Seriously it’s only 5lbs


Today’s WOD consisted of 15 minutes to work on a clean&jerk max.  Last week I hit 95lbs, felt pretty good.  Didn’t even try for 100lbs. Today I knew I’d have to give it a try. 
And really what’s another 5lbs?

1st attempt: turned out to be an ugly power clean.  My elbows were so slow to get in front of me.

2nd attempt: I pulled the bar high (chest level) but didn’t even try to get under it.  I was already starting to believe that I wasn’t going to get 100lbs tonight.

Coach Gail gave me a pep talk.
You can front squat 100lbs? – yup.
Ok then!   You can do this then.  Easy.
Don’t over think it (I knew this was the problem.  I was terrified of the number. I let it spook me)
So I took a few minutes to rest and gather myself.
In my head I kept telling myself “you got this.  You got this”
And I got it!!
It wasn’t the prettiest but I had some depth to my clean and I got the weight over my head.
First time actually dropping the weight/bar (on purpose)

Felt great to hit the weight.
Had the kiddies with me tonight.  Should have asked them to take a video. 
Oh well next time 🙂


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