Holy moly! 5000m…

Continuing on with our fitness testing, last night’s WOD consisted of finding our Press 1RM, powell raises for max reps and then the 5000m row for time (30 min time cap)  Starting the row, I knew that I had to start with an easy pace.  If I were to go all out, no doubt I would fade quickly and then I would start feeling very discouraged.  I took things slow and steady for the first 3000m and I was feeling great.  Decided I would pick up the pace because I was feeling pretty good.  I was still able to keep a steady pace for the next 1000m.  Then I hit the last 1000m.  I knew I was so close to finishing. I had my eye on the Projected End Time and it hovered between 24 minutes and just above 25 minutes.  When I first started rowing, I didn’t have a goal time to complete in, but when I saw how close I was to finishing under 25 minutes I decided I really wanted to finish in under 25 minutes.  And so I pulled.. and pulled.. and I swear, if felt like the number was coming down SO SLOWLY!  Luckily for me, Scotty finished his row way before me and kept me company.  He pushed me through the last 1000m.  He also saw how close I was to finishing in under 25 minutes so he kept yelling at me to keep my pace.  And I was loud… with my breathing and the tiny little grunts that would escape with each pull.  500m left… why was it taking so long?!  I started to doubt my ability to finish in under 25 minutes, I pace was slowing down.  “Come on.. PULL.. let’s go!” Scotty continued to yell.  OK.. only 30 more big pulls.. I got this… I got this.. I kept repeating those words in my head.  100m.. 80m.. 60m.. and finally 0m!  I was done!  And I finished in 24 minutes and 55 seconds!! What a great feeling!  It was tough, but I think I’d actually do it again.  AND… I actually prefer 25 minutes rowing over 60 seconds all out on the AirDyne.

Never say it’s only 60 seconds

Especially if it’s 60 seconds ALL OUT on the Air Dyne bike for max calories.  That’s exactly how tonight’s WOD ended. 
How did it go?  I got 26 calories.  Not the greatest but I gave it all I had.  I was hoping my arms would help me with the pace but they were exhausted! I was signed up for the second last class and arrived early to a very busy box and I had the opportunity to watch others complete their 60 second Air Dyne rides. It was quite intense and made me quite nervous.
But the atmosphere was electric.  As individuals hopped on the bikes there was a never ending steam of encouraging words.  When it was my turn I was surrounded by 4-5 Crossfit buddies just yelling at me to keep going.  It was awesome!
One guy who came after me did an amazing job and hit 59 calories. It was quite the scene. 6 guys surrounding him on the bike yelling at him to push hard. Wish I had caught the scene on camera so that when others asked me why I love Crossfit I could simply show them the video.  I don’t think I could ever find the same level of support and motivation.
And I’m definitely stronger and healthier  because of these individuals who always push me to get through that last rep and never let me give up.

Finally met “Christine”


A couple big things at Crossfit tonight.  The first one would be finally hitting 20 reps of strict push ups. What does this mean exactly? It means that I can finally work on my ring dips. So I’m definitely excited to work in my ring dips and eventually work on my goal of a muscle up. I can’t lie the last few reps we’re definitely a challenge.  The last time I tried going for 20 pushups I only got to 12 reps so when I made it to 12 tonight and was still feeling great I was really excited. I love surprising myself with how much stronger I’m getting.  You never really think you’re getting stronger but surprisingly you are.
Omg!! Not sure if I wrote about it but I hit two new PRs last week:
Deadlift 205#
Front squat 125#
Anyway what did we do after the pushups?
Well I finally got to meet Christine one of the girls (WOD) of CrossFit. The workout was three rounds for time consisting of a 500 meter row, 12 deadlifts @ 70% bodyweight and 21 box jumps (16″ box). This was definitely a hard one but I’m glad to say that I finished with time 13 minutes and 23 seconds. I think my pace was fairly consistent throughout the three rounds my rowing did slow down a little bit but not significantly. And I completed Christine with the prescribed weights. Our testing week continues and this week we are also going to meet Karen and there will also be a 5000 meter row which I’m definitely not looking forward to. I suspect it will take me approximately 25 minutes to complete if I can keep a consistent pace. We’ll also be working on back squats and I can’t remember what else what is going on but its going to be a very challenging week.
Also this week I may be switching over to the building program and possibly starting to train on the competition team. I don’t think I’m anywhere near ready to compete and that’s okay I know there’s a lot of work ahead of me in terms of learning the Olympic lifts and getting stronger but I’m looking forward to that challeng. When I first joined CrossFit I had no intentions or plans or goals to compete but it’s definitely something to work towards and I do want to challenge myself so that’s what I’m aiming for. I suspect I won’t be ready to compete until later next year. I will start looking at the calendar and potential competitions and hopefully soon I can set a competition as my goal.
I’ll keep you guys posted.

