I’ve said it many times before.. but I LOVE Crossfit!

And I especially LOVE Sublime Crossfit and all the amazing coaches and athletes that I get to workout with.  Based on Facebook posts made by individuals at Sublime, today’s WOD sounded awful… one individual posted “DEATH”, while another individual posted “I’ll never do that again”  Of course as soon as I heard this, I started to consider NOT going to class today.  But I decided I’d just go and do what I could, but trust me, I was feeling all kinds of anxiety just thinking about this tough WOD.  I haven’t felt this WOD anxiety in quite awhile.

Today’s WOD:

Heavy hang power cleans – 5 reps, 180 sec rest between reps

I managed to work up to 110lbs.  I need to focus on pulling the weight into my hip and quickly bring my elbows front.  And I actually don’t drop much, so I end up muscling the weight up.  I suspect if I allowed myself to drop a bit, I could go heavier.

Pronated pull-ups – AMRAP x 3

First set, I got 6 reps.  Second set, 2 reps.. I took it too easy.  Third set, 3 reps.  Not consistent but I was happy with the 6 reps in the first set.

For time (15 minute time cap):

Total 70 calories

1 min on Assault bike (accumulating calories)

1 min for 6 burpees and 6 power cleans @ 75lbs

Coach Kyle thought I could get 12 calories for each 1 minute period.

First round, I got 10 calories and then I slowed down after that.  The burpees weren’t that bad, but the power cleans were tough, even though the weight wasn’t too heavy.  I find that when I’m trying to get a number of reps in a certain time period, my form tends to get a little sloppy.

I reached the 15 minute time cap and accumulated 55 calories.  Not the greatest, but I kept moving the entire time.

Best part?  Pretty much everyone at the box was cheering me on, encouraging me to keep moving.  And truly this is the best part of the Crossfit community, you are never alone.  And even though I didn’t reach the 70 calories, everyone told me that I did a great job.


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