



Get up 15 minutes early to meditate and reflect. 


How many colors can you eat today? Challenge yourself!
Post pictures of your colorful eats in our Facebook Group, on Instagram or by Tweeting. Email photos to your elves!

Eat clean: Day 3 of 55

Day 3 definitely wasn’t an eat clean kind of day. Woke up feeling completely…. Off. Don’t have another word to describe it.
Eyes felt strained and tired so I had to wear my  glasses. Body was aching and I had a headache that stuck with me the entire day. The turnout? Hashbrowns for breakfast, potato chips for an afternoon snack, a 2nd cup of coffee in the afternoon and sushi for dinner.
Didn’t workout either. Not a good day.
Now I’m sitting at McDonalds with the kiddies sipping on a skinny vanilla latte and feeling guilty about the egg McMuffin I ate for breakfast. UGH!
Need to move on and focus on clean eats for the rest of the day which I should end with a good leg workout.
Now that the plan is set I just need to execute it.

Here’s a back progress shot. Top picture was taken this week, bottom picture from a month ago. Hard to tell if there was progress, especially since I’m wearing a different top.


How do you get back on track?

Also good luck to any shoppers going out for black Friday shopping!

Eat Clean: Day 2 of 55

Good Morning!

My days for the next two weeks are long ones at the office because I am carpooling to work with the hubby.  Which means I get dropped off first (before 6:30am) and I get picked up last ( at 4pm) which means I’m at the office way too long.  This also results in long days where I start losing track of today and yesterday and the day before.

I could’ve sworn my first day of clean eating was Tuesday, turns out that was Monday and I’m on Day 3 now.

Yesterday I had one minor slip up… just when you think all the Halloween candy has been cleared out of the office, my coworker shows up with a huge bowl of halloween treats.  So I had a small pack of fuzzy peaches.  Not the end of the world, but definitely not something that I needed.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all good and also managed to squeeze in a  good shoulder work out too. Yay!

Last night a tried out a new recipe for zucchini crab cakes.

Very simple recipe:  shredded zucchini, crab (I used canned), finely chopped onion, old bay seasoning, a couple eggs and a few tbsp of whole wheat flour.

I followed a recipe online (can’t find the link at the moment) but I cut down on the amount of old bay seasoning, and the crab cakes turned out too salty 😦

I can’t imagine how much saltier the dish would be had I put the full amount of seasoning as listed in the recipe.  So today I’m having the zucchini crab cakes with brown rice.  Hoping the brown rice will help with the saltiness.  Hubby won’t eat any of them, but I’ll have to.  It wont’ be so bad… the doctor actually suggested I increase my salt intake to help increase my low blood pressure.  This dish will definitely help!

Eat Clean.. Day 1 of 55

First off, it’s hard to believe that it’s only 55 days til Mexico!  The year has definitely flown by and I can’t believe another new year is just around the corner.

The past weekend was a pretty bad weekend in terms of healthy eating.  Again, I didn’t go to any extremes, had a couple potato pancakes, some popchips, a handful of deep fried goodies.  But nothing horrible.  I still felt bad about it though.  So today I’m back to blogging about my clean eating goal.  We went grocery shopping yesterday, so meals and snacks are ready to go for the week.  I do have a couple celebration meals on Wednesday but I’ll do my best to select the healthiest AND tastiest dishes.

For the next 5 days, here are my rules and goals:

  • No processed food (although I’m pretty good with this one, just thought I’d list it anyway)
  • If I have a cup of coffee in the morning, limit myself to a splash of french vanilla creamer.  Ultimately, the goal is to not have any coffee, so I will try to have green tea instead.
  • Add a veggie to every meal.  The past week a few of my meals consisted of brown rice and protein.
  • 180 lunges each day.  This is going from the 5th floor to the 17th floor twice.
  • Train hard and lift heavy.  Hubby is home in the evenings so there’s no doubt he will be pushing me hard to lift heavy.

So far today has been going ok.  I was up til 11pm working last night and had to be up at 5am to get ready for work.  So I had my cup of coffee this morning.  I had a slice of whole wheat bread w/ natural peanut butter for breakfast, but I really wasn’t impressed with the whole wheat bread that we picked up.  I failed to check the ingredient list when I picked it up at the grocery store and I’m not too impressed with what I read.  Oh well…

Anyway, shortly after lunch I had a bad craving for chocolate, for something sweet.  I thought, I should just go and satisfy that sweet tooth, get the craving out of my system.

So I went down to the cafeteria to pick up this:



No worries.. it’s actually still sitting on my desk, untouched.  Looking at it, I know that if I ate it, I’d feel bad afterwards and really it’s not even a good brownie.. just tastes like .. sugar.. hehe..

I’ve already tried giving it away to a coworker, but no one wants it.. hehe.. oh well.  I’ll take it home to see if the hubby or kids want it.  Lucky hubby can eat whatever he wants and still remains in amazing shape.

So here’s to Day 1.  So far so good.

It’s only 55 days.. sounds simple doesn’t it?

Need to get back to posting…

about my progress and my goals.  I found that I did so well with my 5-day clean eating goal and was able to go beyond the 5 days.  Then I hit a pebble in the road and slipped and it’s been hard getting back up and on the road to clean eating.  It’s been brutal!  And I feel like I’ve lost any progress that I made.  The fridge is bare and there’s not much to eat in terms of “clean” snacks/foods.

So it’s time for me to go back to tracking my progress through my blog.  Write down my struggles and read the progress of others to help me stay focused and motivated.  I also need to set mini-goals, give myself something to work towards.  I think goals that span 5-7 days is a good start, definitely don’t want to go to big right away.. baby steps.. I’ll get there.  Still working on it.

Rough start but ended with a bang!

It was rough start today. After an exhausting weekend I slept in today, so had to rush to get to work in time for my 930 meeting. Didn’t have time to have breakfast before I left the house so after my meeting at 1030am I headed to the cafeteria in search of some food – at this point I was feeling like it was a hashbrown type of morning. Luckily for me the cafe was no longer serving breakfast.
I had the whole wheat cottage cheese pancake that I brought to work but also had a cup of coffee. Work was kicking my butt (again) and I found myself eating half a personal sized pizza for lunch (pepperoni deluxe). I felt gross afterwards, as I expected.
But I think I made up for it with a good workout tonight.


Enough with the junk…

This weekend was very busy for me. My best friend had her wedding social on Saturday, so my entire day consisted of set up, running around during, and clean up afterwards. Got home after 230am and STILL had to shovel the drive way. We received between 30-40 cm of snow since Friday night. So hubby and I finally got to bed @  330am.


While setting up for the social I found myself munching on potato chips and spring rolls. I also had a few shots of dark spiced rum (straight up and it was nasty!) But I also got a chance to hit the dance floor so I’m sure I burned off some of those potato chip calories.
Today started off pretty good but the kiddies and I went out for lunch and I found myself eating my sons mini burger sliders.


Afterwards, hubby and I went to watch the fitness start network show. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend were competing and I’m excited to say they placed 1st and 2nd respectively. Yay! It was a good show and there were some very good physiques. I’m no where near ready to step on stage, but now that I’m seeing small progress and know that I can eat clean, competing seems more of a possibility. Although I’m still now ready to set any specific goals.


And I indulged in chocolate this weekend. Alot of chocolate. Way to much, but it’s finally out of my system.
Oh yeah, I’ve got some burpees to do… I’m thinking 120 will be enough.