Feeling fluffy…

My husband tells me I’m in my “off season”… that’s the reason my clothes aren’t fitting nicely anymore.  It’s very frustrating because food-wise, I don’t feel that my eating habits have changed that would result in weight gain. Exercise wise, I know I haven’t been consistent, but again, didn’t think it would result in weight gain.

Clothes (specifically shorts/pants/skirts) that I bought just a couple months ago, no longer fit.  And I feel bloated.. very bloated.  So I’m wondering if it’s something else going on.  As of today, I’ve stopped using any extra supplements (greens drink, chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass) to see if there’s any improvement.  Once thing that may also be the cause is the IUD I currently have in place (Mirena).  I’ve had the IUD placed for over 2 years now, and never experienced any bloating or weight gain, until just recently.  Is it side effect that has just started?  Anyway, I have an appointment to have my IUD removed next week.  Again, I’ll see if there’s any improvement.

I don’t want to feel frustrated, for all I know this may just be my new normal weight.  I just have to try my best to wrap my head around it and not be so hard on myself.  At first, my instinct is that I need to cut back on my food portions.  But looking at what I eat today, there really isn’t much to cut out and cutting down my food portions would definitely result in loss of power at the gym, and really… we can’t let that happen.

Yesterday’s WOD at the gym, we worked on power snatches and overhead squats.  I worked up to 65lbs and called, although I probably should’ve got added a bit more weight.  Then we worked on some legless rope climbs, sled pushes and overhead weighted walking lunges.  I managed to make it half way up the rope legless, but then had to use my legs for my remaining attempts.  The very last part of the workout was farmer walks to the end of the block and back, I’m thinking this was probably 200m (? not sure) and both Coach Kyle and Coach Jay insisted that I could do 35lb dumbells in each hand.  I told them that I’d have to stop and drop the weights often and they said that would be ok.  This was very difficult for me and the entire walk there and back sucked, but I’m glad that I agreed to the 35lbs.  Although it sucked, it definitely challenged me, and honestly sometimes I don’t challenge myself.

Coach Kyle said my 65lb power snatches looked really good, the pull being fast and smooth.  If only I could keep that consistent as the weight increased.  I’m currently sitting at an 85lb power snatch max, but haven’t tried going for a new PR in the past few months.

Hoping to squeeze in a workout tomorrow between work and J’s karate class.  Of course one thing I could do is go to bed early tonight, wake up early tomorrow morning and go to an AM class.  Just do it… right?


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