Mentally defeated today

This week at Sublime was full of testing our 1RM. Deadlift, back squat, bench press and power cleans.

Felt pretty good about the deadlifts and squats. Finished with 235# deadlift and 150# back squat.

Bench press…  Ehh that was a challenge for me yesterday. I reached 97.5# but really wanted 100#.  It was still a 2.5# PR so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself considering I rarely make it to classes where we’re doing bench press.

Today’s WOD had me working on a 1RM for power cleans.  Last recorded 1RM dated May 22 was 120#. So I wanted to at least match that weight.  So soon as I got to the Box I quickly realized that I did not fuel my body today.  Small breakfast and lunch and definitely not enough carbs considering my expected workout after work. 

I warmed up to 115# and felt good.  I thought I could add 125# and hit the lift.  But then I started thinking about the weight.  And I thought and pondered and started to worry.

I stepped up to the bar,  set up and pulled.  And it was a great pull but that’s it.  I didn’t even TRY to get under the bar.  I just dropped it feeling defeated.

I scaled back to 120#, rested a bit then completed the lift.  I got it.  OK so then…  125#. I put the 5# back on.

But then I thought about it and after 5 minutes I bailed without even trying.   My head wasn’t in it.  Even coach kyle said it I was over thinking the lift it was a good idea to stop. 

I’m bummed about it.  But it gives me something to work towards.  Plus I really need to practice dropping under the bar. I pull the bar so high that if I just dropped lower the lifts would be easier.

Super happy that I worked out 4 times this week.  May go tomorrow morning too ☺


2 thoughts on “Mentally defeated today

  1. cathyo says:

    I need to work on getting under the bar too. I tend to muscle it up and could probably lift more if I could get my head ticket my body get under it. Always something to work on!

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