Amazing run…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been really dreading the 1/2 marathon that took place today. I didn’t do any serious training the past 6 weeks and wasn’t sure if my injury would cause pain during my run.
Last night I was feeling alot of anxiety and was dreading the expected rain. Luckily the morning turned out to be nice and sunny and perfect running weather.
Although I’ve run in the Manitoba marathon back in 2005 and a few other races, I was completely overwhelmed by the number of people participating in todays race. I loved seeing everyone there for the same goal: to run. Seeing all the people confirmed that when it comes to running, anyone can do it. Young, old, super fit, not as fit, all types of people.
As the first wave of full marathoners started, I couldn’t help but feel a huge wave of emotion, I swear I could’ve started crying.
I knew that the first 3 miles were going to be the hardest, trying to find my pace and get into my groove.
Miles 4-7: hubby and I were running a good pace and enjoyed watching all the people running around us. He even managed to take this picture of me just before reaching mile 7.


Mile 7-10: these miles were a little harder, and my legs started to feel heavy. But I knew we were already on or way to the finish line, so I knew I had to just keep putting one for in front of the other.

Mile 10: this is where I got my second wind. I realized I only had 3 miles left and I was feeling strong. My breathing was steady and I felt great.

This is where things got tough for the hubby, this is where he hit his wall. His legs were tired and mentally he struggled to focus on the finish line. He said that he felt like it just wasn’t coming.
And so this is where I had to make the decision. Slow down and walk with him or keep going.
I decided to walk a bit with him, but I really wanted to push hard and speed up. He insisted that I continue without him, and I ran without him for a bit. But as I approached the stadium and last turn to the finish line, I realized that I couldn’t cross the finish line without him. And so I waited.
I’m sure fellow runners and spectators were wondering what I was doing and why I wasn’t dashing to the finish line.
It was a tough run, but we finished strong and we crossed the finish line together.
Time: 2 hours and 21 minutes

I felt great after the run, even felt like I could keep on running. My body was a little tired but I felt strong.
Another bonus, I beat my best time from 2005!


Already looking forward to the next race!

Chin ups are awesome…and a big weekend up ahead

…hope I’m ready.
Before I get to the big weekend coming up, I gotta say I really love chin ups. Honestly! No sarcasm intended. During my first month of Crossfit I focused only on those workouts and didn’t do any additional workouts at home. There were times when I felt like I needed to do extra workouts that focused on specific body parts, like back or shoulders. My coworker reminded me that Crossfit is a full body workout and not to worry about extra workouts.
She was right! Here’s a progress pic of my back:


I need to start taking progress  pics of my legs and arms.
So this Sunday is the 1/2 marathon. I’m definitely not prepared and I have no doubt that it will be a difficult run, but I’m going to do it. And hubby will be running with me, so I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line as we holds hands.
Hopefully it all works out.

Yay to new shoes!



It’s always exciting to get a pair of new runners.  And I’m more excited that my order for new Reebok Crossfit runners were delivered last Friday!



These shoes are much lighter than my running shoes, and it makes sense since there’s minimal cushioning.  I wore them to my Friday and Saturday classes and they felt pretty good.

This past Friday we worked on bench press.  Was it the wide-grip bench press that I’m used to doing?  NOPE!  Rather,  we were doing close-grip bench press, which I have NEVER done before, so it was definitely much more difficult for me to do.  And it was also very frustrating because the weight I can comfortably press using a wide-grip was extremely difficult for me on Friday.  So difficult that I couldn’t even finish my 5 reps on my last (3rd) set.  😦

It was very frustrating and made me realize that I do have alot of work in regards to getting stronger, but I’m determined.

Saturday was a better work out, we focused on back squats.. again my first time doing these at Sublime.  I’ve done squats at home before but there were some minor tweaking to my form that I needed to focus on.  The coach did have positive feedback for me, saying that aside from the minor tweaks, my form was really good.  I’m really trying to focus on form and not so much on the actual weight.  Need to remind myself that I need to start off slow and not get too caught up in the weights that others are squatting.  I’ll get there eventually right?!

