Back to building…

I had started a new post last night and forgot to save it, so I lost it 😦

Here’s my second attempt:

After my 2 month hiatus from Crossfit over the summer, I finally signed back up a few weeks ago.  And I decided to start in the Foundation program again.   I was feeling very intimidated and not ready to go back into the building program and the coaches agreed.  Well last night it was time to make the switch.  And I was definitely nervous about it.

WOD consisted of:

– work to a 1RM clean & jerk – 15 minute time cap

– work to a 3RM front squat

– Air Dyne sprints

Between the clean & jerk and snatch, I’m definitely more comfortable with the clean & jerk, but I was still very nervous about doing the lifts.  I think I did ok though.  Managed to work up to 95lbs.  The clean was tough and I wasn’t able to catch the clean at the bottom and so it was more of a power clean, but the jerk felt good.  Coaches thought I could go heavier and actually mentioned that I should be incrementing my weight more for my reps.  I think I went from 75 to 85 to 95 lbs.. or maybe I went from 85 to 90 then 95lbs.  They commented that the lift look good, so I should be more aggressive with increasing my weight.  But I’m not so sure about that.  My front squat max is about 125lbs, so I don’t know how much heavier I could go with my clean, I guess theoretically I could go to 125lbs, but the question would be whether I could jerk that weight.  Definitely a goal to work towards.

Front squats… I wasn’t feeling very confident about these yesterday.  I’m under the weather and currently battling a cold (which I hate to use as an excuse) but I’m positive I wasn’t fuelled enough either for this workout.  For my front squat 3 rep max, I hit 110lbs.  

Today I’m feeling slightly worse, so I missed today’s workout.  Hoping to catch up tomorrow and work on my snatch.


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