Crossfit Opens 15.1


Today I took on 15.1
I got to the box and practiced a few toes 2 bars. I knew if I went Rx’d I’d be doing them one at a time. But that wasn’t what concerned me. The deadlifts weren’t a concern. But the 75# snatch? That made me nervous. Especially when my PR is 85#.
So I decided to do the scaled WOD. And it still kicked my butt.
I managed 140 reps in the 9 minutes.
I was so tired though and felt so weak during the C&J attempts.
My current PR is 115# and even my first attempt at 85# was a struggle. I managed to work up to 100# but I wish I had strategize better to reserve some energy.
A part of me wants to give 15.1 another try Rx’d. I’d probably make it through one round but I’d be happy with that too.
We’ll see 🙂


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