21 days..

Actually that should be the “21 day fix extreme”

Work and home life has been quite busy for me for the last couple weeks and my visits to the box have been quite rare ūüė¶

I thought perhaps I could workout in the mornings, and most mornings I had every intention to wake up early and drag myself to the box.. but it just didn’t happen.

So I started thinking that I needed another way to stay active and to keep away the fluff. I swear, my activity level drops a notch and all of a sudden clothes don’t fit.

I decided that I needed to workout at home and decided that I would follow BeachBodys 21 day fix extreme. ¬†At a high-level the 21 day fix extreme is 21 days of portioned meals and extreme 30 minute workouts each day. ¬†Currently I am on day 5. ¬†And it’s been going pretty well. ¬†The workout package comes with a set of containers that you use to measure your veggie/protein/carb portions. ¬†Really, it’s a high protein, high veggie, low carb diet. ¬†And surprisingly I haven’t had any dark chocolate.. and I love my dark chocolate. ¬†I’m drinking more water, and just more aware of what I’m eating. ¬†So that’s definitely a good thing. ¬†Hoping to see some results and shred a bit of weight. ¬†I’ll keep you posted.


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