Let’s get serious…

The Crossfit Open 2015 is just over a month away and I’m definitely looking forward to it. Last year there were movements I couldn’t do (65# overhead squats, kipping pull ups) which I can now do but even better there is a scaled division which means it’s more likely I can complete all the Open WODs.

This means I need to get more serious with my training. And I think I have been. I’ve definitely been pushing myself more with the WODs and trying to lift heavier on all my Olympic lifts.

Snatches are still my hardest lift. I can comfortably lift 70# for a power snatch but need to practice dropping more underneath the bar.
And last week I actually confidently clean&jerked 110#! Felt great! I actually felt that I could have gone up a bit more with the jerk but it was my clean that I struggled with. Again I need to drop under the bar more so that I can go heavier.

Looking forward to the next month of training. Can only get stronger right?!

And new PR for me: 6 unassisted strict pull ups 🙂


Back… must get wider!


Every now and then a post-WOD selfie is needed.


One thought on “Let’s get serious…

  1. cathyo says:

    im excited to see what the scaled wod’s look like. still hoping I can do the odd open workout RX, but scaled should help for those more challenging moves for sure!

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