Working on my snatch balance… and other things

It’s been a week of trying but not succeeding.

Specifically when it comes to my meal prep and clean eating.  Although I was successful in bringing lunch to work Monday – Thursday and actually eating it! That’s actually a big win!  I also had one too many excuses to skip my work out.  After being away for a couple weeks, I tried to start up my Crossfit workout plan but struggled with the snatches.  

I started up again yesterday and managed to snatch balance 60lbs.  Felt a bit wobbly but I know that I’m making progress.  Back squat and front squat @ 110lbs – 2reps 5 sets.  Feeling pretty good with the squats and looking forward to the next couple weeks when I start working towards a new PR.  Today for clean & jerk, I got up to 90lbs, which I think is a new PR.  Focused on hitting 100lbs, although I don’t think that will happen until I return to Sublime.  I’m still struggling with my grip on a 45lb bar and without bumper plates, I’m very nervous about dropping the weights on the floor.

I’m actually hoping to sign up again at Sublime by mid-August.  I’ve been thinking lately that I just miss the box, the community and all the support I got when I was there.  I’m just looking at the budget to make sure I can make the numbers work 🙂

I also completed 3 PiYo workouts.  They’re definitely not easy and I do love the stretching involved.  The workouts are quite short, the longest being 40 minutes.  Today’s Define: Lower Body workout was 25 minutes long and I worked up a sweat and really stretched out my legs.  Felt great!  I’ve also been drinking Beach Body’s Shakeology.  I can’t tell if it’s made a difference in my cravings but I haven’t been giving 100% so I don’t want to say that it’s not working.  I’m going to keep trying to stay on track to truly see if the Beach Body program results in progress.  I don’t want to be sabotaging myself.

Wish me luck!



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