This past weekend, my plan was to go out for a 10 mile run on Sunday morning.  Since I’m no longer running the full marathon, I decided to run the 1/2 marathon but now I’m wondering if I’ll be able to run the 1/2.  I haven’t run more than 4 miles in the past 4-5 weeks, so definitely no where near 1/2 marathon distance.  I’d like to think that I’m in still good shape (with Crossfit) and that I should still be able to complete the 1/2 marathon.  Will it be sub 2 hour?  Probably not… I have one last weekend to try and get some mileage in before the race.  Hubby says he’ll run the 1/2 marathon with me, so if anything we’ll go and run together and we’ll cross the finish line together and that will be a great accomplishment for me.  That is something I’ve always wanted to do.  We’ll see how the next week goes.

Tomorrows 18 mile run…

I know lately all I’ve been writing about is my running and running issues. Tomorrow is a scheduled 18 mile run. I am feeling SO much anxiety over this run. my past 2 Sunday runs were 7 and 8 miles, no where near 18 miles. A part of me is thinking I just can’t do it.
And I don’t even know if I could even run past 8 miles without feeling pain. I took it extremely easy this week and only ran once, so maybe I’ve rested enough.
If I can’t complete the 18 miles tomorrow, I’ll have to think hard about pursuing my marathon goal.
I hate this feeling of having no control over my progress.
My eating has been all over the place too. Feeling blah!
I just want to run.

Listening to my body and taking it easy

And that definitely isn’t easy! Hehe I’m focusing hard on recovering, thanks for the advice and encouragement that I needed to hear.
I went for a light treadmill run yesterday and although not as intense, there was still some pain. Today is another rest day and tomorrow I’ll try another short, easy run. I really want to do my long run on Sunday but already suspect it won’t be a good run.
Although I’m afraid to lose my training momentum, I have to admit, I miss running. I miss pushing myself through those runs and the feeling of reaching that mileage and accomplishment.
Never thought I’d hear myself say that! Maybe I am falling in love with running.
This week work has been kicking my butt! And I am so mentally tired. I suspect this craziness will last for another week or so and then hopefully slow down. Can’t wait!
Also still waiting for warmer weather. Forecast is calling for (more) snow this weekend! It’s ridiculous! But I’m ready to break up with the treadmill, I just can’t do it anymore.


One of those mornings… ** post run update **

** UPDATE **

I think I’ve hit my first set back and am feeling extremely frustrated.

Now it’s definitely possible that this wasn’t a great run because I was already dreading it in my head.  It’s possible that I didn’t nourish myself yesterday in preparation for this run.  But one thing I’m certain about is that I shouldn’t be experiencing pelvic pain when running.  This morning I ran just over 7 miles and the pain was so persistent that I decided to cut my run short.  It was the worse feeling ever, but the pelvic pain I’m feeling just doesn’t seem right.  I’ve experienced hip pain, knee pain, foot pain.. and the hip and knee pain is more of a throb, and a tightness.  The pelvic pain however, it’s just a sharp pain that starts shortly after the first hour of running.  When I started feeling the pain, I kept telling myself to just push through, that it would go away, and that maybe it was all in my head and I was just making the pain seem worse by thinking about it.  But at about 6 miles, the pain just became sharper and my head was telling me that it just wasn’t right.  So I stopped.  I’m feeling extremely frustrated and disappointed.  But I know that pushing myself through the pain may only hurt me more in the long run.  This is the part where I’m supposed to listen to my body.  I’m trying.  I just feel like the run was a total fail 😦

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the phone to book an appt with my athletic therapist to see if he has any ideas/suggestions to alleviate the pain.