Fitness Test – Baseline Comparison..

My throat is still sore from the intense breathing during yesterday’s fitness test.

I was really interested to see what improvements I’ve made since May, so I read through my post where I talk about the fitness test.

************* 1st fitness test, May 2013 *******************

I went hard for the first minute on the bike.. actually surprised that the calorie count didn’t go up as fast as I thought it would.. hehe.. I quickly realized that I’d hit the 2 minute mark before the 40 calories. Going into the 2nd minute, my pace slowed down and I was TIRED! hehe.. Kyle was there pushing me through (which is good and bad.. hehe) and the last 10 seconds seem to go on forever.. but I finished. But as soon as I was done, I had to move on to the 40 air squats. OMG… my legs were so tired after the 2 minute bike ride.. how was that possible? I thought I was in good shape! hehe..

Anyway the first 20 squats were hard, the second 20.. even harder.. and I was going at a snail’s pace. But again, I pushed through (with the help of Kyle’s encouragement) and moved on to the situps. I think I got to 24 situps and the 5 minute timer went off. So I didn’t make it to the pushups or pullups.. can’t imagine how many pullups I’d even be able to do when I was already so winded and tired from the first 2 exercises!


So based on the fact I did 13 push ups this time, it’s a huge improvement! YAY!

I am nervous about the upcoming tests, not sure if I’m going to hit any PRs, but I’ll give it all I got!!

How can a 5 minute fitness test hurt so much! ?

And leave me completely breathless and unable to move, paralyzed on the box floor while my quads are screaming at me in pain.
Today’s WOD wasn’t actually a WOD but it was the same fitness test I did approx 4 months ago.
AirDyne – 40 calories or 2 minutes
40 air squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 strict pull ups

5 minute time cap

How did I do?
Glad to say I reached 40 calories before the 2 minute mark and made it through to 13 push ups.

The airdyne KILLED my quads and I had to stop a few times during the air squats.
But I’m sure I did better than my first fitness test.  Don’t remember completely but I don’t think I got as many push ups the first time and definitely didn’t hit the 40 calories.
Although my throat is STILL sore the best part of the test (and the entire Crossfit community) was the non-stop support from everyone there. 
Absolutely love the encouragement!  Love the motivation and support. And definitely would not find that anywhere else.

Five Things Friday… Crossfit Edition

** I started this post first thing yesterday, but never managed to finish it, so I’m posting it a day late **

It’s been a few weeks since I did a Five Things Friday.  Today I want to do a Five Things Friday post related to Crossfit.

  1. I’ve now been doing Crossfit for 4 months.  The past few weeks I have only been making it to 3 classes/week, but I’m really hoping to make it back to 4-5 classes/week.  I no longer feel the anxiety and nervousness I used to feel before each class.  I do get a little nervous when I see back squats listed in the WOD but I’m sure that will ease in time.
  2. I can now do 6 pull/chin ups in a row.  Ultimate goal would be 10 in a row, so I’m half way there.  I do have a muscle-up goal, but we’re not allowed to go on the rings until we meet the pre-requisite of doing 20 perfect form push ups.
  3. The past couple months, I had my coworker join me at Sublime crossfit.  Unfortunately she had to cancel her membership 😦  It was so great to go to classes with her and to be able to talk to her about crossfit every now and then at work.  We’ve been coworkers/friends for a long time now so it was nice to have her there with me.  Every now and then our coach Kyle would try to get us to compete against each other, but I’m not big into competing with others, I’m always focused on competing against myself.
  4. The next couple weeks will involve fitness testing as part of our WODs.  The coaches want to check how individuals have progressed since joining, how strong we’ve all gotten. I’m nervous!  I don’t think I will hit any new PRs, but I’ll definitely give it a try.  I am excited to see how strong I’ve gotten overall.
  5. Then following the 2 weeks of fitness testing, that’s where I have to make a big decision.  Remain in foundation or move into building.. where I will start learning Olympic lifting.  EEK! I really want to do olympic lifting but I know there’s so much technique involved, it makes me nervous.  Although the coaches have been so good at reassuring me that I’ll be starting with the very basics and there’s no expectation that I would be doing heavy olympic lifts from the start.

