Working on coming back…


It’s been a couple months since I last posted and this time I’m hoping that my posts are more consistent.

At the beginning of May I had to deal with a couple eye/vision issues.  What started with dizziness and numbness in my feet turned into double vision and numbness is both hands and feet.  Which in turn led to a possible diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and an  emergency MRI and meeting with the neurologist.  

Lucky for me all tests came back clear and multiple sclerosis was ruled out.  During the two week period with the symptoms I couldn’t work out.

It was very frustrating.  But I’m back at the gym and trying to stay consistent with 3-4 classes a week.

It has been a very tough last 2 months but I feel like I’m getting stronger or least back to where I was.

Yesterday’s WOD:

Power clean + hang clean – build to a max
Deadlifts – 3RM
Weighted neutral grip pull ups – 2RM

The cleans felt good till about 100lbs. Once I hit 105lbs I wasn’t pulling the bar high enough but I still managed to finish the lifts.

Onto the deadlifts…  Started at 155lbs and ended at 200lbs. I think I could’ve gone heavier but stopped there. Originally had 190lbs on my bar (155–>175–>190lbs) but coach Gail insisted I go up to 200lbs. So I did and I’m glad I listened to him.

I know I tend to lift on the safer side with lower weights.  For some reason I get very intimidated when I start to reach my max weights.  I need to break through this mental block else I won’t see myself making progress.

Surprisingly I was able to get 2 pull ups with a 12 lb weight held between my legs. They were tough but I got em. ☺

Today is a rest day and I’m hoping hubby will take me out tonight.  Feeling pretty lucky so not sure if that means a trip to the casino.  I dreamt that I won a huge jackpot, woke up checked my email and found out I won 2 tickets to the cirque du soleil show coming to the city next week.  And when I grabbed a cart at Costco I found a wallet that was left behind. Hoping the lady went back to customer service to check if it was turned in.

So far a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Working on coming back…

  1. playlifeoutloud says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂 A friend mentioned something to me recently and I’m going to pay it forward and mention it to you… Your blog is for YOU. It’s there when you need it, and doesn’t judge you when you don’t. While your posts are enjoyable to read, don’t feel guilty for being absent, as there were clearly other things your energy was directed towards (such as your HEALTH in this case!) You just keep on being YOU and pick things back up whenever the time is right 😉

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