Moving outside my comfort zone

I love the cycle of positive thoughts that I’ve been having ever since I did my first pullup.
– if I can do a pullup (which I never thought I’d be able to do) then I can run a half marathon
– if I can run a half marathon (and feel amazing) then I can go hard on the air dyne or rowing machine for 3 minutes
– if I can do all of the above then I can push myself outside my comfort zone. That’s means adding on more weight, holding that plank an extra 10 seconds or going a little lower with my squats

I’m enjoying reaching new PRs each and every week. This week I PR’d my front squats (90# 5reps), Romanian dead lifts (145# 6reps), and dumbbell chest press (30#/arm 5reps)

I still need to get focused with my eating. But I’ll get there. I need to start setting mini goals to work towards.


5 thoughts on “Moving outside my comfort zone

  1. MissStrong says:

    Love this! Way to go…so exciting seeing people hit goals, make progress and push themselves to the limit. You should be so proud! Keep up the great work, it’s inspirational!

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