Just a minor set back

It’s 6am and here I am… At home.
The original plan was to go to the gym this morning for my 3 mile run. Unfortunately I’ve got an extremely sick daughter and a very tired husband (just got home at 1am).
Both my daughter and I have been up throughout the night trying to get some sleep.
And a much as I’d like, I simply can’t leave the house yet. My run will have to be postponed. I’m bummed and a bit nervous about the setback, but that’s okay.
I’ll push my runs out by one day and will have to stay on top of the schedule.
Maybe I’ll try to get a bit more sleep. ūüėČ

Love bring prepared..


(seriously don’t know why the picture comes out sideways)
Anyway, I love spending a bit of time Sunday night making snacks and prepping meals for the upcoming week. It absolutely sucks when I don’t make the time to do it and throws my entire week meal plan off.
This past weekend wasn’t the best for eating and exercising. My dad is in the hospital and although that shouldn’t be an excuse to not get active and workout, my mind just wasn’t in it.
My plan to catch up with work didn’t happen so my stress level is even higher which no doubt will make the upcoming week harder to get through.
The least I can do is stay on top of our meals and make sure we’re all eating well (home made meals, not something that’s re-cooked in the microwave)

Let’s see how long…

Before we start losing the lids on the newly purchased Ziploc containers. It’s like the sock disappearance mystery where the lids start to disappear and your left with a bunch of Ziploc containers that can’t be used. So today I replenished our cupboards with 30 new Ziploc containers.

The fridge is stocked and the menu plan for the week is set. I’ve got pineapple and cottage cheese for my daily snack as well as golden kiwi (so delicious!) And still have almonds to munch so I should be set for the week.

The goal for this week us simple: eat the lunch that I bring to work. As well to stick to one coffee from home. for a treat i’ve got some dark chocolate in my desk so I’ll have to keep that in mind in case I get hit with a craving for chocolate.

It’s been a long day and it will be a long week. Must stay focused.