Still here.. with an upcoming challenge!

Wow, it’s definitely been a very long time since I last posted.

And I’ve been on here reading up on everyone’s posts just struggled to write up a post about what’s going on with me.

So where should I start?

I think I mentioned in my last post that I didn’t renew my crossfit membership.  At least for the summer.  With work being extremely busy the last month and summer vacations coming up, I knew that I wouldn’t be making it to crossfit classes regularly, and decided to take the summer off and re-visit the idea of starting up crossfit again in September.

I did purchase a month of workouts and online training.  I’m on my 4th week, and it’s been going fairly well.  It’s been taking me about 1.5 weeks to get through 4 WODs due to my full schedule but I’m making progress.  I’m definitely challenged with the limitations of my home gym equipment but I’m doing the best I can.  I’ve also worked out at my work gym, but find it very distracting with so many people around me working out on different things, whereas with the WODs we were all doing the same exercises.

Another challenge would be having to use a regular Olympic bar.  What can I say, I’ve gotten used to the women’s bar (35lbs) and find myself struggling with getting a good grip on a regular bar.  Especially when trying to lift heavier, it’s a bigger challenge.  Again, I’m doing the best I can.

And I’m actually excited because even with the limited equipment and having to use a men’s bar (45lbs) I’m getting stronger with my lifts.  The biggest excitement for me was being able to power snatch and overhead squat 70lbs!!!  If you recall in one of my earlier posts, during the Crossfit Open WODs, I was very discouraged and disappointed when I could overhead squat 65lbs (I believe this was the week 2 WOD).  So for me to overhead squat 70lbs felt amazing! It wasn’t easy and I’m pretty sure I could have gone a 1/2 inch deeper in my squat, but I’ll take it!  This week I also clean & jerked 85lbs, which was super exciting.  I think I could have gone heavier if I was able to get better grip on the bar.

Here’s a video of my 85lb clean & jerk, please ignore my son playing in front of the camera.

Clean, power clean & jerk @ 85lbs

I miss working out with the bumper plates.  For some reason having regular plates on the bar (which are so tiny) doesn’t look as impressive as a bar loaded with bumper plates.. hehe

Here’s my power snatch and overhead squat @ 70lbs.  Again, not very pretty but it’s good motivation to keep me pushing.  This was actually my 2nd attempt at 70lbs.  I failed on my first attempt and was about to call it quits but the hubby insisted I try again.  Take a few minutes to rest and give it another try.  I’m glad he pushed me to try again.

Power snatch and overhead squat @ 70lbs

My current goals are to do a 100lb clean and jerk and 75lb snatch and overhead squat.  Currently I’ve been focusing on the power snatch but I really need to start working on my full snatch and getting comfortable with being under the bar.

Eating-wise, things have been okay.  They’re not terrible but I’m not 100% eating clean.  And that’s okay.  There were days, like today where I really wanted to have a brownie and I did.  Of course I probably didn’t need to eat the entire brownie, but it was just there… sitting on my desk.. hehe

But what I’m most excited about is starting a new challenge.  It’s actually Beach Body’s new workout.. PiYo.  Here’s a small blurb from the BeachBody website:

“Chalene Johnson took the very best Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full-throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass—as you’re burning crazy calories.”

What caught my eye immediately was the flexibility training.  I definitely lack in flexibility and mobility and I know that this hinders my performance and progress in crossfit.  And I know that I should be stretching regularly, and I even bought “The Supple Leopard” to help me, but so far I’ve only opened the book a few times and overall simply do not stretch enough.

So I decided to give this new program a try.  I just placed the order so I’m hoping to get started in a couple weeks (mid-July).  Perfect start time, since I’m away on vacation for the first 2 weeks of July.

Actually when I first start my journey to get fit and lose weight post-baby, it was Beach Body’s Insanity program that helped me reach my first goal.  So I’m fairly confident that this program will deliver results, of course as long as I stay focused and committed.

I’m also determined to track my progress while on this program, so I will be posting pictures regularly.  I’m also hoping to eat as clean as possible to help with the results.  Very excited!