Eat Clean Day 4: Halloween Success!!

Halloween is over and I am so excited to announce that I did not have a single Halloween chocolate treat!  Notice how I couldn’t just say “Halloween treat”?  That’s because I had two Twizzler treats.  I don’t remember where I heard this, but someone once told me that if you wanted to have “candy” that Twizzlers were the best option.   Honestly I can’t remember where I heard Twizzlers were okay to eat, but yesterday I decided to have a couple Twizzler treats.  Looking back now, I realize that wasn’t a good decision, Twizzlers are just corn syrup and a bunch of other not-so-healthy ingredients.

Of course I love to make things as difficult as possible for me, so I volunteered to help push around the treat cart that the Fun Committee put together for Halloween.  So there I was yesterday morning, pushing a cart overloaded with Halloween treats… chips, chocolates, candies.. it was a beautiful sight… and I pushed the cart around 6 different floors at work.  There was even free coffee too, but I stayed away from that as well.

The kids had fun trick or treating last night, they didn’t make it very far but loved it.  Afterwards they helped me hand out candies to the kids.  My kids aren’t really huge on candy so I emptied out their Halloween bags and we took about 70% of the candy haul and handed them out to the other kids.  I also hid most of their candies last night and I suspect today they won’t even look for it or ask for it.

Day 4 of eating clean and I’m feeling good today.  Still feeling bloated (due to a girls monthly visitor) but I’m really looking forward to getting through this week and then continuing with the clean eating for another week to see what kind of progress I can make.

I’m working out but any high-intensity cardio is almost non-existent right now.  That’s definitely something that I need to incorporate into my routine again.  Mexico is only 10 weeks away and quickly approaching so I know that closer to the trip I’ll have to add more cardio to my routine.  For now, my focus is eating clean and lifting heavy.


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