21 days..

Actually that should be the “21 day fix extreme”

Work and home life has been quite busy for me for the last couple weeks and my visits to the box have been quite rare ūüė¶

I thought perhaps I could workout in the mornings, and most mornings I had every intention to wake up early and drag myself to the box.. but it just didn’t happen.

So I started thinking that I needed another way to stay active and to keep away the fluff. I swear, my activity level drops a notch and all of a sudden clothes don’t fit.

I decided that I needed to workout at home and decided that I would follow BeachBodys 21 day fix extreme. ¬†At a high-level the 21 day fix extreme is 21 days of portioned meals and extreme 30 minute workouts each day. ¬†Currently I am on day 5. ¬†And it’s been going pretty well. ¬†The workout package comes with a set of containers that you use to measure your veggie/protein/carb portions. ¬†Really, it’s a high protein, high veggie, low carb diet. ¬†And surprisingly I haven’t had any dark chocolate.. and I love my dark chocolate. ¬†I’m drinking more water, and just more aware of what I’m eating. ¬†So that’s definitely a good thing. ¬†Hoping to see some results and shred a bit of weight. ¬†I’ll keep you posted.


Mentally defeated today

This week at Sublime was full of testing our 1RM. Deadlift, back squat, bench press and power cleans.

Felt pretty good about the deadlifts and squats. Finished with 235# deadlift and 150# back squat.

Bench press…¬† Ehh that was a challenge for me yesterday. I reached 97.5# but really wanted 100#.¬† It was still a 2.5# PR so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself considering I rarely make it to classes where we’re doing bench press.

Today’s WOD had me working on a 1RM for power cleans.¬† Last recorded 1RM dated May 22 was 120#. So I wanted to at least match that weight.¬† So soon as I got to the Box I quickly realized that I did not fuel my body today.¬† Small breakfast and lunch and definitely not enough carbs considering my expected workout after work.¬†

I warmed up to 115# and felt good.  I thought I could add 125# and hit the lift.  But then I started thinking about the weight.  And I thought and pondered and started to worry.

I stepped up to the bar,¬† set up and pulled.¬† And it was a great pull but that’s it.¬† I didn’t even TRY to get under the bar.¬† I just dropped it feeling defeated.

I scaled back to 120#, rested a bit then completed the lift.¬† I got it.¬† OK so then…¬† 125#. I put the 5# back on.

But then I thought about it and after 5 minutes I bailed without even trying.¬†¬† My head wasn’t in it.¬† Even coach kyle said it I was over thinking the lift it was a good idea to stop.¬†

I’m bummed about it.¬† But it gives me something to work towards.¬† Plus I really need to practice dropping under the bar. I pull the bar so high that if I just dropped lower the lifts would be easier.

Super happy that I worked out 4 times this week.¬† May go tomorrow morning too ‚ėļ

Deadlift PR … and I really need to believe in myself more..

Last night’s¬†WOD included working on our 1RM deadlift. ¬†My last recorded deadlift (most recent) was a 3RM @ 200lbs. ¬†So my goal for my 1RM was 215lbs. ¬†I shared my goal with the girls at the gym and they insisted that 215lbs was too light and that I should aim heavier. ¬†I wasn’t sure and remained pessimistic.

Once I reached 205lbs, I realized there was still room to add weight. ¬†I just wasn’t sure how much room. ¬†I increased to 215lbs and 225lbs. ¬†Others insisted that the lift still looked easy so I went up to 235lbs. ¬†I stopped there as my lift started to slow down, but coach assured me that I actually still had more room to go heavier.

It felt great to push myself and surpass my original goal.  Next PR goal: 250lbs

Here a video with my deadlift @ 225lbs.

I’ve said it many times before.. but I LOVE Crossfit!

And I especially LOVE Sublime Crossfit and all the amazing coaches and athletes that I get to workout with. ¬†Based on Facebook posts made by individuals at Sublime, today’s WOD sounded awful… one individual posted “DEATH”, while another individual posted “I’ll never do that again” ¬†Of course as soon as I heard this, I started to consider NOT going to class today. ¬†But I decided I’d just go and do what I could, but trust me, I was feeling all kinds of anxiety just thinking about this tough WOD. ¬†I haven’t felt this WOD anxiety in quite awhile.

Today’s WOD:

Heavy hang power cleans – 5 reps, 180 sec rest between reps

I managed to work up to 110lbs. ¬†I need to focus on pulling the weight into my hip and quickly bring my elbows front. ¬†And I actually don’t drop much, so I end up muscling the weight up. ¬†I suspect if I allowed myself to drop a bit, I could go heavier.

Pronated pull-ups – AMRAP x 3

First set, I got 6 reps.  Second set, 2 reps.. I took it too easy.  Third set, 3 reps.  Not consistent but I was happy with the 6 reps in the first set.

