Halfway back to my routine..

I think I’ve got the fitness part set. It’s the clean eating that I’m still struggling with.  But I am starting another round of the 21 day fix extreme (beachbody) so I know that will help me with my meal planning.
Last week I was in London Ontario for work and although I did eat more food than usual, I also made it to the hotel gym everyday.  And I actually got back on the treadmill. It’s been so long since I’ve run (indoors or outside) so it was definitely tough at first, but after the first couple runs, I felt comfortable running 2-3 miles.  Felt great! And this week I’ve already been to crossfit 3 times, today will be the 4th class.  So far so good.

I do hope to post my progress.  I really have no excuse not to. 

Yesterday’s WOD :

4 sets –  3 position clean
EMOTM x4: 10 goblet squats
Scap pull ups: 15 reps x 2

20 minutes @75%:
400m row
2 Turkish get ups / side
Farmer walk x2

I wasn’t sure how the cleans were going to go.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done them.  I warmed up @ 65# and managed to work my way up to  90#. The high hang definitely was tough and coach kyle said if I found myself dipping too low,  it was an indication the weight was too heavy.  So 90# was it. Felt great from the hang and floor positions.

The rest of the WOD was uneventful.  35# kettlebell for the squats,  12# for the TGU and 30# for the farmer walks.  The 400m rows felt good and I was able to stay fairly consistent at a 2:20 pace.

Looking forward to today’s WOD and then enjoying a Halloween treat (or two ­čśť)

1st day back

Tonight was my first time back at Sublime since my membership expired back in August.  July and August kicked my butt at work. Then came the craziness of back to school and the kids activities.  Then there was work travel. So I decided I would renew my membership one life settled down a bit.  It finally has and today I made it back to the Box.  It felt like my first class again.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t know what to do or couldn’t make it through the wod.  First part of our wod consisted of working towards our Jerk 1RM.  Instead I worked on my technique and I felt pretty good.  Worked up to 80#.  The rest of the wod consisted of push ups, hip ext iso hold, handstand holds, hollow rocks,  kettlebell swings and 30s on the assault bike.  It was a tough workout but I felt great once it was done.

So glad to be back.