Some random thoughts on a Sunday evening…

.. the first thought being, I really should get focused and do some work.

Work is pretty busy right now and I really need to put in a few hours of work tonight.  I need to try to get ahead of the workload this week, so I’m not scrambling this week before I’m off the first week of July! Yay!!  I promise once I’m done with this post, I’ll get started on work.

Crossfit is still going really well, I’ve gone 5 times a week for the past couple weeks so I’m feeling really good about that.  I’m feeling stronger and look forward to every WOD.  Of course, I still dread every WOD but my anxiety is getting better.  My coworker has been so impressed with my progress and my rave reviews of Crossfit, that she signed up on Friday! And she actually just made the cut off because the box I’m at, just sold out!  I love that they’re truly focused on their coach/student ratios, always ensuring that they can give attention to everyone in the class, ensuring form is looking good.  I’m getting stronger with my deadlifts, even doing weighted chin ups.  Still finding that my back squats and close grip bench press numbers aren’t increasing… I’m finding that a little defeating.  But I’m trying to stay focused on the positive and know that those small gains will come with time.

Another thing I need to focus more on is my healthy eating… I’m finding that I’m indulging a bit too much.. and the truth is, I find that I’m indulging, just because I can.. meaning.. I’ll burn it off at Crossfit later.  Are the foods amazingly good?  Not really.. and that’s what I need to stop doing.  So this week I’m focused on clean eating and meal prep.  I think I cooked once last week 😦   

I know I had more thoughts in my head.. just can’t remember them anymore.

So I’ll start working and in case I remember, I’ll write up another post.

Sorry for the randomness… I really thought this was going to be a better post… I guess I’m just trying to find something to delay the start of my work tonight.  UGH!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Some random thoughts on a Sunday evening…

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Awesome on the crossfit – 5 times a week – amazing 🙂 ! I definitely fall into the habit of eating ‘crap’ because I know I’ll burn it off with running – but I don’t like when it falls into a cycle. I love how I can have the odd treat without worrying about it but don’t want to use ‘exercise’ purely as a way to counteract eating or I tend to find it causes an unhealthy mentality (in me, personally!)

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