For time (15 minute time cap):

Total 70 calories

1 min on Assault bike (accumulating calories)

1 min for 6 burpees and 6 power cleans @ 75lbs

Coach Kyle thought I could get 12 calories for each 1 minute period.

First round, I got 10 calories and then I slowed down after that. ¬†The burpees weren’t that bad, but the power cleans were tough, even though the weight wasn’t too heavy. ¬†I find that when I’m trying to get a number of reps in a certain time period, my form tends to get a little sloppy.

I reached the 15 minute time cap and accumulated 55 calories.  Not the greatest, but I kept moving the entire time.

Best part? ¬†Pretty much everyone at the box was cheering me on, encouraging me to keep moving. ¬†And truly this is the best part of the Crossfit community, you are never alone. ¬†And even though I didn’t reach the 70 calories, everyone told me that I did a great job.

Feeling fluffy…

My husband tells me I’m in my “off¬†season”… that’s the reason my clothes aren’t fitting nicely anymore. ¬†It’s very frustrating because food-wise, I don’t feel that my eating habits have changed that would result in weight gain. Exercise wise, I know I haven’t been consistent, but again, didn’t think it would result in weight gain.

Clothes (specifically shorts/pants/skirts) that I bought just a couple months ago, no longer fit. ¬†And I feel bloated.. very bloated. ¬†So I’m wondering if it’s something else going on. ¬†As of today, I’ve stopped using any extra supplements (greens drink, chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass) to see if there’s any improvement. ¬†Once thing that may also be the cause is the IUD I currently have in place (Mirena). ¬†I’ve had the IUD placed for over 2 years now, and never experienced any bloating or weight gain, until just recently. ¬†Is it side effect that has just started? ¬†Anyway, I have an appointment to have my IUD removed next week. ¬†Again, I’ll see if there’s any improvement.

I don’t want to feel frustrated, for all I know this may just be my new normal weight. ¬†I just have to try my best to wrap my head around it and not be so hard on myself. ¬†At first, my instinct is that I need to cut back on my food portions. ¬†But looking at what I eat today, there really isn’t much to cut out and cutting down my food portions would definitely result in loss of power at the gym, and really… we can’t let that happen.

Yesterday’s WOD at the gym, we worked on power snatches and overhead squats. ¬†I worked up to 65lbs and called, although I probably should’ve got added a bit more weight. ¬†Then we worked on some legless rope climbs, sled pushes and overhead weighted walking lunges. ¬†I managed to make it half way up the rope legless, but then had to use my legs for my remaining attempts. ¬†The very last part of the workout was farmer walks to the end of the block and back, I’m thinking this was probably 200m (? not sure) and both Coach Kyle and Coach Jay insisted that I could do 35lb dumbells in each hand. ¬†I told them that I’d have to stop and drop the weights often and they said that would be ok. ¬†This was very difficult for me and the entire walk there and back sucked, but I’m glad that I agreed to the 35lbs. ¬†Although it sucked, it definitely challenged me, and honestly sometimes I don’t challenge myself.

Coach Kyle said my 65lb power snatches looked really good, the pull being fast and smooth. ¬†If only I could keep that consistent as the weight increased. ¬†I’m currently sitting at an 85lb power snatch max, but haven’t tried going for a new PR in the past few months.

Hoping to squeeze in a workout tomorrow between work and J’s karate class. ¬†Of course one thing I could do is go to bed early tonight, wake up early tomorrow morning and go to an AM class. ¬†Just do it… right?

Working on coming back…


It’s been a couple months since I last posted and this time I’m hoping that my posts are more consistent.

At the beginning of May I had to deal with a couple eye/vision issues.  What started with dizziness and numbness in my feet turned into double vision and numbness is both hands and feet.  Which in turn led to a possible diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and an  emergency MRI and meeting with the neurologist.  

Lucky for me all tests came back clear and multiple sclerosis was ruled out.¬† During the two week period with the symptoms I couldn’t work out.

It was very frustrating.¬† But I’m back at the gym and trying to stay consistent with 3-4 classes a week.

It has been a very tough last 2 months but I feel like I’m getting stronger or least back to where I was.

Yesterday’s WOD:

Power clean + hang clean – build to a max
Deadlifts – 3RM
Weighted neutral grip pull ups – 2RM

The cleans felt good till about 100lbs. Once I hit 105lbs I wasn’t pulling the bar high enough but I still managed to finish the lifts.

Onto the deadlifts…¬† Started at 155lbs and ended at 200lbs. I think I could’ve gone heavier but stopped there. Originally had 190lbs on my bar (155–>175–>190lbs) but coach Gail insisted I go up to 200lbs. So I did and I’m glad I listened to him.

