Eat Clean Day 5: Smooth sailing…

So here I am Day 5… eating as clean as possible.  I started having coffee again yesterday, no french vanilla creamer though, just a bit of sugar and milk.  Feeling good, the cravings for crunchy salty foods have weakened which is definitely a good thing.

Had an awesome chest/bicep workout yesterday.  When hubby is home in the evenings he really tries to push me hard to go heavy when we’re working out.  Which makes sense, since he’s there to spot me.  For the most part, I find that I can push myself to lift that weight that’s uncomfortable and scary (for me) but after the first few reps, the giggles start to kick in.  I’m not sure why I want to laugh when I’m struggling to lift the weight.  Maybe it’s the sound of myself grunting?  For as long as I can remember, when it was time to focus and push hard to get that last heavy rep in, I start to laugh.  Hubby hates this about me, but I tell him I can’t help it.  I tell him that’s why I would never be able to compete in a competition, I get giddy when it’s time to lift heavy.

Speaking of lifting heavy,  I was very proud last night when I was able to bench press 85lbs (new PR!).  

From today on, clean eating should only get easier and easier.  Hubby mentioned that I need to allow myself to cheat, and I told him I would but I would make sure that it was something that was worth cheating for.  I’m not settling for a fast food cheat.. If I’m cheating, I want something good!

Another 5 days before my next progress pics and that bloated feeling is fading, so I’m very excited to take pictures and compare to last month’s picture.


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