Everything hurts… but a great reminder…

So glad to report that I made it to 2 WODs in a row (Monday and Tuesday) and I am SORE! and everything hurts!  It’s amazing how 2 months off could make me so out of shape.  And I was still working out at home, but I guess not at the same intensity and I wasn’t doing the same WODs.  

Yesterday’s WOD was a tough one for me and my legs were already sore from Monday’s WOD.  And there were times during the WOD where I just wanted to stop and I felt like I was on the verge of throwing up, although that could have been my mind thinking of a way out of the WOD.. hehe… 

But I kept going.. I may not have been as fast as I’d like but I kept going. 

And that’s one thing that Crossfit reminded me.  You do what you can, you push yourself as hard as you can, you may not be able to give 100% and maybe you can only give 95%, but you keep going.  You don’t stop, you don’t quit!

And each step of the way, there’s someone there to push you to keep going, no let’s anyone stop or give up.

It’s all coming back to me now. 

This is why I love Crossfit 🙂


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