I know I tend to lift on the safer side with lower weights.¬† For some reason I get very intimidated when I start to reach my max weights.¬† I need to break through this mental block else I won’t see myself making progress.

Surprisingly I was able to get 2 pull ups with a 12 lb weight held between my legs. They were tough but I got em. ‚ėļ

Today is a rest day and I’m hoping hubby will take me out tonight.¬† Feeling pretty lucky so not sure if that means a trip to the casino.¬† I dreamt that I won a huge jackpot, woke up checked my email and found out I won 2 tickets to the cirque du soleil show coming to the city next week.¬† And when I grabbed a cart at Costco I found a wallet that was left behind. Hoping the lady went back to customer service to check if it was turned in.

So far a great weekend!

Crossfit Open 15.4

Sorry I missed posting about 15.3.
It was quite uneventful for me and I’m dealing with a shoulder issue (again-same shoulder I injured back in late 2013) so the reps for 15.3 were much lower than I had hoped.  The wall balls were very slow for me.  Oh well.  On to  15.4 which ended up being a better scaled WOD for me.

8 minutes AMRAP:
10 push press @65#
10 cleans @75#

I was nervous about the push press since my shoulder isn’t fully healed but first round I managed to go unbroken. As soon as I moved on to the cleans I realized maybe that wasn’t a great idea because I was already tired! Kept pushing through though.

Finished with 77 reps and a banged up collar bone and chest.  Not the best thing since I’m actually leaving for a Mexican vacation in a few hours.  Oh well, we all have Crossfit battle scars.

Looking forward to the last WOD.


Crossfit Opens.. 15.2.. a repeat…

I anxiously awaited the announcement of 15.2 last night.  My workout had just finished and I had 5 minutes to sit around (eat my banana and drink my protein shake) before tuning into games.crossfit.com

And then it was announced that 15.2 was a repeat of 14.2.

I remember 14.2, I remember the announcement and how stressed out I was about not being able to do chest-to-bar pull ups.. and I remember how I quickly realized that I couldn’t do 65# overhead squats either! UGH! ¬†My coach told me that I just had to do one overhead squat to get a point on the scoreboard and continue on to next week. ¬†I remember working on my overhead squats, but just not being able to reach¬†65#. ¬†I was so heartbroken.

So last night, after the announcement I was feeling pretty good. ¬†Now, I don’t know if I can do 10 overhead squats at 65# but I know I can do at least 1. ¬†The chest-to-bar pull ups? ¬†Not sure about those either.. I don’t know how to kip.. just strict pull ups for me.

It looks like I may end up doing 15.2 scaled, but we’ll see. ¬†After last week, I really REALLY wanted to try the Open WODs Rx’d. ¬†But scaled version of 15.2 looks like a good one for me. ¬†6 overhead squats @ 45# and 6 chin over bar pull ups. I think I could do real well .. at least get a full round in.

The plan is to do the workout after work. ¬†I’ll update once I’m done.

Crossfit Opens 15.1


Today I took on 15.1
I got to the box and practiced a few toes 2 bars. I knew if I went Rx’d I’d be doing them one at a time. But that wasn’t what concerned me. The deadlifts weren’t a concern. But the 75# snatch? That made me nervous. Especially when my PR is 85#.
So I decided to do the scaled WOD. And it still kicked my butt.
I managed 140 reps in the 9 minutes.
I was so tired though and felt so weak during the C&J attempts.
My current PR is 115# and even my first attempt at 85# was a struggle. I managed to work up to 100# but I wish I had strategize better to reserve some energy.
A part of me wants to give 15.1 another try Rx’d. I’d probably make it through one round but I’d be happy with that too.
We’ll see ūüôā

Why can’t all lifts feel effortless?

Today’s WOD:

Every 2 minutes x 8

2 power snatches (65#)

Rest 4 minutes

Every 2 minutes x 15

1 power clean & jerk (90#)

50 burpees for time (2:30 timecap)

The snatches felt good and I tried to drop lower under the bar. ¬†Can’t wait til we start practicing full squat snatches.

Power clean & jerks felt prety good.. my poor collar bone though, definitely bruised and tender. ¬†Oh and for 1 rep, just 1 rep… the weight felt almost non-existent! ¬†The weight came up so effortlessly during the clean that I bumped the bar into my chin. ¬†The coach caught the lift and told me that it looked perfect and my form was spot on.

Now why can’t I have that happen each and every time?

The 15 reps was very tiring and my shoulders are burning!

But then, we finished off with 50 burpees in 2:30 minutes. ¬†I fell short of the 50 burpees though. ¬†I made it through 42! and I’m pretty happy with that considering that my shoulders were done with the lifting.

Really looking forward to the WODs now, still nervous about going heavier, but really enjoying the WODs.  Now if I could just get consistent with my clean eating.

I’ll get there ūüôā