Halfway back to my routine..

I think I’ve got the fitness part set. It’s the clean eating that I’m still struggling with.  But I am starting another round of the 21 day fix extreme (beachbody) so I know that will help me with my meal planning.
Last week I was in London Ontario for work and although I did eat more food than usual, I also made it to the hotel gym everyday.  And I actually got back on the treadmill. It’s been so long since I’ve run (indoors or outside) so it was definitely tough at first, but after the first couple runs, I felt comfortable running 2-3 miles.  Felt great! And this week I’ve already been to crossfit 3 times, today will be the 4th class.  So far so good.

I do hope to post my progress.  I really have no excuse not to. 

Yesterday’s WOD :

4 sets –  3 position clean
EMOTM x4: 10 goblet squats
Scap pull ups: 15 reps x 2

20 minutes @75%:
400m row
2 Turkish get ups / side
Farmer walk x2

I wasn’t sure how the cleans were going to go.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done them.  I warmed up @ 65# and managed to work my way up to  90#. The high hang definitely was tough and coach kyle said if I found myself dipping too low,  it was an indication the weight was too heavy.  So 90# was it. Felt great from the hang and floor positions.

The rest of the WOD was uneventful.  35# kettlebell for the squats,  12# for the TGU and 30# for the farmer walks.  The 400m rows felt good and I was able to stay fairly consistent at a 2:20 pace.

Looking forward to today’s WOD and then enjoying a Halloween treat (or two ūüėú)


One thought on “Halfway back to my routine..

  1. cathyo says:

    Awesome stuff! My goal is to not have any candy until tomorrow. And then to limit myself to only 5 pieces. And so 10 burpees per piece before I eat it. No burpees means no candy. Hopefully I can stick to it!

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