Last night I told myself I’d run with the running room group. I woke up this morning when my alarm went off at 7am. Kiddies crawled into my bed to join me and I found myself falling back asleep and cuddling with the kids.
Now I’m awake again and the running room group has already started their 16 mile run.
This means I’ll be running all by my lonesome. Not a big deal, as I’ve run by myself plenty of times in the past, but with this distance I’m thinking having a running partner would really help.
I’m really nervous about todays run, almost considering skipping it, but I already know I’ll regret it afterwards. Will I make the 16 miles? I’ll definitely try my best. It won’t be easy but it’s gotta be done.
Hoping things well go smooth.

A couple of observations…

My coworker mentioned today that lately I’ve been very happy. I told him I’m generally always happy, but he insisted it was different. He said “you seem happier ever since you started running”
I replied maybe I’m just happier because the hubby is away on vacation hehe
Anyway I started thinking… Am I happier now that I’m running? I still dread each and every run and I’m still waiting for that runners high, so how could I possibly be happier?
Then I realized that even with the dread and missing runners high, I still go out and run. And everything hurts, but I still push through. And that definitely makes me happy!
I also failed to realize that with last Sundays 14 mile run, I have exceeded the longest distance I’ve ever run in the past (which would be 13.1 miles – 1/2 marathon)
Oh my gosh, new distance for me and I did it!
I need to have a mini celebration, I’m so excited!

This is where it gets hard…

Still chilly here, even snowed a bit last night. Right now temperature feels like -14! Seriously ridiculous!
It was slightly warmer during the week and I made it to hill training on Thursday night. It was tough, but I loved feeling the burn in my legs.
Sure to the chilly weather this morning, yet again I found myself running on the gym treadmill.


14 miles weeks and it definitely wasn’t easy. First 10 miles and I was feeling pretty good, pretty strong. Then the throbbing in my pelvis started, my left foot and knee were also hurting.
I kept debating, push through the pain or keep going and hope I’m not causing further damage in the pain areas.
I kept going, I wanted to slow down but didn’t. My legs are extremely sore now, and I’m thinking about soaking in an ice bath.
Mileage is only increasing from this point on, so I’m nervous about the pain. It’s frustrating because cardio-wise I feel fine. But my legs/joints are making me doubt my ability to run this marathon.
I have to figure something out, it can’t continue to hurt like this else the full marathon may not happen.

Must get running…

So hubby left yesterday morning. Miss him already.
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings were busy trying to get him all packed up. Tuesday we went to the shopping mall and I picked up a new pair of runners – Nike lunar speed. Felt good when I tried them on at the store, but the true test would be when I went for my first run with them. Later Tuesday evening, I headed to the gym to try out the shoes and go for my scheduled 3.5 mile run. Unfortunately within the first couple minutes of my run, I started to experience shin splints. Luckily I brought my old runners, so I quickly switched into them and continued my run.
Wednesday while running errands, we went back to the mall and I returned the Nike shoes and picked up a pair of Asics GT-2000. I didas much research earlier in the day and these shoes sound like a good fit: stability and cushioning.
I didn’t make it for a run Wednesday or Thursday, so I’m hoping to try them out tonight.
I’ll keep you posted.

Little surprises..

The other day I was feeling very tired. Mentally and physically exhausted, but more mentally.
I was dreading the scheduled 5 mile run that evening. I went to my chiropractor appt and must say, he did a great job on my adjustment.
I decided to skip my running clinic and instead run at the gym.
I don’t know what it was, but I had a great run! I felt strong and maintained a steady pace the entire run. Last Tuesday I struggled with my 3.5 mile run, such a difference compared to last nights run.
I came into work with a hop in my step. Good morning, felt good and it was Friday! by mid morning my work load was increasing and I felt like I wasn’t making any progress.
not the best afternoon, but I survived.
Great shoulder workout tonight and even threw in some back lat pull downs and hit a new PR of 75 lbs. I need to really push myself to get stronger so that I can eventually do unassisted pull ups. 
Looking forward to the weekend!