Amazing run…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been really dreading the 1/2 marathon that took place today. I didn’t do any serious training the past 6 weeks and wasn’t sure if my injury would cause pain during my run.
Last night I was feeling alot of anxiety and was dreading the expected rain. Luckily the morning turned out to be nice and sunny and perfect running weather.
Although I’ve run in the Manitoba marathon back in 2005 and a few other races, I was completely overwhelmed by the number of people participating in todays race. I loved seeing everyone there for the same goal: to run. Seeing all the people confirmed that when it comes to running, anyone can do it. Young, old, super fit, not as fit, all types of people.
As the first wave of full marathoners started, I couldn’t help but feel a huge wave of emotion, I swear I could’ve started crying.
I knew that the first 3 miles were going to be the hardest, trying to find my pace and get into my groove.
Miles 4-7: hubby and I were running a good pace and enjoyed watching all the people running around us. He even managed to take this picture of me just before reaching mile 7.


Mile 7-10: these miles were a little harder, and my legs started to feel heavy. But I knew we were already on or way to the finish line, so I knew I had to just keep putting one for in front of the other.

Mile 10: this is where I got my second wind. I realized I only had 3 miles left and I was feeling strong. My breathing was steady and I felt great.

This is where things got tough for the hubby, this is where he hit his wall. His legs were tired and mentally he struggled to focus on the finish line. He said that he felt like it just wasn’t coming.
And so this is where I had to make the decision. Slow down and walk with him or keep going.
I decided to walk a bit with him, but I really wanted to push hard and speed up. He insisted that I continue without him, and I ran without him for a bit. But as I approached the stadium and last turn to the finish line, I realized that I couldn’t cross the finish line without him. And so I waited.
I’m sure fellow runners and spectators were wondering what I was doing and why I wasn’t dashing to the finish line.
It was a tough run, but we finished strong and we crossed the finish line together.
Time: 2 hours and 21 minutes

I felt great after the run, even felt like I could keep on running. My body was a little tired but I felt strong.
Another bonus, I beat my best time from 2005!


Already looking forward to the next race!

9 thoughts on “Amazing run…

    • j! ayson says:

      Yeah, it just didn’t feel right crossing without him. A part of me really wanted to try for a good finishing time, but that’s okay, there’ll always be another 1/2 marathon to run.

    • j! ayson says:

      I agree.. a beautiful day! Sun was out and shining and it was such a great run. Right now I’m looking at running the Las Vegas 1/2 marathon in November. That way I could run the 1/2 and still enjoy the city and some shopping 🙂

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Aww you got your hubby to run with you, good one Joyce (you guys are a super cute couple, crossing the finish line together especially 🙂 ) ! I’m super glad you had a great time and that you’ve still got the running in you, as well as all the crossfit goodness!

    • j! ayson says:

      I’m super excited that the run was so great and I’m already looking forward to the next run.. I wasn’t sure if I had it in me still, but I’m so glad I do!

    • j! ayson says:

      Definitely already thinking of my next run.. I’m thinking maybe the Las Vegas 1/2 marathon in November.. we’ll see.. I’m definitely itching to run another one.

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