My love/hate relationship with the snatch…

more hate though…

And that’s simply because I just can’t get it.

Power snatch, a bit easier but full snatch, catching the lift at the bottom?

Feels like I’m never going to get it.  I definitely need to practice my snatch balance, and get comfortable with the weight about my head.  But even when I finally do, and I know it will happen with practice, determination and focus, I can’t even imagine lifting anything more than 75lbs over my head, let alone the 100+lbs that women at my box are snatching.  It’s so amazing and so motivating to see the weights being lifted.  A part of me feels like physically I just can’t do it.

So it was a very frustrating class for me.  Even my front squat was feeling off today.

Must have been the piece of birthday cake I had after lunch.  Wasn’t planning on it and definitely could have gone without it (it wasn’t spectacular) but I gave into peer pressure.  UGH!

Looking forward to tomorrow, WOD will consists of clean & jerks and I feel so much comfortable with those.


One thought on “My love/hate relationship with the snatch…

  1. cathyo says:

    I’m the same way with anything I need to catch and drop under. My coach told me tonight that these are very technical moves and eventually it WILL click. There is just a lot if shit to wade theough until you get to he good stuff. That made me smile ad at least be hopeful that one day I will get it. And you will too…just keep practicing.

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