Back at square 1

Wow.. 2 months since my last post.  Feels like so much has happened, but really just one major event that halted my progress and actually set me back.


Without getting into too much detail, I ended up in the operating room on December 8th, due to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.  The events that led up to the operation happened very quickly: finding out I was pregnant, experiencing bleeding and cramping, a visit to the ER with no definite results (doctor said it was a threatened miscarriage), a follow up ultrasound 2 days later, finding out it was an ectopic pregnancy, THEN finding out it had already ruptured and I’d need to go into surgery later that day.

So while experiencing the cramping/bleeding, I stopped all working out and then after the surgery I was recovering for 3 weeks and couldn’t work out, even though I really wanted to.

Today, I’ve made it to a few Crossfit WODs but my energy levels aren’t back and I definitely don’t have much strength.  Plus I haven’t actually gotten clearance from my doctor to start working out again, so I’ve been taking it really easy.  This week I’ve been feeling drained of energy and in need of a nap in the afternoon.  I’m back at work but staying energized is a challenge.  It’s definitely most likely due to the fact that my food intake has been awful and I’m lacking vegetables and lean protein in my diet.

I used my surgery/recovery and the holidays as an excuse to eat poorly. On top of that were all the family/friend gatherings, the late nights, the running around, and it just wasn’t good for me.

So now I’m struggling to get back on track.  I don’t want to be too hard on myself, some might say it’s only been 1 month since the surgery and I should be taking it easy.

But it’s so frustrating because I know that with each day I take to allow for recovery, it’s another day where I’m losing progress (at least that’s how it feels)  I know that once I’m back at Crossfit on a regular basis, the strength will come back, but it’s going to suck at first

I’m hoping I can catch up on rest this weekend and get back on track on Monday.  Even though I’m back to square one, I just want to be back.

4 thoughts on “Back at square 1

  1. Val says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Take all the time you need and don’t be too hard on yourself. Even if you have to scale a few movements at the beginning, you’re a fit person and your fitness will come back quickly. Thinking of you and sending you “quick healing and back to training” thoughts.

    • j!b says:

      Thanks! It’s definitely a challenge not to be hard on myself and tell myself that it’s OK to take it easy. So far recovery is going well and I’m hoping to get the green light from my doctor next week.

    • j!b says:

      I keep telling myself that once I can focus on lifting again, the strength will come back. It just sucks that last year I maxed my chin ups at 8 reps. Today, I have to fight for my 3rd rep.

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