I’m back… feels like day 1

I finally decided to renew my Crossfit membership at Sublime.

I was trying to stay on top of my PiYo (beachbody) workouts and I do enjoy them but I just couldn’t stay motivated.  And working out at home was tough because I struggled with the standard bar and the lack of plates.

It was tough to pay the entire year up front but I’m sure once I start going regularly, I’ll know it was the right decision.

But I’m nervous… I’m hoping to make it to tonight’s 7pm class.  And I feel like it’s my first class all over again.  I’m debating whether I should just pick up where I left off and continue with the Building program (Olympic lifting) or if I should move to the Foundation program first.  We’ll see what the coaches recommend.

I feel like I’ve lost all progress I’ve made, because I simply didn’t keep up with my workouts the past few weeks.

Life/work just got busy.  And I had to tell myself that it was important to step back from the workouts just so that I could have a bit of down time.  I feel guilty about pushing my workouts to the side and I know it’s not an excuse (period), so I’m here to try again.  

I am going to have to remind myself that I won’t be as strong as I used to be, and I won’t have the technique perfected, it’s like I’m starting over and just need to be patient with myself.

Now I just need to let my husband know that I went ahead and renewed my membership.  He’s always been very supportive of what I want to do, I just don’t think he’ll be a huge fan of the price tag.  hehe..

I’ll just tell him it’s an early birthday present to myself 🙂


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