1st day back

Tonight was my first time back at Sublime since my membership expired back in August.  July and August kicked my butt at work. Then came the craziness of back to school and the kids activities.  Then there was work travel. So I decided I would renew my membership one life settled down a bit.  It finally has and today I made it back to the Box.  It felt like my first class again.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t know what to do or couldn’t make it through the wod.  First part of our wod consisted of working towards our Jerk 1RM.  Instead I worked on my technique and I felt pretty good.  Worked up to 80#.  The rest of the wod consisted of push ups, hip ext iso hold, handstand holds, hollow rocks,  kettlebell swings and 30s on the assault bike.  It was a tough workout but I felt great once it was done.

So glad to be back.



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