Heavy Duty Weights.. Oh My!

One of the admin assistants here at work is a fitness fanatic and very conscious of what she eats.  I stopped by her desk on Monday and she asked me to try one of the fitness classes offered at our work gym.  I’m very fortunate to have a work gym available, the cost is $10/month and there are daily classes offered, ranging from cardio to cycling, weightlifting and circuits.  I do have a membership but unfortunately don’t make it there very often.  So I agreed to try the Heavy Duty Weights class, which was at 7am this morning.  I rarely workout in the mornings, it’s always a bit of a challenge to get out of bed, even though I’m getting to bed at a decent time, I still struggle.

But I made it this morning and it was a very challenging workout.  I couldn’t help but think.. how am I able to jerk 115lbs, yet 1 minutes of shoulder presses @ 8lbs is killing me!?  It’s possible that my body is sore/tired from working out the past couple days, but I really had to scale down on weights today.  And my body is just aching!  Later tonight, I do have  Pilates workout planned, so that’ll be a nice low-impact, no weights workout.

So glad that I made it to the class and got to try something a little different.  I may try to incorporate additional workout classes at my work gym but I don’t want to risk over doing it and burning out.


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