May Long Weekend…

I can’t believe we’re half way through May!  And June is only a couple weeks away.  The year is flying by.  It’s May Long weekend and the sun is shining.  It could be warmer (+15 right now) but I’ll take it after the miserable last few months,

Anyway, I’m here at work and I got the following Outlook reminder pop up:



I told myself that I would start putting gym time in my calendar to ensure I made it.  So far this week, I haven’t made it to the work gym and today I actually can!  So I’m excited but at the same time I’m trying to convince myself to take it easy today and enjoy the weekend. hehe…  today’s workout is:

Day 2: FSQ int %’s + CL mod + OHS + Rowing Map

A) Front Squat @70% 5 X 5 / 3:00 Rest

B) Hang Power Clean – Build to Tough Single in 10:00

     – Rest as needed, Not a Max

C) Over Head Squat @33X1 3 Reps X 3 / 90s

     – Slow, controlled. Get comfortable with the bar overhead.

D) Row 1:00 @ High Intensity / Rest 1:00 X 7 

I actually like all the exercises, even the row. 

I should probably go.. pack up my laptop and just go workout.

Getting this workout in would be the perfect start to the long weekend.

Okay, it’s settled.

I’m going!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Struggling to get back on track..

So last week I made the decision to postpone the renewal of my Crossfit membership.  Definitely a hard decision considering Crossfit Regionals have just started and I spent some time watching the Canada West Regionals.  Is was so inspiring!  That being said, I still couldn’t justify the cost of the membership, with the lack of consistency making it to the WODs.  I still want to continue my Crossfit training, so I purchased a monthly customized workout plan which I hope to follow using my work gym.  When I read the workout program I was very excited because the included exercises will help build that foundation while learning and strengthening my Olympic lifting techniques.  My original plan was to start the program yesterday but that didn’t happen.  Then I planned on going to the gym today, and brought all my workout gear to work.  I just couldn’t get away from my desk.  Probably won’t happen either tomorrow 😦

I’ll try though.. we’ll see what happens.  It really is frustrating but I can’t beat myself up for not making it.  Work is just kicking my butt! 

Definitely looking forward to the long weekend.  Not sure if we’re going anywhere but even a few days of taking it easy will be nice and much needed.

Back to work for me.. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still alive.. hanging in there.  

Not sure what to do

My one year membership at Sublime crossfit is later this week which means it’s time for renewing my membership. Except I’m not 100% sure if I should. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Crossfit and everything it has done for me this past year. I guess with my injury last November and my irregular workout schedule I feel like I haven’t made much progress at all the past 6 months. Testing is just around the corner and I’m pretty certain I won’t see much gains and that’s very disappointing and frustrating. Of course and gain however big or small is still a success. I think I’m just really frustrated right now. If I renew my membership I’m thinking of switching back to the building program to help build up my strength. At the same time I’m wondering if i don’t plan on continuing with the Olympic lifting maybe I should just workout at home?
Ugh… I’m feeling very lost right now.
Thinking maybe I should take a short break and reevaluate my goals? Truth is Crossfit isn’t cheap, definitely worth the $$$ but it needs to line up with goals.

Hopefully I can figure things out in the next day or two.

Frustrating WOD…

Good Morning!

I actually have another post that I started yesterday, but now that it’s a new day, I’ve actually got newer things to write about.

Yesterday’s post had a lot to do with my interview (which went really well yesterday afternoon) and the job positions I now need to choose between.

But anyway, enough of work talk.  What I really need to get out there is my frustration from yesterday’s WOD.  Which was:

  • Snatch – @80% 2 reps, 2 sets, @90 1 rep, 3 sets
  • Snatch grip behind the neck press 3 reps + 1 overhead squat – 3 sets
  • Back squat – @70% 3 reps, @80% 3 reps, @90% 2 reps, 3 sets
  • 3 rounds for time:  8 ring rows, 15 kbs (55#), run (not sure of the distance, it was one block – out&back)

For the past month or so, I’ve been practicing my power snatch, as opposed to catching in a squat position.  Last night, Coach Gail wanted me to focus on getting underneath the bar in that squat position.  And I don’t know why it’s so terrifying for me to drop into a squat.  I was working with a light weight (50#) which after 5 days of no workouts, felt very heavy for me.. hehe..  but I just struggled so much.  And there was actually one attempt, where as I was pulling the bar into the overhead position, my right foot somehow slipped and I was off balance for only a second and luckily managed to catch my balance and still hold on to the bar.  Thinking back to that moment, it could have been quite the disaster and the injury.  Because my foot had slipped from underneath me, I could have easily landed on my back and who knows what I would have done with the bar.  That’s another issue I seem to struggle with, letting go and dropping the bar.  So many times, Coach Kyle has told me to just drop the bar after a lift.. but I never do.  Ever.  Maybe it’s the noise of the bar dropping that I don’t want to hear.. or cause?

Anyway, moving forward I really need to work on my squat snatch, and I know there’s going to be a lot of frustration that comes along with the practice.  I’m hoping that I can practice consistently and make progress.

The snatch grip behind the neck press was also very difficult for me and again very frustrating.  It wasn’t a good day and I’m realizing that my nutrition is also impacting my energy/strength levels.  I’m not eating enough and not fuelling my workouts.  So I need to address this right away.  Sad part about this week?  I made one meal… no other cooking 😦    I need to make a change.

Back to yesterday’s WOD… the back squats felt good.  I’m hoping for a PR when testing week comes up.  We’ll see.  And the ring rows and kbs felt great.  The run sucked! It was such a short distance, but I was huffing and puffing.  Not good.


Anyway I need to to suck it up.. and focus on today’s WOD @ 5pm.  I’m hoping for a good one 🙂

Frustrations or not, I will forever love Crossfit 🙂

Any tips or advice on how to get underneath the bar for a snatch?