Snatches.. Ugh

Snatches have always been my  hardest lift.  I know alot of it had to do with my fear to drop under the bar.  Then again even my power snatches haven’t been great.  Last year I PR’d my snatch at 85lbs. This year I know that I’ve been away from crossfit for a few months and I’m just relearning the technique but tonight was tough.

The WOD started off with a snatch cluster.  1-1-1 x 3 sets.  All reps starting from the floor and landing in full squat snatch. I was okay power snatching to 65lbs. Coach kyle instructed me to continue to catch the snatch in a power snatch and then ride the weight down into an overhead squat,  to get comfortable with the weight above my head.  So here’s to hoping I can continue to work on it and see improvements.

Meals today went well with the exception of the dark chocolate I snacked on.  It’s going to be a tough first few days adjusting to no sugar. But I’ve done it before so I know I can do it again.

Just wish there wasn’t so much Halloween candy and chips in the house.


One thought on “Snatches.. Ugh

  1. Val says:

    OMG! Snatches are the death of me! 65# is my current PR and I have been stuck at this weight for close to a year now. I have good days when I really catch it in a squat, but mostly, I ride it down. I just cannot get under the bar fast enough and it’s frustrating the crap out of me. Glad to know I’m not alone! Keep it up though and I’m sure you’ll get back up to your old PR and above in no time!

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