There will also be a discussion next Saturday to see how many individuals at our box are serious about competing.  I’m definitely interested, don’t think I’m close to being in a position to compete, but I’ll be joining the discussion to find out more details.  Can’t wait!!

I’ve also found that in terms of goals, they’ve changed quite a bit.  Overall goals are to get stronger and remain healthy, but I haven’t had any thoughts lately of needing to lose weight or of the way my body looks.  Lately it’s all been about getting stronger, goals of exceeding my last PR, adding more weight, getting faster.  I love how my focus is feeling strong and healthy.  I still want to eat cleaner, but I’m not as stressed about it right now.

Here’s a pic I took last week.  Can definitely see the growth in my legs 🙂


On to 34

Saturday was my 34th birthday and honestly I’ve never felt so healthy or strong.  I’m so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and started crossfit. One of the best decisions ever.  The cost scared me at first but now I definitely can’t put a price on the progress I’ve made.
This past weekend was spent attending a couple kids birthday parties.  It was great!  My own party celebrations but I didn’t have to do any of the planning and there was plenty of cake and food. And the kids had so much fun which made me so happy!




I’m definitely looking forward my 34th year.  Looking forward to getting healthier and stronger.  Once I start Olympic lifting I’ll start thinking about my goals. Can’t wait!
Oh and I also got flowers at work from the hubby and kids (sorry had to throw that in there)


Meal prep is going well so far this week and I’ve got Crossfit scheduled Tuesday-Friday.  Should be a good week.

Early morning WOD following the long weekend and meal plan..

Surprisingly getting up early for a 6:30am WOD wasn’t too difficult this morning. Although I do feel a headache coming on.  I suspect it may be I’m hitting a sugar low. Sure I’ve cut sugar from my coffee but I’m having way more in other snacks.  I feel like my body is craving it more now.  Not a good sign, I suspect I’ll have to cut sugar cold turkey.

Today’s WOD:

4 rounds:

Russian deadlifts – 4-6 reps (165lbs)

Ring dips OR work on perfect form push ups, goal: 20 pushups

3 rounds:

dumbbell hip extensions (25lbs)

side plank, each side 45-75 secs

3 rounds:

turkish get up, 10 each arm

30 mountain climbers

50 double unders

I’ve been thinking, I really need to get my own rope.

I struggled today and felt that the rope I was using was too short.  Tried to find one a slightly longer one but all other ropes were too long.  So I will start shopping around online today for my very own speed rope… never thought I could get so excited over the purchase of a jump rope.. hehe

There is a general meal plan for the week, I have a fridge/freezer full of ingredients, just a matter of making the dishes.  So far I’ve got:

Tuesday:  spaghetti and spinach omlette

Wednesday:  chicken with peppers and cherry tomatos with eggs & quinoa

Thursday: baked tilapia fillets with peppers & quinoa

Friday: TBD

Also plan on baking some almond butter coconut chocolate chip cookies and possibly some banana bread.  Can’t wait.  

Of course the challenge won’t be cooking the dishes, it will be actually eating the dishes at lunch time.  Today was an epic fail.. I brought spaghetti with me, but ended up having sushi with a girlfriend.  Good thing is spaghetti will be tonight’s dinner. I just need to get better at it, period!

I want to set some goals for September.. but I haven’t been doing so well with working towards those goals.  The goal to have defined abs by my birthday in September?  FAIL!

Need to reset and re-focus.  Good thing is I haven’t fallen out of love with Crossfit.  Still LOVE it!