Crossfit Open 15.4

Sorry I missed posting about 15.3.
It was quite uneventful for me and I’m dealing with a shoulder issue (again-same shoulder I injured back in late 2013) so the reps for 15.3 were much lower than I had hoped.  The wall balls were very slow for me.  Oh well.  On to  15.4 which ended up being a better scaled WOD for me.

8 minutes AMRAP:
10 push press @65#
10 cleans @75#

I was nervous about the push press since my shoulder isn’t fully healed but first round I managed to go unbroken. As soon as I moved on to the cleans I realized maybe that wasn’t a great idea because I was already tired! Kept pushing through though.

Finished with 77 reps and a banged up collar bone and chest.  Not the best thing since I’m actually leaving for a Mexican vacation in a few hours.  Oh well, we all have Crossfit battle scars.

Looking forward to the last WOD.


Crossfit Opens.. 15.2.. a repeat…

I anxiously awaited the announcement of 15.2 last night.  My workout had just finished and I had 5 minutes to sit around (eat my banana and drink my protein shake) before tuning into

And then it was announced that 15.2 was a repeat of 14.2.

I remember 14.2, I remember the announcement and how stressed out I was about not being able to do chest-to-bar pull ups.. and I remember how I quickly realized that I couldn’t do 65# overhead squats either! UGH!  My coach told me that I just had to do one overhead squat to get a point on the scoreboard and continue on to next week.  I remember working on my overhead squats, but just not being able to reach 65#.  I was so heartbroken.

So last night, after the announcement I was feeling pretty good.  Now, I don’t know if I can do 10 overhead squats at 65# but I know I can do at least 1.  The chest-to-bar pull ups?  Not sure about those either.. I don’t know how to kip.. just strict pull ups for me.

It looks like I may end up doing 15.2 scaled, but we’ll see.  After last week, I really REALLY wanted to try the Open WODs Rx’d.  But scaled version of 15.2 looks like a good one for me.  6 overhead squats @ 45# and 6 chin over bar pull ups. I think I could do real well .. at least get a full round in.

The plan is to do the workout after work.  I’ll update once I’m done.